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This comparison rate is based on an unsecured personal loan of $30,000 for a term of 5 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. $495 establishment fee and $10 monthly fee applies. Comparison as of: 30/07/2021

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Up to $20,000

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Up to $50,000

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Up to $50,000

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one simple repayment.

What is a bond loan?

A bond loan is a sum of cash provided by a lender that can be used to pay the bond or deposit on a rental accommodation. MoneyMe’s rental bond loans can give you fast and efficient access to cash to pay the bond on a rental property of your choosing, through our easy online application process.

Fast, Easy rental bond loans

Looking for a new place to live can be exciting, yet stressful. With MoneyMe we aim to make life easier, so there’s no need to worry about coming up with the extra cash for a rental bond. Finding a suitable place to rent can be tricky, so make sure you have the cash on hand to get your dream property when you find it!

At MoneyMe we can help. We offer personal loans up to $50,000 to cover some or all of your rental bond right when you need it, so you can secure the house, apartment or townhouse you want.

Make the move – today

A bond loan from MoneyMe can help you move into the rental property that’s right for you and your lifestyle – now. This means no waiting to save up the funds needed, so you won’t ever miss out in a heated property market.

With the Australian property market moving faster than ever before, especially in capital cities, the competition to secure a high-quality rental property in an area you desire can be high. It can be enormously discouraging to finally find the right property for you, only to realise you can’t secure if for yourself because you don’t have the funds to lock it in.

No waiting for your new life

This is where a bond loan from MoneyMe can make all the difference. You might need a housing bond loan so that you can move in with good friends, or live closer to your university. Or the house bond loan could help you finally move out of the family home, even if you don’t yet have the money saved up to put a deposit down to purchase anywhere.

It only takes three minutes to apply for our loans online and the cash for a rental deposit can be in your bank account within the hour (this will depend on your bank of course!). If you apply outside of business hours it will generally take a bit longer to process your loan application.

Simple repayments, no hidden fees

With a MoneyMe loan, we can help you cover the cost of your rental bond for a flat cost. If you don’t repay us on time, you may incur extra fees, but we’re completely upfront about these and there are no hidden charges.

Renting as the new norm

As Australian property prices continue to climb, renting is becoming the new norm for the younger generation.

Luckily, there are many advantages of renting over buying. You can often rent in a more expensive neighbourhood than you may have been able to buy in. You won’t need to pay for maintenance costs, repair bills, real estate taxes, or any number of other costs that come with buying a property. And you will have all the flexibility you need in the world if you want to change locations – especially knowing that funds for a bond loan are a short application process away.

Easy as pie

So, whatever your reason for taking out a rental bond loan with MoneyMe, we will always have you covered.

The process couldn’t be more simple or fast. Simply click on the “Apply Now” button and fill in some personal details, such as your name, contact details, and income and expenses. You will receive a decision on your loan in a few short minutes. Funds can be delivered into your account within an hour or so, depending on who you bank with – simple!

MoneyMe direct debit repayment schedules are aligned with your pay cycle, so you can repay your loan when you get paid with no hassles. If you have any troubles, just get in touch with us via phone, email, live chat, or Facebook.

Secure rental bond loans minus the hassle

Time is of the essence when it comes to the rental market. With MoneyMe, you don't have to waste time sending paperwork or pay slips to get your loan. We use fast Proviso technology to securely view 90 days of your bank statements online in seconds. Your information is strictly read-only and you can be assured that no one can touch your bank account.

So, what are you waiting for? Secure the rental property of your dreams with a MoneyMe bond loan today by heading to our home page and clicking on the Quick Start button now.

MoneyMe offers bond assistance in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia.

Ready to get started?

Up to $20,000

Low rate virtual Mastercard ®,
interest-free terms.

Up to $50,000

Low rates, fast approvals,
flexible repayments

Up to $50,000

Consolidate your debt into
one simple repayment.

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Your repayments will consist of an establishment fee of $0 and interest of $0. The repayment amount is based on the variables selected, is subject to our assessment and suitability, and other important terms and conditions apply.*

*WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate

Bond Loans up to $50,000 Approved Online | MoneyMe

Your rental bond, covered fast

A bond loan is a short term loan covering the cost of a rental bond on a new property. We offer you access to up to $50,000 for unsecured personal loans with an entirely online application process that you can complete in a matter of minutes. With MoneyMe, you get approved for your bond loan without any long waiting times so you can move in faster to your new home.

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Your rental bond, covered fast

A bond loan is a short term loan covering the cost of a rental bond on a new property. We offer you access to up to $50,000 for unsecured personal loans with an entirely online application process that you can complete in a matter of minutes. With MoneyMe, you get approved for your bond loan without any long waiting times so you can move in faster to your new home.

