Freestyle fees and charges

We’re fair, simple and transparent

  • Interest rate 16.99%*
    Tailored to your credit profile and history

  • Credit limit approvals up to $20,000

  • Minimum withdrawal amount is $100

  • Monthly account fee of $5
    Only applies if outstanding balance is over $20

  • Annual fee from $0 to $149
    Based on your credit limit and rating

*This interest rate is based on the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Our APR is calculated daily by applying the daily APR and charged in arrears on the outstanding balance of your loan to the date your payment is due.

  • Dishonour fee of $15
    This is payable each time a direct debit is dishonoured or your commitment to make a loan repayment is not met.

  • Overdue account fee of $15
    This is payable each time your account is not up to date by the end of the last day of the month.

  • Be confident knowing fees are capped so they won’t keep adding up

If you have a decent credit profile or good history with MoneyMe, you get rewarded with a lower cost. And if you're new to credit, we take a positive view on that and offer lower costs for you too.

Each time you get a MoneyMe loan and repay on time, your history improves your MoneyMe loan rating and you may be able to borrow at a lower cost next time.