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We approach sustainability with a genuine passion to create change.

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MONEYME is a Certified B Corporation, demonstrating our commitment to a more sustainable world.

We are proud of our sustainability achievements to date, and we have set ambitious targets for the future. Learn more in our 2023 Sustainability Report.

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Real accountability

In an award-winning initiative, MONEYME changed its company constitution to ensure that we will always aim to have a positive impact. We are now bound to consider the impact of our decisions on a range of stakeholders, including our employees, customers, the community and the environment.

initiative of the year award winner

Minimising our
environmental footprint

We measure our greenhouse gas emissions every year to make sure we keep our environmental footprint minimal. In the 2023 financial year, we reduced our Scope 1 and 2 emissions (which include direct emissions and electricity consumption) by 86% to just 3.16 tCO2e. That's less than half of what 1 average Australian produces in a year!

For a further breakdown of our emissions, including Scope 3,
check out our 2023 Sustainability Report.

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Making EVs more

We now offer a 1% discount on your interest rate
when purchasing an EV vehicle.1

Caring for our employees

We believe in diversity and inclusion, and in building a culture where everyone thrives.

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Engaging with our community

We are passionate about people and the communities we work in.

Protecting our customers' data

We are committed to keeping our customers' data safe, which is
why we have certified our approach with an ISO 27001:2013
Certification - a hallmark of best-in-class information security
policies and processes.

Supporting financial

MONEYME would not exist without our customers, and we are determined to back their financial journey. We take responsible lending seriously and offer products specifically designed to support our customers financial wellness.

Our products for financial wellbeing

Debt Consolidation

Roll multiple debts into one simple monthly repayment with our low rate debt consolidation loan.

Credit Score

Check your credit score for free, get personalised insights and learn how to improve your score.

Read all about our sustainability approach, performance, and
targets in our most recent Sustainability Report

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