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The above comparison rates are based on an unsecured personal loan of $30,000 for a term of 5 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Comparison as of 8/12/2020. $495 establishment fee and $10 monthly fee applies to MoneyMe.

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Boat Finance Loans



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Up to $50,000

Awesome low rates with fast
approvals and flexible repayments.

Up to $20,000

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Fast Boat Financing

If you’re in need of boat finance because you want to buy a boat, repair an existing boat, or have been thinking of upgrading to a newer model, MoneyMe can make the process quick and easy. We offer boat loans of up to $50,000 and to be eligible to apply you must be working in Australia and 18 years or older.

Competitive Rates

If you have good credit history, MoneyMe offers cheaper, competitive rates for boat finance, based on your loan rating. Your MoneyMe loan rating is determined by your credit history, and is measured on a scale between an A1+ (Impeccable) to an A5 (not too bad) rating. If you don’t have a great credit rating you should still get in touch with us, however, as we understand that your circumstances may have improved since your credit rating was affected. All you need to do is give us enough information to help us determine the best rate for your boat finance.


At MoneyMe, we also don’t think it’s fair to penalise you for paying your boat loan back early. So we allow you to pay it off sooner if you’d prefer, and save on interest. We also understand that things can come up, and you may need flexibility with your boat finance repayments. If you let us know one business day beforehand when this happens, we will change it for you for free. In fact, if you’re ever concerned that you won’t be able to make repayments on time, if you contact us we will do whatever we can to help.

Get Rewarded

At MoneyMe, we believe you should be rewarded for paying your loans back on time. For this reason, MoneyMe offers cheaper rates on future loans when you repay your loan on time and in full. This is especially great as we don’t just offer boat finance – we also offer cash advances, short-term loans, personal loans, and more. Fill out a MoneyMe loan application today.

Ready to get started?

Up to $50,000

Awesome low rates with fast
approvals and flexible repayments.

Up to $20,000

Feature-packed low rate virtual
Mastercard® with interest-free terms.

Boat Loans up to $50,000 Approved Online | MoneyMe

Purchase your dream boat now

Are you dreaming of that perfect moment when you can walk down to the waterfront and captain your very own vessel? Well, stop dreaming and start planning with MoneyMe’s online boat loans up to $50,000. We are an online money lender in Australia offering individuals fast access to unsecured personal loans, like our boat loans and car loans – with no fuss and no hassle.

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Purchase your dream boat now

Are you dreaming of that perfect moment when you can walk down to the waterfront and captain your very own vessel? Well, stop dreaming and start planning with MoneyMe’s online boat loans up to $50,000. We are an online money lender in Australia offering individuals fast access to unsecured personal loans, like our boat loans and car loans – with no fuss and no hassle.

We do everything online and you can complete your application in a matter of minutes. Approvals are exceptionally quick and painless, and the money is available once your digital contract is signed. So, start planning for that moment when you can finally buy your dream water cruiser and sail away!

Our online lending service is available across all cities and regions of Australia. Whether you’re applying from NSW, TAS or VIC, or looking for quick funds to get you from WA to QLD – we can help. Rather than a physical office in ACT, SA or NT, and worrying about the overhead expenses that come with that, we focus on developing our proprietary loan management platform to offer the best online loan experience with fair, tailored rates to our customers.

How do boat loans work?

There are a couple of options available to anyone looking for finance and credit to cover the upfront cost of purchasing a boat. A secured boat loan, for example, is offered to applicants on the understanding that the loan amount is secured to their asset. This might be a property they own or the actual value of the boat itself that has just been purchased. Secured loans mean the loan provider can claim ownership of the asset the loan amount has been secured to, in the event of default on loan repayments. The money lender can sell the asset they secured the loan to and recoup any money lost in loan repayments. 

An alternative to a secured boat loan is an unsecured loan. This type of loan is not attached to any assets that the credit customer has in their possession. This means that when you apply for an unsecured loan, you don’t have to offer collateral or any of your assets to back up your loan. We offer exactly that type of cash loans with up to $50,000 and we do it online and fast.

Get your ideal rate

How much can I borrow? When you take out any credit product from MoneyMe, from our short term loans to larger loans like a car loan or boat loan, you can first take a look at our online personal loan calculator to help you answer your question.

