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Car Loan Finance

A good car loan finance can realise your dream of driving the latest ride home in an instant. Because of the convenience that vehicles offer people in their daily lives, such as going to school or work, it’s easy to see why so many want to get a car of their own. However, most people don’t have enough savings in their account to pay for the full price of a car with cash. Others are hesitant to touch their savings funds as well since it will disrupt their financial plans in the long run. MONEYME offers the best car finance deals for all kinds of vehicles and whether their intended use is personal or business. You won’t have to wait long to get your vehicle loan as MONEYME can get the money into your account in as little as a day. 

Some people associate loans as the primary reason for borrowers to get into a deep debt that will ruin them for life. But in reality, those are isolated cases that depend on various conditions, and getting a loan is really the best way to finance a car as long as you choose the right lender to go through the process with you. 

Why is it important to finance a car loan?

If you apply for a loan to buy a car, you won’t have to wait long to use the car for your personal or business needs. Some people spend years saving up for the car they want, and if they only applied for car loan finance from trustworthy car loan lenders, they could have acquired the car much earlier and done so much already. The importance of a car loan finance lies in the significant amount of time it can save you in getting a new car so you can move forward with your plans sooner. For example, suppose your growing business needs a car to satisfy increasing customer demands. In that case, you can support this need sooner and scale your business faster if you can get the new vehicle right away. There are plenty of other benefits that a car loan finance can offer including the following: 

Expanded vehicle choices 

Without a car loan, you might end up getting a used car even though it’s not really what you wanted just because it is what fits your budget. With auto loans, you can get the latest car model since the loan can grant you the full amount of the car’s price. 

Improved credit rating 

Lenders will have to check your credit score for car loan before approving your loan application and granting you the money. As long as you responsibly pay back a loan over its loan term, you can establish a positive car credit rating and improve your chances of getting approved for credit in the future. 

Freed cash flow 

Withdrawing the full amount of the price of your dream car from your account will disrupt your funds and overall cash flow. If you’re getting a car for business, you might struggle with cash flow problems, especially if you’re still a start-up. Vehicle loans allow you to spread the cost of the car for your business over several years so you can enjoy better control of your cash flow. 

What documents do I require to finance a car loan?

To get your car loan finance application approved, you must provide the following requisites: 

A hundred points of ID

This could be your driver’s license, passport, government healthcare card, and other valid IDs. 

Vehicle details 

You must state the price, model, brand, registration number, engine number, and whether the car you will buy is new or pre-owned. 

Statement of assets and liabilities 

You should provide a legal list of your properties as well as your current loans or ongoing expenses. 

Proof of income 

As proof of employment, you would have to present your recent payslips as well as the contact information of your employer. For the self-employed, at least two years of tax returns are required. 

These are standard car loan requirements in Australia, but your lender might ask for more supporting documents depending on your arrangement. 

How to finance a car loan?

The typical process to finance a car loan is submitting your loan application, accomplishing the required documents, and then waiting for approval from the dealer. Once your car loan finance is approved, you will get the money and start paying for the repayments monthly until your loan term is over. 

With MONEYME, the process can be simpler and quicker because everything is made easily trackable online. Just submit your loan application via the MONEYME website or app, and input details such as the amount you’d like to borrow, your preferred type of repayments, your personal information, your bank account details, and your valid email address. Within the next few minutes, you will receive a decision, and if it is approved, you can get the money within your account immediately. 

You can also request a free car loan quote, including the car finance rates or interest rate and fees, from MONEYME, and our friendly service-minded staff will be happy to assist you. You can loan as much as $50,000 for terms of up to five years and choose from different kinds of car loan finance deals that suit your needs, including unsecured loans or loans that don’t need collateral.

A car loan finance that can be managed via mobile app from start to finish – only MONEYME can offer such a hassle-free experience. Send your application now, and let’s talk about how we can help you get your dream car right away!

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Car Loan Finance

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Won’t impact your credit score!
Won't impact your credit score!

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