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How to Get the Most Money When Selling Your House

If you want to learn how to get the most money when selling your house, why not partner with ListReady? We provide a payment option for all your listing expenses and can provide you with up to $35,000 to help you cover anything from real estate fees for selling a house to repair costs.

We offer lightning-fast approvals and funds ready to use instantly once approved, while also providing you with informative guides that help you learn how to get the most money when selling your house. With us, you get great house selling tips and the knowledge you need to effectively sell your property.

Visit our website today and apply within minutes. With ListReady, you can learn more about how to get the most money when selling your house and make greater profits when you decide to invest in your property.

What factors determine the selling price of your house?

When you want to know how to get the most money when selling your house, it’s important to consider the various factors involved in determining what offers you can expect when you list your property. 

While you may be telling yourself, ‘I want to sell my house fast’, your home value is highly dependent on the market and the buyers in your area. We’ve outlined some of the most important factors that can help you decide the best way to sell your house: 

Neighbourhood and location

Everyone wants to live in a nice area, and of course, a dream home must have an ideal location. Our advice on how to maximise house sale price is to showcase the various amenities and places (e.g., workplaces and public parks) nearby your location to showcase that your house has great value.

These few things influence why certain areas command higher prices, and impressions also make a big difference. Sometimes, buyers are keener to consider the area and location rather than the size and condition of the house.

Age and condition

Typically, newer built homes are appraised at a high value. Most buyers will also pay top dollar for a move-in ready home, which is why most require an inspection contingency. You’ll most likely negotiate repairs following the sale. It’s best practice to consult your real estate agent on home maintenance before deciding to sell your property for cash.

Upgrades and updates

Renovations and upgrades can add value to your home, especially if it is an older house with outdated features. However, not all home improvement projects are the same. For example, updating a kitchen or bathroom, while requiring a greater budget, can be more appealing to buyers and prove to have greater profit returns than a front door replacement. It’s important to consider the best repairs to undertake before selling a house to maximise your money and effort spent.

What are the different costs associated with selling your house?

When determining how to get the most money when selling your house, it’s also important to consider the different costs that come with the listing and sale of a property. Below are a few of the costs you’ll have to consider as well as our home seller tips for how to sell your house while saving money on these:

Real estate commission

The real estate commission is the biggest fee a seller pays, and it’s important to work with a realtor who has your values in mind when selling a house. As you’re giving them 5% to 6% of the sale price, be sure to do some prior research and work with one who has an extensive skill set. They will help you with marketing when selling your property and providing tips when selling your house, so you must find a trustworthy partner.

Know that you can also negotiate the terms and rates charged by a realtor, and these are sometimes accepted if your house is very marketable and can be sold quickly.

Home repairs

As mentioned above, a great tip for how to sell your home for more money is to invest in repairs and renovations before getting it on the market. Most buyers are looking for a liveable home, and putting just a bit of work into making a space ready to move in can help you sell your house fast.

Staging and advertising

Buyers like to envision what a home would look like after they move in, so after the cosmetic repairs, you’d want to hire a stylist to help stage and design your home. Usually, they bring in or order furniture and decor pieces to make your house look lived in and also do minor changes such as utilising neutral paint for your walls. 

Additionally, realtors will need a budget for the advertising costs when selling a house, from getting it photographed to drawing up floor plans to increase your property’s marketability to buyers in the area.

Closing costs and legal fees

You might need to consider things like a mortgage pay-off and other legal fees when selling your house. Generally, you’ll most likely need to do some conveyancing when selling a property, and this requires the help of a legal professional to help you draft contracts. 

How to get the most money when selling your house?

If you’ve been wondering how to get the most money when selling your house, remember it involves investing in your property and making the necessary repairs and renovations to make your place stand out. You can also choose to spend some money getting an effective advertising marketing plan to help your property reach the right people.

While this might require a hefty budget, ListReady is here to help with our payment option. Simply apply on our website and get approved for up to $35,000. With our 60-day interest-free plan and a monthly fee of 2.25% applied to the funds used, you truly have the power to level up your property and get a great deal.

You also only need to repay once the house is sold or after six months (whichever comes first). So what are you waiting for? Visit our website for more information and apply today!

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