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Pay for expenses without being out of pocket

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Marketing When Selling Your Property

One of the key factors to marketing when selling your property is the quality of your listing, and ListReady is here to help you maximise your property’s potential. Our credit solution for property-related expenses allows you to pay nothing until your home is sold, or six months have passed – whichever comes first.

Your ListReady funds can cover a range of services including staging and styling solutions, as well as pre-sale inspections and legal costs. If you have been searching for the best repairs to undertake before selling a house, then you can use the same funds to finance these costs as well. You need to ensure that your space is looking its best so you can showcase its best features and enhance your existing home sale marketing plan. You can make your property market-ready and generate interest with great online real estate marketing for your best chance of a fast, high-value sale. 

Maximise your property’s sale potential and market value with ListReady solutions. Implement strategic marketing when selling your property and stand out against the competition no matter your area or location. Photos of a stunning property can help you appeal to the right kind of buyers and sell your property fast. 

Marketing and real estate go hand in hand. Preparing your listing without upfront payment gives you everything to gain when selling your house. Apply online with approvals of up to $35,000 if you meet our eligibility criteria. The loan is repayable when the property sells or after six months have passed. Engage ListReady to help you get market-ready when preparing to sell a home.

We’ve dedicated our resources to helping realtors and vendors succeed and bring in results when selling a home or multiple ones. If you’re planning on investing in marketing when selling your property, then connect with ListReady today and let our payment solutions cover you. 

Why is marketing important when selling your property?

Marketing when selling your property is important because this is the way that you communicate what the offer is to potential buyers. After you’ve made your property for sale look like a million bucks with ListReady’s listing solutions, getting the word out about your property is the next step. You want to attract a crowd of people to give you the best chance of a profit.

Marketing tips to help sell your house will all talk about having a marketing plan or a marketing strategy that will all aim to achieve the same result for you: a high price point and a timely sale. The secret to doing this is reaching as many people as you can the first time you list – but not just any random individuals; depending on the value of your home, reaching the right types of buyers will give you the best odds of a great sale. For example, advertising a family home on acreage will look a little different compared to advertising an urban single bedroom apartment.

Having great staging and styling is one aspect of generating attractive online content for your home that will attract the buyers you want. If you find yourself running short on available funds to cover the expenses for that, ListReady can help you. Apply online today. 

What types of marketing activities should you use when selling your property?

The methods of marketing when selling your property will depend on your goals. Research is your friend in this instance. If you want to know how to sell a house fast, how to sell a house quickly in a slow market, or how to sell in a buyer’s market – don’t be afraid to ask your agent and get involved in the marketing strategy for your property. 

Listing online is a powerful way to reach buyers, with reputable websites like Domain and demonstrating their effectiveness. Even a dedicated website to your property can be effective, along with traditional and print advertising, as well as leveraging social networking opportunities both online and in person. Video walkthroughs have also been a popular way to showcase property features online.  

Ensuring that your property is at its absolute best will be one of the most important things you can do. Whether it’s a renovation (do kitchens help sell a house? – they sure do), updated furnishings, to staging your home with complimentary furniture, ListReady can help you get market-ready. Don’t underestimate the power of good photographs with online real estate marketing – they can greatly compel potential buyers to come to a viewing or inspection – possibly even an offer to buy.

How to deal with marketing expenses when selling your property?

There are all kinds of fees for selling a house and marketing when selling your property is just one of them. Usually, your real estate agent will incorporate these fees into their costs and manage marketing and advertising for you but don’t always assume that’s the case – remember to ask for their real estate marketing plan. Advertising in the newspaper will cost more than sharing the listing in social networking groups, for example.

With ListReady, you can breathe easy knowing that you don’t have to pay any money upfront to get your house whipped into shape. Pay us when your property sells or six months have passed. Find out how we can help you today.

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