Bank statements

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Privacy requirements

We are required by law to review your banks statements to make an assessment on the suitability of the loan you have requested before we may provide you with a loan. You are not required to use the electronic bank statement retrieval solution we have provided by MoneyBuddy Data through their website You may chose to send us your bank statements to

By using our electronic bank statement retrieval solution provided by MoneyBuddy Data you are allowing us view only access to your bank account transaction data. If you agree that we may access your transaction data, the information you provide to us must be accurate and the bank account information you provide to us must be yours and in your name.

Third Party Accounts.

By agreeing to allow MoneyMe and MoneyBuddy Data viewing access to your Transaction Data, you authorise MoneyBuddy Data to access third party web sites, and information from third party web sites at your request and using your information, for the purpose of retrieving bank account transaction data. We recommend that you refer to the terms and conditions of your internet banking provider if you would like more information before you use this service. Providing us with your internet banking login details may limit your rights under your banks terms and conditions for unauthorised transactions.

You acknowledge that you are allowing MoneyMe and MoneyBuddy Data to review your Transaction Data at your sole risk. You also confirm that you possess the legal authority to provide the information that allows MoneyBuddy Data access to retrieve your Transaction Data.

On a further not, we cannot guarantee that allowing us to review your Transaction Data will guarantee the success of your loan application.


We will access your bank account transaction data using the services of MoneyBuddy Data through their website We will use your Transaction Data to assess the suitability of your loan request. Neither we nor MoneyBuddy Data will store or have access to your internet banking credentials, PIN codes or passwords. That information is encrypted in transit and not stored by us nor MoneyBuddy Data.

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