FREESTYLE-MME_homepage-V2-VCA-Affiliates  Access up to $10,000 in minutes*

FREESTYLE-MME_homepage-V2-VCA-Affiliates  Tap n Pay, shop online, transfer to friends

FREESTYLE-MME_homepage-V2-VCA-Affiliates  Up to 55 days interest-free on purchases**

About Freestyle


Tap n Pay in-store

Add Freestyle to your mobile wallet to Tap n Pay in-store.


Shop online

Use your virtual card number, expiry date and CCV to make online purchases.


Transfer to your bank

Send money from your Freestyle account straight to your bank.


Transfer to anyone

Coming soon!

Transfer money
to anyone in seconds.
It's that fast!

Coming soon!


Freestyle: like a virtual credit card, but better!

The Freestyle Virtual Credit Account works just like a credit card, except it sits on your phone rather than in your wallet. You can use it to Tap n Pay in-store and make payments online using the card details stored digitally in your MoneyMe account. With MoneyMe’s quick and easy online application, you’re guaranteed to get outcome faster than any bank can provide. And rather than waiting for your credit card to arrive in the mail after being approved, your virtual card is set up and available to use instantly, making it faster and more convenient than a credit card.

The fastest way to Tap n Pay.

Freestyle’s instant card creation means that you can start using your virtual card to Tap n Pay from the moment you’re approved. Add your virtual card to the mobile wallet on your smartphone and hover it near the payment terminal to make a payment using Freestyle.

Whether it’s a cab, car, or cup of coffee, feel reassured knowing Freestyle can get you what you need, when and where you need it.