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Pay for expenses without being out of pocket

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for listing expenses

Access up to $35,0001 on demand

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Repay when your property settles, or within 6 months, whichever comes first.

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Cover selling related expenses, including auction, conveyancing, and legal fees.

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Sell My House

Is it time to sell my house? There will come a time when every property owner will ask themselves this question and ListReady exists to make affirmative action seamless for vendors and agents. We offer the fastest and most convenient funding option to cover the cost of real estate listing in Australia for residential property advertising. 

If you’re selling your home, or you’re an agent looking to level up your client’s home before listing, we offer payment solutions to cover services from professional staging and styling, to renovate or repair, to pre-sale inspections and legal costs. Get your property market-ready and wow potential house buyers for your best chance of a sale. Our solutions are low risk with no upfront costs or deposits required – just pay when the property has been sold or six months have passed – whichever comes first. 

Our credit solutions for property-related expenses allow vendors to benefit from a range of pre-sale resources to maximise their property’s sale potential and market value, whether your property is urban, rural or even on a farm. Apply online with the application form to receive approval and transfers into your account of up to $35,000 if you meet our eligibility criteria. If you’re an agent with vendors coming to you asking you to, ‘sell my house’, you know you can offer maximum value at no risk with ListReady. 

As a primary partner of the REB Awards – Australia's largest independent awards program – we are proud to be among the industry's leaders. We’re passionate about helping agents and vendors achieve the best outcomes and pride ourselves in supporting them to realise their full potential. 

What factors should I consider when selling my house?

It’s time to sell my house. If you’re a vendor, that is a homeowner listing a house for sale, there are a few factors to consider.

Firstly, you want to ensure your property and land are in as good condition as you can get it without breaking your bank. That’s where ListReady can help you assess and action any repairs, renovations or home improvements required to level up your listing before going to market and enticing the best people to buy your home. 

Some other factors to consider when selling your property are whether you want your listing to be private or public, whether you will offer it at a fixed price (or above), whether you will provide a price range, and whether you will go to auction. If you own the property and live on it, you want to make sure you have somewhere to reside once your projected sale timeline is in motion and that your remaining mortgage allows you financial flexibility. 

If you are a landlord and have tenants paying rent, give them ample notice that their situation might be likely to change as ownership of the property does. You may need to negotiate terms based on your agreement with the tenant, and negotiating on behalf of your tenants is possible with the new homeowner. It’s always a good idea to do a little bit of research online surrounding topics like ‘home selling’ or ‘how to sell house or property’ before getting started. 

What are the different types of expenses incurred when selling a house?

I’m ready to sell my house! Fabulous. There are a few different types of selling property costs and fees for selling a house to consider. 

Conveyancing when selling a property and legal costs are incurred when transferring legal ownership of a property between property owners. Solicitors and professional conveyancers with the right business licence can oversee this legal paperwork. 

Real estate fees for selling a house, including agent fees and bonuses, are incurred when listing your property with a real estate agent or firm, and you can choose between a flat fee or a commission. Ensure your buyer deposit covers as much of your agent fee as possible in case a sale falls through. If you forgo an agent to sell property privately, you won’t need to factor in this cost. 

Lender and settlement fees come into play if you’re paying off any remaining mortgage on your property in advance and your lender might charge an early exit fee from your loan. Take into account Capital Gains Tax, which is a tax on investment properties if you profit from an increase in the value of your property at the time of sale. Another thing to consider is that listings online with websites like Domain and may also incur a fee. 

By signing up with ListReady, you won’t get caught out when you have accessible funds to cover marketing-related costs, advertising costs when selling a house, as well as listing and maintenance fees. Ensure your property looks as appealing as possible by putting in the necessary improvements that will ultimately add value to your house.

How much will it cost to sell my house?

If you’ve already conducted a quick search online of ‘costs to sell my house’, you may have found that they vary widely based on variables like the market value of your home, which state you live in, or whether or not renovations need to be made. Nevertheless, we recognize how valuable it is to have access to funds that can help with all the costs related to selling your home, so you can find a buyer quickly and possibly at a higher selling price. That’s why at ListReady, you can look to our payment option for listing and selling related expenses to help when you are selling your house

Our team will keep you informed every step of the way along your listing journey and ensure that we provide you with sound advice and guidance. With our accessible solutions, we make scrubbing up your property to be sale-ready a breeze.

If you’re thinking, ‘I’m ready to sell my house’, get in touch with us today.

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