About us

MoneyMe: Finance the smarter, faster way.

To sum us up, we offer online loans up to $35,000 – and we do it really, really fast.

We understand tech-savvy Australians, who are looking for faster, more convenient, and simpler access to credit direct from their mobiles. And because we’re a bunch of tech-lovers ourselves – we get it, and you!

Our advanced technology platform allows us to provide an outcome in a matter of seconds, with funds sent immediately once approved. On top of that, our smart algorithms allow us to provide personalised, risk-based pricing that results in fairer and lower-cost loans for you.

But that’s all happening behind the scenes. What you’ll actually deal with is an simple-to-use, no bull website, and straightforward communication via emails, texts, and the occasional call. No paperwork, and no fuss.

Every interaction you have with us is a breeze; from rescheduling payments to requesting another loan, we use technology to do all the heavy lifting – and we approach absolutely everything this way.

There’s much more to us than just our loans…

At MoneyMe, we are committed to supporting the spirit of entrepreneurialism that’s so strong with Australian millennials.

In 2017, we sponsored and participated in the Sydney Random Hacks of Kindness (RHOK) initiative. RHOK is a community of digital technologists who solve problems for purpose driven, not-for-profit and social impact causes.

We also launched a University of Sydney partnership program this same year, providing a joint scholarship as well as valuable industry experience to a PhD candidate in key area of study, and with a focus on emerging tech such as machine learning and AI.


But don’t just trust us! Here is a small handfulof our awards and recognition:

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