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Advertising Costs When Selling A House

Whether you’re a new vendor looking to sell your property or an agent looking to make a greater profit, ListReady can help you with the advertising costs when selling a house and even more. 

Over time, the value of a home can significantly change and it is essential to invest some time and resources to get your house sold at a good price. A part of that is making sure you spend enough on advertising costs when selling a house.

Investing in an effective marketing and advertising campaign can make all the difference when selling your home. Especially in a highly competitive market, it pays to make sure your property stands out. 

However, not everyone has the budget to commission photographers, hire a conveyancer to help with the cost of selling a house, or pay for a stylist’s help with styling furniture. That's where ListReady's pay-later solution comes in.

With our help, we can get you access to $35,000, and this can be used in any step of the property listing process. ListReady helps with various costs involved in selling a house and we cover everything you need, from marketing costs for selling property, real estate fees for sellers, and property selling costs.

You can even choose to use the funding we provide to upgrade your property and make necessary repairs to increase the value of your home, which can increase traction and allow you to get a better deal on pricing and mortgage.

The best part of it is that our application and approval process is fast, and we only charge a monthly rate of 2.25%. You can simply repay us within six months or once your house or property is sold (whichever comes first).

We have assisted thousands of vendors and agents in finding buyers willing to pay more than their initial price range for their settlements. As we operate completely digitally, we can help you no matter what location or suburb you reside in. 

Visit our website for more information about our services and apply now for a pay-later solution for the advertising costs when selling a house today!

What is the average cost of advertising when selling a house?

The average advertising costs when selling a house highly depends on many factors. One thing to consider is the price of the home, as this can heavily influence the real estate marketing costs. Another thing is the size of the home, as bigger houses require more effort to stage and photograph.

As a reference, the marketing fee for a house listed at $500,000 usually costs $2,500 to $5,000. For a more expensive home, for example, when you are planning to sell a house with a $1,500,000 real estate selling fee, you can expect to pay up to $12,500 on advertising costs.

Advertising can cost even more depending on the mediums you use. As an example, a newspaper advertisement can save you money, but a virtual tour of the home with an online domain will provide potential buyers with a more valuable experience.

It's generally up to the seller how much they would like to spend, but it's a good idea to invest in advertising costs when selling a house since there are many benefits to it. Utilising marketing and advertising tips for your property can help you receive better offers and sell it faster.

How to reduce advertising costs when selling a house?

It is possible to cut advertising costs when selling a house by doing some of the work yourself. 

However, it takes a lot of hand and effort to execute property marketing and advertising efficiently. To give you an idea, here are the steps associated with preparing to sell a house for the market before you charge a listing fee and get it auctioned:

  • The prep-work. As a first step, you should prepare your home for sale by making it look its best. Spending good money on advertising is of no use if the product isn't worth it. Start by cleaning, decluttering, renovating, and gardening.
  • Staging and showcasing features. Additionally, ask your agent for home staging tips and consider the many benefits of styling your home. If styling isn't your thing, you might need to bring in a professional. Take advantage of features that will appeal to potential buyers and solicitors. 
  • Photography and advertising. When your home looks good, your agent might arrange for professional photos to be taken for online and print advertisements, brochures, and outdoor signage. In addition to making a video of your property, some agents may suggest getting some drone shots taken to highlight the location's benefits.

You can ask your real estate agent if you can look for the listed marketing services yourself or even solicit the assistance of friends. This is an alternative way to cut some advertising costs when selling a house. 

For example, instead of hiring a professional photographer, perhaps you could simply ask your friend who is skilled at using the camera for their help. You can also talk to your home stager and reuse some of the furniture you already have to cut costs on styling as well.

With all of this in mind, we also strongly recommend talking to your real estate agent and being clear when it comes to setting a budget when it comes to marketing when selling your property. Ideally, you should discuss with them how to save money on certain aspects of the advertising process, and being proactive can ultimately help you save some money as well.

What is an efficient way to pay for advertising costs when selling a house?

With ListReady, there’s no need to worry about your budget when it comes to advertising costs when selling a house. We offer a great and efficient way to cover any of the cost of selling a house with our pay later solution.

Simply apply on our website today and receive approval same-day. You can choose to apply with your partner agency or we can connect you with one to help you get your house ready for the market. 

The $35,000 solution that we offer can be used to fund advertising costs and other costs associated with getting your house ready for sellers and solicitors.

Choose to make necessary repairs or slight renovations and maximise the value of your property before selling your home. Additionally, you can directly pay suppliers and minimise admin work with our effective platform.

With our 60-day interest-free period and minimal charges, we believe that we are the most efficient way to cover the advertising costs when selling a house and even more. 

Visit our website and apply now to see if you are eligible. We also have great informative pages such as our top house selling tips and the best repairs to undertake before selling a house.

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