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  • MoneyMe is easy to access, with a painless application process and fast approval. What’s great is that it's completely online, and their customer service through email and live chat is impeccable.

    Matthieu S, 19

    Northmead NSW

  • I didn't think it would actually be this fast and easy.

    The application is simple and literally takes a couple of minutes to complete. So glad I found MoneyMe.

    Holly Nowland, 21

    Nelson Bay, NSW

  • MoneyMe helped me out when I was in a tricky situation.

    Their service was friendly and extremely professional.

    Amanda, 33

    Real Estate, NSW

  • I used MoneyMe to help me pay for travel expenses.

    The service was great – fast but still friendly.

    Benjamin, 21

    Farm Hand, Geranium WA

  • MoneyMe’s online application process was quick and simple.

    In a short time I had the funds I needed to complete some much needed improvements around the house.

    Ryan, 28

    Mining, QLD

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