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Pay for expenses without being out of pocket

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Costs Involved In Selling A House

The costs involved in selling a house can be extensive – but don’t necessarily have to be expensive. 

ListReady offers an innovative payment solution for vendors to assist with listing expenses. With a paper-free application process that only takes a few minutes, and funds up to $35,000 for approved applicants, you’ll be ListReady in no time. 

What factors should you consider when selling your house?

There are a number of costs involved in selling a house you should consider when preparing to sell. These include marketing or advertising costs, conveyancing or solicitor fees selling a house, discharging a mortgage, auctioneer fees, agent commission fee, property searches, sales tax (if applicable), staging, renovations, repairs and more. Some of these will be required to be paid upfront, or ahead of the sale. Other costs involved in selling a house are paid on settlement. 

How can I speed up selling my house?

If you’re wondering about the best way to sell a house fast, then preparation is key. Making sure your home is prepared properly for sale – including marketing photography and open homes – is crucial to making a good first impression, reducing the costs involved in selling a house, and generating significant interest online. Key steps typically involve the following:


The end goal of decluttering is to make your home look lighter, brighter, and more spacious for photographs and viewings. By creating more room and reducing visual clutter such as family photographs (which you might want to consider concealing for privacy in any case), you can stage your rooms more invitingly. 

Deep Cleaning

Most people often find that after they’ve removed a lot of the clutter, the day-to-day dirt and grime in their home suddenly becomes much more apparent. A proper clean goes a long way to creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere for prospective buyers. Scrub the skirting boards and walls, wash the curtains, steam clean the carpets, mop the floors and wash the windows, light fixtures, and mirrors. If you need to, hire a professional cleaning service for a day – but don’t skip this step!


If you’re hoping for a quick sale, chances are you might not have much time to focus on repairs or renovations. But even simple fixes can go a long way, such as straightening crooked doors, fixing broken or missing handles, ensuring all the lights have working bulbs in them and brushing up any chipped paint. These things may seem insignificant in isolation, but a few hiccups here and there might mean the difference between your house and another.

Gardening, a.k.a. increasing the ‘curb appeal’

It’s important to make sure that your home looks as fresh and welcoming on the outside as it does inside. While there may be limitations to what you can do, tidying up the garden by ensuring fences are repaired, clearing the paths, mowing the lawns, and doing things like adding mulch and simple plants in bright colours can change the look and feel of a property from the street entirely. 


Having your home professionally staged – or dressed – can have significant returns in the long run. In fact, one Sydney company, Staging Professionals, estimates a 500% return on investment for staged properties, e.g., spending $2,000 means you could gain a $10,000 increase on your property value. 

There are dedicated companies who you can pay to do this for you using ListReady, or your agent will be able to provide you with some advice. 

By investing in these small upgrades to your home, you’ll be able to maximise the impact of your marketing campaign and draw the crowds you need to sell your property.

How to reduce the costs associated with selling your house?

There are a few different ways you can reduce the costs involved in selling a house – the simplest of which might surprise you. 

While spending money on an agent might seem counterintuitive, the reality is that an experienced sales agent brings far more than just generating an online listing to the table. 

When you work with an agency, you’re benefiting from their inherent understanding of the suburb you’re selling in and the demographics they’ll be marketing to. This doesn’t just influence their marketing strategy but also provides excellent frameworks for their house selling tips from popular styling trends to the best repairs to undertake before selling a house – all based on feedback from the buyers they speak to at every open home they hold. It also means they’ll have select people in mind – not to mention their entire database – to whom they can promote your home directly. 

The more opportunities you have to generate interest in your property early on, the less advertising costs when selling a house you’ll have by avoiding long listings. Many agencies also have direct connections with legal firms, simplifying the process and helping you to get competitive rates for conveyancing when selling a property.

If it’s covering the costs involved in selling a house that has you worried, ListReady is here to help. We’ve partnered with Australia’s most forward-thinking real estate agencies to take the hassle out of the upfront cost of selling a house, so you can focus on getting your home looking its best and maximising its sale potential. 

We’ve made paying the real estate fees for selling a house simple with our payment solutions for listing expenses. Nothing to pay today – just pay us back within six months or when your property sells, whichever is sooner. With a simple, paperless online application and same-day approval, you’ll be set to sell your property in no time.

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