If you’re a renter and looking to move into new accommodation soon, then you will know that the upfront costs for moving can easily number into thousands of dollars. A bond must be paid within a short window of time to secure a rental property and usually costs between 4 and 6 weeks’ worth of rent. You will also need to pay your rent on the new property in advance, so you may be looking at 8 weeks of rent in upfront costs for a new property.

And on top of this, you still have to pay rent on your former property until the tenancy is finalised. Finalising a tenancy will usually include paying for professional cleaners and gardeners to ensure that the bond amount you paid on your former home is returned in full.

This is where MoneyMe’s bond loan comes in handy. Using just your mobile phone, you can apply for bond loans online, get an outcome fast and have the money you need to pay rental fees upfront in minutes!

How does a bond loan work?

Our bond loan works like all of our quick loans do: fast and straightforward. All you have to do is apply online for the credit amount that you need using our easy application form, and that’s it! There’s no need for paper documents or frequent phone calls.

We rely on technology to efficiently verify your information, and we also ask for your bank details to obtain your banking activity for the last 90 days through a secure and trusted portal. With this highly advanced and speedy loan process, you get the same day loans you need in no time so you can move into your new rental property without any stress.

MoneyMe offers a range of quick cash loans to assist you with rental payments. We can help you through bond assistance and rent assistance loans which covers all of your upfront costs repayable in monthly or fortnightly instalments with competitive interest rates. You can use our personal loan calculator to get an indication of the likely instalment amounts you will pay on your bond loan and easily factor them into your current living expenses.

Rates tailored to you

Rental bonds can differ slightly between states, so your estimated rental costs on NSW may not be the same on VIC or QLD, and it may be entirely different in WA and SA altogether. Your bond amount may be 4 up to 6 weeks’ worth of rent, depending on which state your real estate is in. If you are renting privately, then your landlord may have other stipulations that you will need to take into account as well.

As a responsible money lender, we tailor our credit products to ensure you can comfortably repay your easy loans. This way, you are assured that the personal loan you applied for doesn’t add strain to your finances, but rather offers flexibility and some much-needed breathing space to give way to your new rental costs.

With us, you get to experience competitive personal loan interest rates, seamless application process and fast approval times. We are the next generation in responsible lending that uses a modern data platform to ensure you have access to same day cash loans when you need them. Using our proprietary AI-based loan management platform to assess thousands of data points in real-time, you get all these fast cash perks in a matter of minutes without any lengthy paperwork.

Move now and pay later with Freestyle

If you are looking to have a more flexible bond loan amount to pay for your rental expenses, Freestyle got you covered. Freestyle is Australia’s first virtual credit account that works like a virtual credit card, but offers a whole lot more. With this modern-day credit option, you are pre-approved for a line of credit between $1,000 and $10,000 which you can draw down anytime you need it. From managing rental costs to buying new furnishings or adding a fresh coat of paint to your apartment, you can use Freestyle anywhere for easy, cashless payments.

Small personal loans are for fixed amounts and come with a contract stipulating a fixed repayment schedule. Freestyle, however, does not. It’s like a credit card that offers you quick loans in the form of a credit balance, where you can draw down only the amount you need at the moment. You can either repay the amount in full when your bond is returned from your old rental property, or pay it off in instalments as well.

With your Freestyle account, any money you repay on funds borrowed becomes available again for use elsewhere. You have peace of mind and financial security knowing that there is a pre-approved credit amount that you can draw on at any time, for any cost.

Freestyle is not another piece of plastic to add to your wallet, either. It is a virtual card that lives in your smartphone, which means you can use it for in-store Tap n Pay, online shopping and paying online bills whenever and wherever you are. And it doesn’t stop there – there’s more to your Freestyle card than you think! Eligible customers also get up to 55 days interest-free on all purchases. Plus, you can also use it to transfer money straight to your bank, your friends or anyone.

Eligibility requirements

How much can I borrow? Applying online for express loans and cash advance from MoneyMe is quick and easy, and you get a tailored loan outcome based on your personal circumstances. To qualify for our loan and our Freestyle virtual credit card, you have to be at least 18 years old, a permanent resident of Australia and currently employed. We will also ask for information about your current living expenses, what you intend to use the loan for and your existing financial commitments. Responsible lending is about performing accurate risk-based assessments, and we only give you a loan amount you can comfortably repay.

If you are still in the process of building a good credit record, you may opt for our small loans and mini loans. Once your loan has been fully repaid and we can see that you have a good repayment history with us, we may re-evaluate your profile and give you a same day loan amount with better rates for your future loan applications. If you have a strong credit history with us, you can get access to larger loan options like student loans, car loans and other unsecured loans we offer.

Find a great rental housing, secure it fast, and cover your upfront rental fees with our bond loan and personal loan Australia. With MoneyMe, all you experience are easy online applications and fast approvals. We help you get your funds fast, so you can pay for the things you need right now.