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Costs of Selling a Home

If you’re feeling unprepared for the costs of selling a home in Australia – or concerned your budget may not have the cash to carry out the recommended or necessary repairs on your home before listing – ListReady is here to help. With same-day cash transfers to approved applicants and up to six months to repay what you borrow to cover your fees for selling a house, you can focus on presenting your property at its best and boosting its sale potential. 

What are the different types of costs associated with selling a home?

There are many different costs of selling a home. The legal fees to sell a house include the following: 

Agent commission

An agent commission or seller’s agent fee is the fee paid to a real estate agent for facilitating the sale of your property. The value will be determined following an appraisal and before entering into a sales agreement, and it will be reflected as a percentage. The agent commission is paid out during settlement.


Making a sound investment in marketing when selling your property is one of the most important things you can do. How, where, and when you list your house for sale can have a huge impact on the interest generated in your home. Investing in a solid marketing strategy and advertising costs when selling a house is one of the most common – and crucial – steps you will take along your real estate journey. 

Property search costs 

It is mandatory to conduct a property search as part of the sales paperwork, and the information gathered from various regulatory bodies confirms that the property is what was advertised, and any encumbrances are disclosed as required. A property search might include checks against the property title and land tax authority. 

Conveyancer or solicitor’s fees

To ensure all paperwork and processes are properly prepared and completed, you will need to engage a conveyancer or pay solicitor fees for selling a house. Many agencies partner with legal firms to make this process easier for vendors. 

Auction fee

Auction fees are the charges set by an auctioneer to prepare and conduct the auction when you sell your property via this method of sale. 

Discharge of mortgage

The majority of properties are purchased with a home loan. For the settlement to occur, the mortgage attached to your home must be discharged – i.e., paid off – so that the property is declared free of encumbrances and the property title is transferred to the new owners. In most cases, banks charge a fee for discharging a mortgage when you sell your property. If you cannot locate it in your home loan paperwork, speak with your mortgage broker or call your bank for advice. 

Sales rates and taxes

You may have to pay taxes upon settlement of your property sale depending on your ownership type, e.g., owner-occupier or if you rent the property.

How to maximise profits when selling a home?

You can make a significant impact on the success of your advertising campaign and overall profits from the sale of your home by how you go about preparing to sell a house.

It goes without saying that the visual impact made on first impressions is extremely important. Making a good first impression online is a guaranteed way how to sell a house fast by generating high interest in your property and getting ahead of the competition.

That’s why investing in a solid marketing campaign through an experienced agent is a good idea. Their market insight goes beyond just your property value. They know their demographic – and many of the prospective buyers – personally. They’ll also be able to provide invaluable feedback and house selling tips on what improvements you might make to your home in its current state to increase its market appeal and increase your potential profits. 

Investing in a few small changes – such as a fresh coat of paint, new trimmings, or freshening up the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry with some minor renovations – can have a huge impact on your profit margin. Above all, making sure your home is well-aired, clean, easy to move around in, and lacking visual clutter is imperative to getting stunning photographs to entice buyers. 

How to deal with the costs of selling a home?

When considering the costs of selling a home, it’s important to know which costs will need to be paid prior to the property being sold and which costs get paid out on settlement. Here’s a general guide:

Pre-sale costs of selling a home

  • Home preparations, e.g., repairs and renovations
  • Staging
  • Marketing, e.g., photography, signage, brochures, and online listings 
  • Property searches

Cost of selling a home paid at settlement

  • Agent’s commission 
  • Auctioneer fee
  • Conveyancing or solicitor fees

The good news is that thanks to our payment solution for listing expenses, you no longer have to have cash available upfront to cover the initial costs of selling a home. ListReady offers same-day transfers of up to $35,000 for approved applicants. With a 100% online, paper-free application process and decisions within minutes, you can put your time and energy into where it really matters: getting your property looking its best to maximise your return on investment. 

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