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Up to $50,000

Awesome low rates with fast
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Bond Loans in QLD

Bond loans QLD are available to anyone in Queensland who is looking for a rental property, but may not have the upfront funds required to put down a bond or deposit. With bond loans QLD, there’s no waiting to save up the cash for a bond, so no missing out because of a lack of finance.

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville: We have you covered

Bond loans QLD are great for anyone living anywhere in Queensland. However, because Queensland is such a large and diverse geography, the property market also contains a series of smaller markets. This is why we also have you covered with a series of niche bond loans that are specific to the exact area of Queensland you might live in.

As an example, the Brisbane market is especially competitive, because of such a high demand to live in capital cities. Bond loans Brisbane allow residents of Brisbane to attend especially busy and competitive open inspections, knowing we have their finances covered should they need some assistance. Bond loans Brisbane are available for Brisbane residents any time anywhere, straight from their mobile, laptop or desktop computer. They can even be applied for online during the property inspection itself! If you live in Brisbane, this might be the right bond loan for you.

Bond loans Gold Coast and bond loans Townsville act in a very similar way. Residents of the Gold Coast and Townsville are also under increasing pressure when it comes to finding and securing a rental property in highly competitive markets. Residents in these locations can apply for a bond loan specific to their city quickly and easily, directly from their mobile.

Ready to make the move?

There are so many benefits of renting. Renting can be simpler, more flexible, cheaper, and far more accessible than purchasing – especially considering the heat in the Australian property market at this stage.

So, if you’re ready to take the plunge and find the rental property that’s right for you, just click on our “Apply Now” button.

By completing the online application process that takes just a few short minutes, you will be on your way to receiving the funds that can allow you to scoop up the rental property that’s right for you. So, what are you waiting for?

In case you’re not based in QLD, we also offer bond assistance in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia.

Ready to get started?

Up to $50,000

Awesome low rates with fast
approvals and flexible repayments.

Up to $20,000

Feature-packed low rate virtual
Mastercard® with interest-free terms.

Bond Loan QLD up to $50,000 Approved Online | MoneyMe

Fast and straightforward finance solution

MoneyMe offers quick loans like a Bond Loan QLD to make moving into a new home quickly and painlessly. The application process for our unsecured personal loans is fast, easy and entirely online. It takes just a few minutes to complete our online application process and there are no unnecessary phone calls or reams of paperwork to fill out – just fast cash loans with personal loan interest rates tailored to you.

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Fast and straightforward finance solution

MoneyMe offers quick loans like a Bond Loan QLD to make moving into a new home quickly and painlessly. The application process for our unsecured personal loans is fast, easy and entirely online. It takes just a few minutes to complete our online application process and there are no unnecessary phone calls or reams of paperwork to fill out – just fast cash loans with personal loan interest rates tailored to you.

A bond loan QLD is a small personal loan offered to renters who are looking for fast loans to help them with rent assistance and to secure a new rental property as soon as possible. Bond loans are unsecured loans that grant eligible customers fast cash loans online and flexible repayment options with competitive interest rates and no early payout fees. 

How could our bond loan make life a little easier for you?

Moving to a new home is one of the most challenging yet exciting and significant steps in life, and it’s good to have a bond loan QLD to help you out. If you’re a long-time renter, then you are probably very well versed in preparing for regular relocations and knowing ahead of time what kind of initial monetary outlay you’re looking at for each move. Not only are you expected to come up with the cash you need to pay for removalists, cleaners and gardeners, you also need to be prepared to put down your security deposit on your new rental property upfront.

You may be looking to move to a new property in Brisbane and your real estate agent would like you to pay your rental bond in full just to secure your new rental property, and you’re going to need extra cash for that. Once you have secured a new home, you are expected to continue to pay your regular current rent on your old home until your official moving date. Often this means that renters are paying double rent over a short period. 

Our bond loan QLD are easy loans that offers you upfront cash to cover some of your moving costs. Rather than being thousands of dollars out of pocket to cover the cost of your relocation, you receive your funds in full to cover your rental bond on the new property and freeing up your cash flow for other essential costs.

Use a repayment calculator

You can use our personal loan repayment calculator to get an indication of likely repayment costs on a bond loan QLD and get a clearer picture on how you can manage your monthly payments. Your approved bond loan QLD gives you the freedom to search for your new housing in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and beyond, without having to worry about your cash flow. When moving time comes, all the cash you need for a speedy and hassle-free location is all ready to go.

As a responsible lender, we work hard to tailor our products to our customers. This means that your regular repayment options are flexible and always aligned to your regular pay cycle. 

Once you have handed your keys in, you should receive the rental bond that you paid on your old rental house back to you within a couple of weeks of signing off the vacate paperwork. The great thing about same day cash loans from MoneyMe is that we don’t charge our customers early payout fees. If you apply for one of our personal loans Australia to help you cover the cost of your relocation, then once your old bond is repaid to you, you have the option to put that toward the loan repayments, chopping down your repayment time and saving on interest over the entire loan term. 

Meet the latest pay-later solution

MoneyMe is the money lender of Gen Now, and we offer you simple and no-fuss credit products like personal loans of up to $50,000 and our Freestyle Virtual Credit Account for a revolving line of credit between $1,000 and $10,000.

Your Freestyle virtual credit account doesn’t clutter up your wallet because it lives on your smartphone. Powered by Mastercard, it works like a virtual credit card that you can use to Tap n Pay in-store or shop online. With simple taps on your phone, you can also use it to transfer money to your bank account and or pay anyone. Whatever and wherever you use your Freestyle virtual credit card for, you can keep it handy on any of your devices.

Freestyle helps you cover the cost of moving, utility bills, or getting some new furniture for the new place, and then repay your credit balance in manageable monthly instalments. Unlike a personal loan, as you repay your credit balance you make that money available again to spend when you need a quick cash advance between pay cycles.

Are you asking yourself: How much can I borrow? Use our quick personal loan calculator to get an on-the-spot computation of your ideal loan amount and repayments. We’ll help you with car loans and boat loans for big-ticket purchases, as well as to secure a new house, relocate interstate and furnish your new pad.

Easy cash to fund your education and travel

Our online calculator can help you budget for student loans, showing you an indicative repayment amount per month that you can factor into your current monthly expenses. Our same day loans make for perfect short term loans to help you get your fees paid upfront, get the tech you need for an upcoming course, or help you out with housing and accommodation costs. Use a bond loan QLD to pay for your rental bond on a new place close to uni or choose a small loan to help you make the move from Cairns to Townsville in comfort. 

If you’re thinking of going on a break before undertaking a higher education degree, you may opt to apply for travel loans to help fund your gap year. These express loans offer exactly the quick cash you need to immediately pay for flights and tours, secure your itinerary and leave room for wild adventures when you’re out on the road.

Leave a little leftover for spending money or borrow only what you need to book everything in one go. With MoneyMe, you can repay your travel loan over a repayment duration that works for you while you’re saving up for your spending money because everything has already been booked and paid for.

MoneyMe is the smart way to get ahead on your finances and access the extra cash you need right now. To be eligible to apply for our credit products, you must be at least 18 years old, a resident of Australia and currently employed. When you apply with MoneyMe, you enjoy fast online applications, accurate credit and income assessments, and quick loan approvals. We’re here to make things easier for you.

Whenever you need a little extra assistance for things like a bond loan QLD or even a renovation loan on your own property, we’ve got you covered. Apply now and experience the easier and faster way to borrow.