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Pay for expenses without being out of pocket

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Marketing Tips to Help Sell Your House

There are many marketing tips to help sell your house, but one of the key factors that can add value to your home is how you approach your pre-sale listing. That’s where ListReady comes in. ListReady offers a payment option for listing and selling expenses when getting your property ready to sell – with no upfront costs. Our solutions mean you don’t pay any money until you sell your property or six months have passed – whichever comes first.

If you’re a vendor or agent marketing a property and you apply and are approved for ListReady, you can get up to $35,000 to fund property-related expenses including professional staging and styling, as well as pre-sale inspections and legal costs. It can also cover expenses that real estate agents charge for marketing strategies for real estate listings, which help you attract the right buyers by ensuring your space is looking its best so you can showcase the winning features. Whether it’s a room or the entire house, get your property market-ready and generate interest with great online real estate marketing for your best chance of a speedy high-value sale. Photos of a stunning property can help you appeal to the right kind of buyers and sell your property fast. 

With no upfront payments, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when it comes to marketing and real estate listings. Repay before or when the property sells or within six months. Apply online with quick approvals and deposits into your nominated account of up to $35,000 if you meet our eligibility criteria. If you’re a vendor or representing a client whose focus is to maximise their selling potential, engage ListReady to help you get the funds to cover property-related expenses, to get market-ready when you’re preparing to sell a house

Why should you extend your reach when marketing your house?

One of the key marketing tips to help sell your house is reach – how many people see your listing. Marketing when selling your property is also about reaching the right people.

Back in the day, print advertising was all you needed. The advent of the internet has shaken the game up, and listing online on websites like Domain or, as well as sharing your listing to relevant networking groups, will help you reach more potential buyers.

Don’t skimp on extending your reach and maximising your selling potential. Having great staging and styling is one aspect of generating attractive online content for your home that will attract the right kinds of buyers. 

How to effectively market your house?

Among the best marketing tips to help sell your house is starting with a marketing plan, which is part and parcel of the cost of selling a home. Knowing what you want to achieve and developing a plan of actionable tasks will help you effectively market your house.

A core part of any marketing strategy for property is generating beautiful imagery that creates a desire for buyers who simply must have your house. 

Multi-channel marketing ideas for real estate ensure that your listing reaches as many people as it can, and your real estate agent will often incorporate this approach, but don’t be afraid to get involved. These include print and digital advertising and social media. 

Positioning your home smartly in the market will help you reach the kind of buyers you’re looking for. If your house is a DIY dream – there are buyers for that. If your house is a newly renovated new build – there are buyers for this kind of home and every type of home in between.

It all comes down to how you communicate the best features of your home and the images you can generate to match your messaging. That’s where ListReady can come in and help pay for services to make your property be the best it can be. 

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How much should you spend on marketing your house?

How much you spend on marketing your house will depend on a few factors including understanding how to sell in a buyer’s market or how to sell a house quickly in a slow market, where your buyers are likely to be and the real estate marketing ideas your realtor brings to the table.

Advertising costs when selling a house can range from $2k to upwards of $7k, and it all depends on your house and the marketing strategy to maximise sale value and potential. 

To give yourself the best chance to sell your house for the highest price, advertising your home will be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

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