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Real Estate Fees for Selling a House

Whether you’re about to sell your first home or you’re a seasoned flipper, you’ll know by now that the real estate fees for selling a house don’t come cheap – and with good reason. 

How you prepare and market your home for sale and which agency you choose can have a huge impact on the success of your advertising campaign and overall profits from the sale. Sometimes, investing in a few small changes – such as a fresh coat of paint, new trimmings, or freshening up the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry – can have huge dividends. 

But not everyone has the budget to cover those costs upfront – especially if the sale of the home is unexpected, such as selling the property of a deceased family member or due to a separation. That’s where ListReady comes in. 

We offer a payment option up to $35,000 for approved applicants that can be used for listing expenses and real estate fees that come up when selling a house. Our funds can cover everything from basic home improvements to renovations, staging (e.g., hiring furniture and a stylist for photographs to support the marketing campaign), repairs, and more. 

Our 100% online, paper-free application process takes just minutes to complete, and assuming you applied during business hours, you’ll have a decision the same day. If you’re successful, our lightning-speed transfers will have funds ready to use instantly once approved. You’ll pay nothing upfront and repay the costs plus associated fees and charges when the property sells, or within six months (whichever comes first). 

To learn more about how we can help you get ListReady, visit us online today.

How are the real estate fees calculated when selling a house?

When you partner with an agent to sell your property, it’s important to make sure you have a clear picture of what their commission and real estate fees for selling a house will be. There are no formal regulations across the fees and charges associated with selling a property, and different agencies offer different levels of service for different types of properties.

That’s why it’s a great idea to do some research when preparing to sell a house and get a free home valuation from two to three different agencies working in your suburb. They’ll each have their own idea of what they think your property is worth and also be able to provide invaluable house selling tips. This can include marketing tips to help sell your house and factors such as how you can determine the best repairs to undertake before selling a house

Hearing this from a few different sources can help you make decisions on where you choose to focus your energy when readying the property. Agents should also provide you with an itemised breakdown of their real estate fees for selling a house including their sales commission – typically reflected as a percentage – and marketing costs. Their sales commission rates reflect the percentage of total profits from the sale they will receive upon settlement as a result of selling your house.

Reputable agents will also have a range of marketing packages available that can be tailored to your needs. Typically, these will include a mix of online and physical marketing collateral such as search engine listings on major property vendor sites, brochures for open homes, and physical ‘for sale’ signs. They’ll also be able to suggest the most appropriate advertising to maximise exposure for your property without overspending on unnecessary costs, e.g., an enormous personalised signboard with photographs where a simple ‘for sale’ sign with contact details would do. 

Other legal fees to sell a house to consider in your assessment of real estate fees for seller include those associated with a solicitor or conveyancer, who oversees the sales contract and settlement, sales tax, what you need to pay out your mortgage (if applicable), and any commission paid to an auctioneer if relevant to the mode of sale. 

What is the average real estate fee when selling a house?

The average cost in Australia to sell a house, or real estate agent commission percentage, can vary greatly depending on your location, the number of properties available in your area, and the number of agencies competing for your listing. The greater the competition, the more likely you are to be able to negotiate a more competitive real estate fee. 

While it may look like a small figure, the difference in an agent’s percentage of sale can take thousands of dollars from your profits. On average, commission percentages range from 5% to 6% of the total sale price of your property. If it’s a seller’s market and demand for properties is high, the commission percentage is likely to be lower, as more properties are being sold at the same time and the agency will be busy. The less competitive the market and the fewer properties there are available to sell, the higher your real estate fees for selling a house are likely to be. 

What is the easiest method to pay real estate fee when selling a house?

ListReady has made paying for real estate fees for selling a house easy with our market-changing payment option to assist with the cost of selling a property. 

We’ve partnered with Australia’s most forward-thinking real estate agencies to take the hassle out of the upfront costs involved in selling a house, so you can focus on getting your property looking its best and maximising its sale potential. 

With no payments upfront and a simple online, paperless application with same-day approval, you’ll be ready to sell your property in no time. Apply today!

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