By using a personal loan repayment calculator, you can check what the indicative interest rates will be according to your desired loan term for your expected monthly repayments. It also helps you get a clearer picture of how they’ll affect your current cash flow situation. If you’ve been dreaming of that fishing boat, here’s your chance to see how much you can afford to borrow for a boat loan and finally make the purchase and hit the water.

You can adjust the online calculator until it reflects the personal loan interest rates that you think you can comfortably repay for your boat loan. You can also use this calculator to check what will be your establishment fee for your chosen loan amount and payment duration. This is a great way of checking how you can chop down the total interest paid by reducing your loan term.

There are pros and cons to every situation and your loan term is a perfect example. By shortening your repayment duration for express loans, you may reduce your total payable interest. However, this may result in increased monthly or fortnightly repayments. Play around with the calculator to find the best option for you. Remember that you can always pay out your loan earlier than the agreed term – and we won’t charge you for it!

MoneyMe is an online personal loan lender that believes in fair, honest and responsible lending. We aim to offer the best loan experience, which is why we align your repayments with your current pay cycle to avoid getting charged with late fees. We also like rewarding customers who have good repayment history with us. For every timely repayment you make for your MoneyMe loans, your internal credit rating with us improves. This means that the next cash loan online you apply for will likely be offered at lower rates or fees and charges.

How long are boat loans?

So, how many months should you take a boat loan over? Well, only you can really answer that question. The total loan term for any of our quick loans will depend on what your current living expenses are like and what the total loan amount is. Common loan terms for assets like a boat loan are usually 60 months but, here at MoneyMe, you always have the option to repay your easy loans earlier if you choose to.

Loan rates tailored to you

To be eligible for any of our same day cash loans you must be at least 18 years old, a resident of Australia and currently employed. You don’t have to have the most amazing credit rating, but it definitely helps in showing any prospective credit provider how reliable and trustworthy you are as a customer. We understand, however, that sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan and that small hiccups can result in a less than perfect credit rating. 

If you’re in a good financial position now but you need some time for your credit file to get back up to where you’d like it to be, consider taking our small loans, like a quick cash advance loan, to get you started. Here at MoneyMe, customers are vetted using a range of lending tools, including our speciality in-house credit system. As our customer, you receive a personal rating that applies to all of your future applications. For every same day loan repaid on time, your rating with us increases. How does this affect future applications for personal loans Australia? It means that when your cash flow situation is where you need it to be and you’re ready to apply for larger loans like our boat loans, you may receive lower fees and charges because of your good repayment history with us in the past.

If you’re a young person with not very much credit experience, then you may find it difficult to get approved for quick loan products like a student loan straight away. These types of loans tend to be a bit larger as tuition costs, particularly upfront costs, can easily soar into the thousands. Consider applying for small personal loans first to build up some encouraging credit history. Our small loans can be used for things like covering the cost of study materials or helping you pay for things like car repairs or as rent assistance. Rather than using a broker, consider applying for a bond loan to help renters like you cover upfront costs associated with moving and securing a new rental property.

Freestyle for everyday purchases

Alternatively, a line of credit option like our Freestyle Virtual Credit Account offers you flexible credit for balances between $1,000 and $10,000. It works like your conventional line of credit and a virtual credit card, but a lot better: Use Freestyle to shop in-store or online at any stores that accept Mastercard. Use it to split bills when going out for dinner with friends or when you simply want to have ready-to-use cash for everyday transactions. Plus, it lets you transfer funds straight to your bank account or to anyone, too!

Once you have repaid any credit you have used, that credit becomes available for you to withdraw again. Customers get access to 55 days interest-free on all purchases made using our online credit card. Freestyle is your all-in-one virtual card that lets you spend now, pay later and more.

Other options from MoneyMe include renovation loans designed to help you get started on home improvements sooner rather than later, and travel loans for people who enjoy getting their booking done early and taking advantage of early-bird specials on things like flights, tours and accommodation.

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Ditch the long queues and lengthy paperwork in the bank. Choose the smarter and faster way to access the funds you need, when you need them. Apply online for a boat loan or other personal loan products with MoneyMe and discover why we’re the best online lender in Australia.