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Pay for expenses without being out of pocket

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for listing expenses

Access up to $35,0001 on demand

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Cover selling related expenses, including auction, conveyancing, and legal fees.

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Cost Selling House

The cost of selling a house includes many expenses such as listing fees, but with ListReady, you don’t have to drop a dollar on listing expenses until your property has sold or six months have passed. 

Meet the market in style with our listing services from pre-sale inspections and legal costs to styling and staging services. The funds can even help with any repairs, renovations, or handyman odd jobs that your home may need before it’s ready to be listed and certain types of maintenance throughout the listing lifetime. Our professional team is dedicated to providing the best experience and the best services when it comes to vendors and agents listing properties for sale. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re here to share our expertise with you so you can get the most out of your next sale. 

Having partnered with the REB Awards, Australia’s largest industry awards program, we are proud to be recognized as a leader in the real estate industry. The cost of selling a house may seem daunting, but we’re here to make it not only more affordable but more accessible for you to create the best opportunity for selling your house at its highest value. 

Our approval process is all taken care of online, and you can have finances in your nominated account on the same day that you applied. Contact us today for your tailored listing solution.  

How to calculate the costs of selling a house?

The cost of selling a house varies depending on a range of factors.

The state and suburb you live in will influence some of the property selling costs when you decide, ‘It’s time to sell my home’. Then there are real estate costs like your agent commission or seller’s agent fee, a potential auctioneer’s fee, marketing fees; early mortgage exit fee from your lender; legal fees to sell your property like conveyancing and solicitor fees; styling and listing costs; moving costs; and applicable rates and taxes after settlement, like capital gains taxes on investment properties and stamp duty.

While you may not need to pay all these fees when selling a house, it’s likely you will need to pay most of them. While getting your property ready to list might seem like money you don’t want to spend, it’s worth the investment, which is why ListReady has made it so accessible. It’s almost a certainty that investing in your property’s appearance will help you find a buyer faster and at a higher price point than if you didn’t.

Are there any hidden charges when selling a house?

There may be additional charges along the way when it comes to selling your property, so it’s best to be prepared.

Apart from the obvious home selling costs we’ve already covered, you might still need to pay any outstanding property fees like council rates or strata fees for the period you still own the property. There may also be fees associated with any bank loan connected to the property, so be sure to ask your bank to give you all the details. 

There’s also the potential for your buyer to fall through, but your agent might still need to be paid their commission or flat fee, so be sure to budget wisely. Minimising selling property costs where you can, like when it comes to preparing your house for sale with ListReady, can ensure you don’t find yourself out of pocket if any of these hidden charges pop up. 

Be sure you’re covered for the costs involved in selling a house.

What is the best strategy for selling a house?

The single best thing you can do to reduce the cost of selling a house and ensure that you get the most bang for your buck when selling your home is to invest in preparing your property. 

This includes both the interior, like design, decor, and any repairs, and the exterior, which includes the facade of the house as well as any gardens or outdoor features. When you work with ListReady, we help you take care of many of these preparation tasks with our tried and tested service vendors that have already found worth in their investment.

With our no cost upfront and low-risk solutions, you can get your house looking market-ready and attractive to buyers in no time. This puts you in a better position to negotiate and potentially speeds up your sales timeline. Investing in preparing to sell a house is among the most valuable costs of selling a property. We offer solutions from professional staging and styling to get your house looking gorgeous for photos and inspections, to renovations, repairs, or home improvements that may be required to leverage your property for the best sale price possible. 

We offer pre-sale inspections and legal fee services streamlining all your listing costs in one place and same-day finances direct to your account for up to $35,000 if our eligibility criteria and terms and conditions are met.

Get in touch with our team of experts today to minimise this type of cost of selling a house.

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