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Loans for moving
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Loans for new family members
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Loans for renos
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Loans for renos

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This comparison rate is based on an unsecured personal loan of $30,000 for a term of 5 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. $495 establishment fee and $10 monthly fee applies. Comparison as of: 30/07/2021

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Up to $20,000

Low rate virtual Mastercard ®,
interest-free terms.

Up to $50,000

Low rates, fast approvals,
flexible repayments

Up to $50,000

Consolidate your debt into
one simple repayment.

What is a cash loan?

A cash loan is money borrowed and repaid in instalments over an agreed period of time. Normally a cash loan ranges in between $2,100 and $50,000. MoneyMe’s cash loans can be applied for online in only 3min, with the money in your bank in minutes in some cases. Read more here.

Where can I get a cash loan?

You can get a cash loan quickly and easily through online lenders such as MoneyMe. MoneyMe loans don’t require paperwork . You can apply for up to $50,000, select your repayment terms, and you’ll receive a loan decision in minutes. Moneyme delivers cash fast. In some cases, within minutes from when your application is submitted.

How can I get a cash loan?

Getting a cash loan with MoneyMe is quick and easy:

  1. Choose your desired loan amount and repayment period.
  2. Fill in your personal and bank account details, and supply a valid email address and mobile number.
  3. Receive a decision in minutes. Once approved, we aim to have the cash in your bank account within the hour.


MoneyMe is a small, responsible finance provider offering cash loans to Australians minus the paperwork, long wait times, hidden fees and fine print. At MoneyMe, we aim to revolutionise the way people access personal loans.

What we can do for you

A loan approved online through MoneyMe enables you to access a short-term cash injection whenever and wherever you want. Our simple, transparent system allows you to achieve your cash requirements faster than ever before.

There is no paperwork involved and your online application will usually take you just five minutes. Once approved, the money will hit your account in an average time of 60 minutes, depending on your bank and whether your application is made within business hours.

Paying us back

Responsibility is central to our cash loans ethos. At MoneyMe, we will never lend you more than you can realistically afford to repay. We will never leave you wondering about our cost structure and you’ll find our fees very reasonable.

In the same way that we have made cash lending super simple, repaying your loans approved online couldn’t be easier. Borrow between $2,100 and $50,000 and pay your loan back according to your pay cycle.

MoneyMe will set up direct debits on your nominated payday, and send you one or two reminders in advance of that date. If for any reason you think your repayment will be late, contact the MoneyMe team and we will do everything we can to help you resolve the situation. If there is a fee for the changes, rest assured we will be completely upfront about them.

Making it fast

While banks require copies of pay slips, bank statements, or other time-consuming documentation, we use illion Open Data Solutions, to securely obtain your recent bank statements online in seconds. Along with your personal details, this is all the information we need to process your loan. You can feel confident, all systems we have in place offer the utmost security.

With MoneyMe, it is very easy to Improve Your Loan Eligibility and you can get cash fast via our Easy Application Process.

Ready to get started?

Up to $20,000

Low rate virtual Mastercard ®,
interest-free terms.

Up to $50,000

Low rates, fast approvals,
flexible repayments

Up to $50,000

Consolidate your debt into
one simple repayment.

How much do you need?

For how long?

Credit history

Your repayments will consist of an establishment fee of $0 and interest of $0. The repayment amount is based on the variables selected, is subject to our assessment and suitability, and other important terms and conditions apply.*

*WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate

Get Cash Loans up to $50,000 Approved Online

A modern cash solution

Experience the faster way to get approved for a cash loan up to $50,000. MoneyMe offers a fully online application and approval process that fits this generation's need for quick services and convenient solutions.

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A modern cash solution

Experience the faster way to get approved for a cash loan up to $50,000. MoneyMe offers a fully online application and approval process that fits this generation's need for quick services and convenient solutions. Complete your loan application in minutes, get approved fast, and with cash hits hitting your bank account in minutes! We like to make things fast and easy – no paperwork or lengthy forms. You get quick cash loans in no time, so you can focus on the important things in life.

MoneyMe offers quick and easy access to Sydney loans, Melbourne loans, Brisbane loans, Perth loans, Adelaide loans, and Hobart loans that come with competitive rates. Our goal is to help you cover your emergency financial needs such as car repairs, moving out to a new apartment, and renovations. And unlike traditional lenders that require a lengthy loan approval process, we use an online application that you can complete in around five minutes. Once approved, we will send the money to your bank account within an hour, although the exact time depends on your bank and whether your application is made within business hours.

So, what do you need fast cash loans for? Whether it’s small loans to cover your little expenses or larger loans for big-ticket items, we offer personal loans tailored to you. To be eligible, you must be employed, an Australian resident, and over 18 years old. Unlike conventional money lenders, we exist completely online. Apply online, get approved online, and your money is transferred straight to your bank. In most cases, depending on who your bank account is with and how much you have requested, the transfer can occur within seconds from the moment you sign the contract. Oh, and that’s online too. We’ve made borrowing money online quick and easy.

