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We offer fast cash loans in Newcastle and surrounding areas including Hamilton, Mereweather and Warners Bay at just the click of a button. Our low doc personal loan application process is designed to be completed and submitted in just minutes. We won’t ask you to upload your personal life story and we probably won’t even need to speak to you at all. Our easy finance options are available as either express loans or in the form of a line of credit – the Freestyle virtual Mastercard®. Credit card balances are available for between $1,000 and $20,000 while our instant loans are available for between $2,100 and $50,000. Apply online today to discover what you could be approved for in a matter of minutes.

How do cash loans work?

Quick cash loans from MoneyMe are offered as a lump sum amount transferred directly in your bank account. When you apply online for any of our personal loans or other easy finance products like the Freestyle online credit card, it takes you just minutes to complete and submit your online form. We don’t need you to upload your payslips or bother your boss with an employment reference. Instead, we use fast and intuitive software solutions to verify your application details instantly and return a loan offer or credit limit that we believe you can comfortably afford.

When you receive a personal loan offer from us, your contract will clearly state the loan term, the number of repayments you will need to make as well as other fees and charges like the total interest payable, any establishment fees, etc. This contract is sent online and once you have carefully reviewed the terms and conditions, you simply digitally sign it and send it back. As soon as you receive your contract, we transfer your fast cash amount immediately. Depending on who you bank with, customers can receive their new funds on the very same day. When MoneyMe offers same day loans, we really, actually mean it. It’s so easy that you won’t need to hire a personal loan broker to do the work for you.

Your monthly repayments will be direct debited for your convenience and if you’re not sure how much you can comfortably afford to repay then consider using a loan calculator before you apply. These are great online tools which offer an indicative interest rate, repayment amount and loan term that works best for you. Simply input the amount that you’re looking for and check that the repayment fits in with your current living expenses and cash flow.

Our range of fixed rate personal loans can be used for all kinds of costs and plans like covering your dream wedding, helping you get started on home improvements and renovations, covering costly medical bills as well as for tidying up your finances. A personal loan for debt consolidation can be a quick and easy solution for helping you get your finances back on track and chop down on costly interest repayments. Simply apply for a quick loan amount covering the total cost of your small debts and bills and then clear them all out together when your new funds arrive. Instead of paying multiple creditors and potentially losing thousands in interest, you make just one monthly repayment instead at a fixed rate of interest over a set period.

Once your finances are back in front then you can opt to close out your loan balance with us ahead of schedule and save even more in interest. We don’t sting you with early termination fees when you do this, unlike other money lenders can.

We are committed to our practice of responsible lending so we only approve applicants we believe can comfortably afford our credit products.

Where to get quick cash loans in Newcastle?

If you’re living in Newcastle, or any of the surrounding suburbs and regions like the Hunter Valley, Cessnock or Toronto, then it won’t take you longer than minutes to complete and submit your instant loan application with us. Our personal loan eligibility is nice and simple too; you need to be at least 18 years of age, currently employed and a permanent resident in Australia to apply.

Everything you need is available to access via our website and applications are even mobile-friendly. Simply log on, complete and submit your application form now.

How do the repayments work for cash loans in Newcastle?

A short term loan or long term personal loan is offered by your credit provider at a fixed rate of interest and a fixed loan term. This means that your monthly repayments are calculated before you sign your loan contract, and you can quickly check that they’re affordable and comfortable to manage before you sign up.

Repayments include both the interest payable and the principal loan amount. They are direct debited from your account, so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment. 

Can you put personal loan repayments on hold? If you’ve hit a tough financial spot and you’re not sure that you can meet your monthly payment amount, then don’t sweat because we’re here to help. We understand that sometimes life just happens, and you might need a bit of breathing space now and again. If you are experiencing any difficulties, then please get in contact with us as soon as possible so we can arrange a repayment schedule that works for you.

Ready to apply for fast cash loans Newcastle? You’re minutes away from submitting your online application for quick personal loans from MoneyMe. Apply now.

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