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Pay for expenses without being out of pocket

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for listing expenses

Access up to $35,0001 on demand

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Cover selling related expenses, including auction, conveyancing, and legal fees.

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Fees for Selling a House

There are many types of fees for selling a house, but your listing fees don’t have to cost a fortune. Luckily, with ListReady – they don’t. We’ve designed our loan option to meet the foundational needs of home sellers and agents, providing quality pre-sale services to get your property (or properties) looking their best before going to market. You could improve your sales opportunities by 5%–10% when you invest in preparing your property to make it more attractive to buyers. 

Our credit solution for property-related expenses allows you to make your property look irresistible to prospective buyers, and it’s never been easier or more affordable. There is no payment until your property sells or six months have passed – whichever comes first. Our experienced team of professionals provides comprehensive listing services to assist you in preparing to sell a house.

Whether your property needs staging furniture and styling to look gorgeous for photos and inspections, repairs, renovations, or improvements that may be needed to maximize your sale price, we have solutions to help you. Streamline your listing costs with pre-sale inspections and legal services all in one place. If you meet our eligibility criteria and terms and conditions, we can potentially transfer up to $35,000 to your nominated account on the same day.

Using ListReady as a payment solution, you won’t spend a penny upfront to get your property ready for house buyers, and once you make a sale, or if six months have passed, then you can pay for our services. Apply with our online form today and take advantage of our services to maximise your sale potential and market value. 

We are passionate about and invested in the future of real estate agents and in pursuit of providing the best service for vendors listing a house for sale. You can count on our professional team to get your property market-ready and reduce your upfront fees for selling a house. Apply online today. 

What is the average fee for selling a house?

The fees for selling a house are unique to each house and location in Australia, and as such, there’s not really a single average cost to sell a house or a standard cost of selling a property. 

There are a range of factors that go into determining selling property costs and what the average fee for selling a house is, ranging from your state and suburb to what the local and national real estate market is doing to any banking or legal fees required to list and transfer ownership of your home for sale. 

The best thing to do is find a reputable real estate agent who can help guide you through the process and answer your questions. When it comes to any listing related questions, however, our team is ready to assist you. Reduce the cost of selling a house with ListReady today. 

What additional expenses are involved when selling a house?

There is a range of fees for selling a house that depends on a variety of factors – from ensuring the best price possible with the listing to complying with legal requirements. It’s also specific to each homeowner’s situation based on their house, their state, and their current financial situation.

When selling your property through an agent, you must factor in the real estate fee (sometimes known as a seller’s agent fee), either a percentage commission based on the sale price or a flat fee that is agreed upon before the sale. You may also need to pay an auctioneer fee.

Legal fees to sell a house, like conveyancer fees and solicitor fees, will include stamp duty charges all the way to the conveyancing, which is the legal transfer of ownership. 

There may be hidden fees when selling a house. For example, if you still owe money on your mortgage loan, your lender might charge you an early exit fee or mortgage discharge fee, or council and strata fees. You might also owe government fees when selling a house and capital gains tax if you’re selling an investment property.

Your real estate company may or may not cover the advertising costs when selling a house or marketing to sell your property, so that’s why ListReady exists. With no upfront fee until your property sells or six months have passed, we handle most of your pre-listing needs, such as staging and styling, as well as helping you maintain your property during the listing period.

Reduce your home selling costs with ListReady today.

How to reduce the costs of selling your house?

There are many costs involved in selling a house, and the best way to reduce fees for selling a house and stick to your budget is to research, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Shop around for the right agent and research what a reasonable commission rate is for your area and property type. 

Invest in preparing your property for sale with ListReady to ensure you get the highest price possible for your property. Putting your best foot forward gives you the ultimate power to negotiate when it comes to the price of your house.

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