Fast, fair and responsible lending

Who uses MoneyMe? People just like you. We have an Australian Credit Licence and we believe in responsible lending. We do things the MoneyMe way – we’re fast and fair.

Comprehensive Credit Reports (CCR) have changed the way lenders look at and assess the risk of new customers. The old credit score model would usually only include negative reporting, such as enquiries and default listings. With the new comprehensive report, positive payment behaviour is now shared with creditors. This way, you are empowered to take control of your credit– giving you the opportunity to make your repayments on time and create a positive influence on your credit score.

Our smart process and machine learning allow us to provide you a personalised rate. We take into account several factors such as your credit profile and history with us. We also love giving back to our customers. If you have a good repayment history with us, we may offer variable interest rates. You may also be eligible to improve your rating when you have successfully repaid a cash loan or a line of credit. With improved ratings, you access better loan terms.

For more information about your credit file and access to a credit guide to help you manage your financial footprints, head over to the Australian government site MoneySmart. Here you’ll find useful information to help you decide how much you can borrow, including a personal loan calculator and tips on how to manage your living expenses.

Access cash when you need it

The kind of expenses a short term loan or our mini loans can help you with include, but not limited to, emergency situations like repairs for your car, deposits or paying out house moving costs. This includes a bond loan to cover your upfront moving costs like helping you secure a new rental sooner rather than later. General life stuff, really. You can now have access to the extra cash you need right away.

We tailor your express cash loans to fit with your current lifestyle. We also try to ensure that the money we offer you, like a quick cash advance, will help you with your existing living expenses. As a responsible lender, we are careful in reviewing and assessing our customers to make sure that their repayments are aligned with their lifestyle and financial commitments.

For new learning opportunities

You might also be considering heading back to school or college to start a new career path or develop professionally in your current field. Today’s world is full of career movers who like having more than just one steady job for the rest of their lives. University loans cover your schooling costs and help you build meaningful careers while doing what you love to do. A student loan might be the perfect fit for you if you’ve been looking to join a yoga retreat, an online class and other learning courses.

How to get a cash loan

Do you know what you need your cash loan for? If yes, then now is the perfect time to get money from a same day loan provider. MoneyMe operates online, quickly and gets your funds to you sooner rather than later. You can apply online with us for unsecured personal loans from $2,100 up to $50,000. A great way to access fast loans when you need it!

If you are currently employed, a resident of Australia and over 18 years old, then you qualify for our application process. Everything happens online – just fill out the application form and when you’re done, we will check your current bank history, run your credit file and shoot you off a digital contract with our loan terms and any fees applicable like establishment fees. We align your fortnightly or monthly repayments with your pay cycle so you don’t have to worry about late fees!

Your security is a top priority

Your transactions with us are secure for absolute peace of mind. When you submit your bank statements online, we use illion’s trusted and secure data technology to view your bank statement transactions. They are provided and viewed as “read-only” PDF documents for only 90 days. With our views only limited, you can ensure that no one at MoneyMe has access to your account or login details. These snapshots, along with some personal, employment and spending details, is all we need to come up with a decision for your loan application.

Once you have qualified for credit with MoneyMe, we make an offer based on the information you have provided. Rest assured that we only offer what we think is a responsible credit amount. When you have good credit history and have successfully completed a loan repayment schedule with MoneyMe, your rating gets better and you get access to bigger loans with lower fees, if they’re still right for your financial circumstances.

Apply online with MoneyMe for fast cash loans. Complete your application in just a few minutes and have the cash in your account in as little as 60 seconds.

An easier way to manage debts

Often people aren’t aware that they can refinance. Refinancing is a general term which entails the assessment of all your credit and bills, the financial commitments you currently have, and finding an easier and more cost-effective way of paying them off. Debt consolidation is one helpful option, and it merges all of your current debts into a single easy loan.

When would this be helpful? A credit card is one of the most common choices to pay off debts, but the interest rates tend to get high. Debt consolidation might be your best option when you have a credit card bill on top of your car loan, medical expenses, and other little debts you have accumulated for your living expenses. Consolidating them with a cash loan pays them all out fast, and you only have to pay one lender a fixed interest loan repayment instead of half a dozen with all different interest rates and fees. It simplifies your debt, halts your interests from building, and helps you with your general cash flow.

Refinancing is also a great option as you approach the end of any of your fixed-rate loans. Having paid back the interest on the original loan, and only having a small percentage of their principal to go, you might be interested in rolling your old loan into a new one. Your new loan amount might include funds to cover an upcoming life event like an epic world travel adventure, home renovations or a wedding celebration. Holiday loans give you all the cash you need upfront to take advantage of early-bird booking specials and perks. With MoneyMe, you could have the easy money to book your world tour, in as little as minutes. Generally speaking, fast cash loans are approved within seconds but if you’ve applied outside of business hours then it may take a business day for them to clear.