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Easy loans for home projects

There’s never been a better time to start those home improvements than right now. MoneyMe is Gen Now’s money lender that offers eligible customers up to $50,000 for renovation loans with quick online approvals and hassle-free contracts. There are no early payout fees and we offer competitive interest rates across all of our personal loans. Apply now and see how much credit you can borrow.

Why choose MoneyMe

We’re committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best credit products with the least hassle. With our advanced proprietary loan management platform, you enjoy an easy online application process that you can complete in a matter of minutes. Apply for a loan online, get an outcome fast and once you’ve been approved, all that’s left to do is sign your unsecured personal loan contract – and it’s done online, too! Your fast, easy and pain-free access to credit is finally here. 

What renovation loans cover

So, how could our renovation loans help you? Home is where the heart is and ensuring that your house is comfortable, complete with the latest in energy-saving technology and with enough room for everybody to fit should be a top priority. A quick renovation loan from MoneyMe can help you get started on making these home improvements and upgrades. Start shopping for your dream bathtub; start quoting expenses for your new insulation or the double glazing you need to maximise your heating and cooling system at home. With our fast online approvals and hassle-free lending, you could have same day cash loans you need right now.

Have you been dreaming of upgrading your kitchen? What about that master ensuite you’ve been promising yourself since you moved in? Now’s the time to start planning. The most popular home renovations in Australia usually start with remodelling bathroom and kitchen spaces. Both highly functional spaces, these rooms see heavy, daily traffic and every little convenience from the heated towel rails in the heart of chilly winter and the right kind of kitchen air exhaust add the comforts that living well is all about.

When we feel safe, secure and happy in our home, those feelings tend to leech out into the rest of our lives as well. Knowing that you’re coming home to the perfect house – or the almost perfect house – is half the battle won on the road to peace and happiness. Make the time to wonder how you could improve your home with some small or some big improvements designed to maximise your comfort and sense of security.

Flexible cash when you need it

Of course, ensuring you have the money to fund your dream home design is all part of taking home renovations seriously and approaching it practically. However, homeowners often come unstuck when they start to convince themselves that the total improvement cost is just too high. They start pushing it further and further down the track, telling themselves that it just isn’t the right time. Why not start something a bit smaller, like a single room, and then build up to the bigger stuff?

MoneyMe is home to flexible personal loans Australia. We offer renovation loans with personalised rates to cover the cost of big changes around the home, as well as a range of short term loans that could provide your much-needed cash injection for home improvements and get the ball rolling. Anybody looking for credit is going to ask themselves the same question right at the start: How much can I borrow? As a responsible lender, MoneyMe offers tailored credit products which range from small loans to large renovation loans and a revolving line of credit. We want to help you put things together for your home with easy loans, so you’ll get the quick cash relief right when you need it.

If a large renovation loan isn’t a practical choice at the moment, you may opt for small quick loans or express loans for the cash you need to cover emergency upfront costs. This way, you get a rate that you can repay more comfortably.

Consider a travel loan if you’re planning the next big holiday. Rather than trying to save up or wait until you earn enough miles, MoneyMe provides the cash you need now and lets you pay for everything upfront without hurting your pocket. You can lock in your travel dates, file your vacation leave, and remind yourself every day that you really are going, knowing it’s all booked and paid for.

Benefits of using a loan calculator

We keep your repayment schedules in line with your regular pay cycle, ensuring that your living expenses can comfortably absorb your monthly repayments. To get a general idea on what kind of repayment amount you’ll be looking at for any of our same day loans, consider using our personal loan repayment calculator. This powerful online tool allows you to get a glimpse of the most likely personal loan interest rates you’ll be offered for unsecured loans and gives you an indicative monthly repayment amount you can use to adjust your budget. Choose repayment options for small loans and larger renovation loans to find out the best credit option that works for you right now and in the future. 

If you’re looking for quick loans to purchase large-ticket items like your next vehicle, consider our boat loans and car loans offered at competitive interest rates. Using our personal loan calculator, you can quickly check what indicative repayments would be like for your desired cash loan amounts, helping you build a quick and realistic new car budget.

A modern approach to credit

When it comes to small personal loans and a credit line, MoneyMe has a range of options available. Apply for our Freestyle Virtual Credit Account for credit amounts ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Freestyle is similar to a credit card offered by a bank, but it lets you do so much more. Powered by Mastercard, it works like a virtual credit card that you can use for your in-store and online shopping or link it to your favourite food and streaming services. You can also use it to transfer money to your bank or pay anyone straight away.

The best part? It’s not another piece of plastic to shove into your wallet. The Freestyle Virtual Credit Account lives on your smartphone as a digital credit card. You’ll never forget where you put it. We also offer up to 55 days interest-free on all purchases. That means that if you repay your credit amount within the interest-free period, you pay nothing more than you borrowed.

For access to emergency funds like small loans for moving homes, car repairs and rent assistance, we can help with a fast cash advance. Our cash loans online include bond loans designed for helping tenants move to their new rental property without the stress and hassle of coming up with weeks’ worth of rent in a short time frame. Our student loans are designed to help higher education seekers get the fund they need to secure a spot in their desired course and even possibly nab some early bird discounts.

For fast loans like renovation loans or cash advances to help you get over a financial hump, choose MoneyMe. We offer a simple and straightforward online application that takes just a few minutes to complete, with super-fast approvals. Stay on top of your finances and apply now! 

Renovation Loans

MoneyMe provides an option for every type of expense – renovation loans being one of the popular choices for those on a budget but are still looking to level up their home. 

With a loan from our digital financial service company, you can have the living space of your dreams by paying off the bathroom renovation costkitchen remodel cost, and wood heather installation cost even before your payday comes.

