FREESTYLE-MME_homepage-V2-VCA-Affiliates  Access up to $10,000 in minutes*

FREESTYLE-MME_homepage-V2-VCA-Affiliates  Tap n Pay, shop online, transfer to friends

FREESTYLE-MME_homepage-V2-VCA-Affiliates  Up to 55 days interest-free on purchases**

About Freestyle


Tap n Pay in-store

Add Freestyle to your mobile wallet to Tap n Pay in-store.


Shop online

Use your virtual card number, expiry date and CCV to make online purchases.


Transfer to your bank

Send money from your Freestyle account straight to your bank.


Transfer to anyone

Coming soon!

Transfer money
to anyone in seconds.
It's that fast!

Coming soon!


Like a credit card, but better: introducing Freestyle - The Virtual Credit Account

Freestyle is an instant virtual credit account up to $10,000 that exists solely in digital format. Gone are the days waiting for your credit card to arrive in the mail – with Freestyle, you can start using credit instantly once approved. Add your Freestyle card to your mobile wallet to Tap n Pay in-store or use the card details in your MoneyMe account to make online purchases. You can also make peer-to-peer transfers (coming soon) and send money to your bank account in just a few taps. Plus, Freestyle offers up to 55 days interest-free on purchases. With all of these cool features and more, Freestyle is the better way to access credit.

Tap n Pay in-store with Freestyle

Forget price tags, download the MoneyMe app and apply for a Freestyle Virtual Credit Account on the spot. Browse your favourite store while your credit is being approved. By the time you reach the counter your Freestyle virtual card could be approved. Then add to your mobile wallet to tap and go! Better than a credit card? We think so, too.

With interest-free payment terms offered on Freestyle purchases, you’ll pay nothing today, and nothing extra if you repay your borrowed credit within the interest-free period (up to 55 days). What a deal!