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You can withdraw up to your line of credit whenever you want to

What is a Line of Credit?

A Line of Credit is a revolving credit limit up to $5,000 which can be repaid in easy instalments over time. With a Line of Credit, you can withdraw money to buy new tech, upgrade your wardrobe or fix up your car – for example. We offer online Line of Credits from $1,000 to $5,000.

How to get a Line of Credit?

To be eligible for a Line of Credit you must be employed and 18 years or older. You can complete an easy online application for a Line of Credit by clicking “Apply now” above. It takes minutes to apply and once your Line of Credit is approved, you’ll have access to withdraw money straight away.

Applying for a Line of Credit with MoneyMe is quick and easy. You’ll need to supply your personal details, employment information, income, expenses and to submit your bank statement history via our secure and safe online portal.

Usually, you’ll get an outcome within minutes if applying during business hours. If we need to confirm some details, this may take a little longer. If you apply for a Line of Credit outside of business hours, then you’ll likely get a response the following day.

A MoneyMe Line of Credit allows you to have quick, available access to money when and where you need it. You can withdraw from your approved available credit anytime, anywhere.

With online Line of Credits up to $5,000 – you know you can count on us when you need it. Plus, there’s no hidden costs or lengthy wait times.

Line of Credit in under 1 hour

After you apply for a MoneyMe Line of Credit, you’ll usually get an outcome within a few minutes, unless you apply outside of business hours which will generally take a little longer. Depending on your bank, your first withdrawal can take between a few minutes and up to 1 business day.

MoneyMe Line of Credits range from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on your credit profile and history. You’re able to decrease or request an increase for your Line of Credit, which is subject to our assessment and suitability.

The payments are aligned with your pay cycle, and we’ll remind you before we take payment to ensure you have the funds in your account (and to prevent any accidental missed payment fees!). To view our costs, please visit our costs page.

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Secure and responsible personal lending

When applying for a Line of Credit with MoneyMe, you can bet our top priority is security. At MoneyMe, we use bank level encryption to ensure your data is safe and secure.

When submitting bank statements online, we use illion’s trusted and secure technology that provides a ‘read-only’ 90-day snapshot in PDF format of your bank statement transactions. That means nobody at MoneyMe, or illion, has access to your account or log in details – it simply takes a snapshot of your transactions in PDF format. This, along with some personal, employment and spending details is all we need to process your Line of Credit application.

To be eligible to apply for a MoneyMe Line of Credit you must be 18, employed, an Australian resident and have decent credit history. As you repay your MoneyMe Line of Credit over time, your history with us improves and you may be able to increase your limit.

Things to know
about our costs

We believe in transparency and fair costs, with no hidden fees

Flexible with your payments

It doesn't cost anything to reschedule payments within a 7 day period. And you can repay your loan earlier, for free!

Always in the know

We remind you about your upcoming repayments, so you'll always be in the know. No surprises, no regrets.

Good credit history is rewarded

Credit is cheaper when you have a good credit profile and you have built your history with MoneyMe.

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