So don’t just sit there thinking about what could be – turn your dreams into a reality when you apply for a MoneyMe account.

How do home renovation loans work?

Home renovation loans work when a trusted finance lender allows homeowners to borrow money for personal property improvements. Usually, banks would provide different types of mortgage loans for this situation, but this option often takes weeks to process.

With MoneyMe, you can be financing home improvements in no time as our application only takes three to five minutes. Additionally, we encourage responsible renovating – which means that we will only have your request go through the approval process if we know you can realistically repay the credit balance. 

Download our free mobile application, input basic information about yourself, and then pay for the renovating bills through easy refinancing. 

Can I get a home renovation loan?

Whether the loan is for when you install fireplace during the winter or for when you deal with the kitchen reno cost, our services will certainly be your best friend when it comes to borrowing money for renovations. 

MoneyMe loans for renovations are for everyone, provided that they fit the following conditions:

  1. Above the age of 18
  2. A citizen of Australia
  3. An employed individual

If these three basic requisites are met, then you can apply for our premium renovation financing. With our low interest rates, you can sit back in your newly renovated abode without worrying about inflated repayment charges. 

Can you take out a loan for renovations?

For traditional lenders like banks and work unions, taking out renovation loans can be a tedious process. However, through the convenient platform at MoneyMe, you can skip those long lines and piles of paperwork. 

Our application procedure is 100% online – which means that all you need is your smartphone and three or five minutes to have funds transferred into your bank account. 

Additionally, we utilise state-of-the-art technology that ensures speed and security. With the Proviso software, we are able to check your bank account and analyse the transactions for the past 90 days. 

All you have to do is allow us to view your banking history through read-only documents, and then we will make a fair decision on your home improvement loans once we have assessed your credit history. 

How do you get a home renovation loan?

To get renovation loans, download the MoneyMe mobile app available on both iPhone and Android devices. You may also visit our website. Begin the property renovation loan process by creating an account. 

Once your account has been set up, input basic personal information so that we can determine what kind of credit range we can provide for you. Then, submit your request so we can assess the details and send our approval on the same day. Lastly, all that’s left for you to do is wait for the borrowed money to be wired to your bank account.

Simple, isn’t it? At MoneyMe, we value your experience – that is why we make it so you don’t have to deal with red tape. 

Apply now for renovation loans with the terms best suited for you, and never look back at the loaning process from traditional lenders. 

How do construction loans work for renovations?

Construction loans for home renovations work through a mutual deal between you and the lender. In this agreement, you borrow funds for home improvement and then pay off the set amount with interest fees.

While most traditional lenders provide this service, MoneyMe has made this process quicker and more convenient for you. Not to mention that we boast lower rates and a unique credit rating system that decrease the overall cost. 

With our option, you can rest assured that you are getting a safe, reliable, and quick service that you can access with just a few taps on your smartphone. 

Join us at MoneyMe today and be part of our thousands of satisfied clients!

How to apply for a renovation loan?

Applying for a renovation loan at MoneyMe is as easy as one-two-three. 

First, start by downloading our mobile phone app or visiting our website. This platform will allow you to intuitively handle everything about your future renovation loans. 

Next, begin your application and input the necessary personal details so that we can provide you with a fair loan decision. 

Lastly, once all the information has been submitted, simply wait for your money to be transferred to your bank account. 

Apply for a renovation loan today from MoneyMe to level up your home without spending a fortune on high-interest rates. 

Is home renovation loan tax deductible?

Much like any other type of personal loan, a home renovation loan is not tax-deductible. However, there may be two exceptions to this rule. 

Energy-efficient equipment 

Renovations in the form of solar devices may be tax-deductible depending on your location and local laws. Specific examples of energy-efficient solar devices are solar water heaters, solar panels, and even miniature wind turbines. 

Medical renovations

Personal home improvements made outside of a health insurance plan may be tax-deductible if they are proven to mitigate the effects of crippling medical conditions. For instance, the installation of wheelchair ramps and safety railings for bathrooms may be deemed as tax-deductible expenses. 

Why not apply for renovation loans from MoneyMe to claim these tax benefits? Our low interest rates and unique credit rating system will make it so that you save money even without the tax deductions.

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Renovation loans

What is a renovation loan?

A renovation loan is a loan used to finance a home renovation, or to undergo repairs to a property. A MoneyMe renovation loan takes 3min to apply for, and is repaid easily in small instalments over a period of time. Applications are reviewed within minutes, and cash is transferred to your account fast.

Time To Renovate

Give your place a fresh, new look and create your dream home today with the help of MoneyMe’s renovation loans. Our low rates and flexible repayment options make our renovation loan one of the most competitive in the market. You may be wanting to fit out your kitchen with the latest appliances, finish that dream deck you’ve always wanted for your backyard, or add a fireplace to the lounge room so you can stay snug in winter. Or, you may be looking to fix up all those odd jobs, such as electrical or plumbing problems, that have built up over the years. Whatever you’re after, it’s probably time to bight the bullet and get stuck in with our easy loan service.

Finance For Home Improvements

Deciding to renovate your property can be exciting in theory, but in practice it’s sometimes a stressful process. MoneyMe can take away any financial stress with our quick loan process that ensures you have the money ready to build as soon as you need. Borrow up to $50,000 with our unsecured loans, and you will be ready to buy those marble benchtops and electric cooktop immediately. Our flexible repayments take away any added stress during this busy period, so you can sit back and enjoy as your house is transformed.

Start Today

Take out your renovation loan with MoneyMe today and receive cash in as little as one hour, depending on your financial institution. Our easy application process can be completed online, or by calling up and chatting with a member of our friendly customer service team. So draw up those plans and start marking out those longed-for changes to your home. We will help you make those dreams become a reality. Our secure online checking system means you are in safe hands with a company you can trust.

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