Frequently Asked Questions

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You’ll need to log in with the same details used when logging into your internet banking website. Please note, your password is not your PIN that is used when logging in from your mobile app.

The best way to ensure you’re using the correct details is to firstly log in to your internet banking through your bank’s website. Once confirmed, return to this page and try again.

Please clear your cache, refresh the page and try again. If the issue remains, please try a different device or contact

We are required by law to make an assessment that a loan contract is not unsuitable to you. We obtain a copy of 90 days of your most recent bank statements to make this assessment.

We may also access your bank statements during the life of your loan for account management purposes, for example if you default on repayments. We access your recent bank statements through a highly secure platform operated by our trusted partner illion - the same technology used by a number of big banks and online companies. This means you can avoid all the messy and time-consuming admin of getting your bank statements and pay slips to us.

It is not possible for us to see or access your online banking password.

Unfortunately if your bank is not on the list, it’s likely we’ll be unable to proceed with your application.

No, only Australian residents are eligible to apply for a loan.

Please select the bank account that your income is paid into. If you have changed banks over the past 90 days you may have to do a second submission, choosing your previous bank. Please note that if you hold multiple accounts with the same bank, your account statements for each of those accounts may be automatically provided to us.