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When applying for loans and credit, your credit
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We’ll help you improve your credit score with
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We keep track of your score history so you
can see how your score changes over time.
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Learn all there is to know about credit scores.
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Check My Credit Score

Have you ever wondered, ‘How can I check my credit score?’ hoping to gain insight into your creditworthiness? It’s a familiar experience for many people, but constantly wondering how well or poorly you’re doing in terms of your credit score can sometimes cause a feeling of unease.

Fortunately, with the number of tools and websites readily accessible online, you no longer have to stress about how you can check your creditworthiness. We’ll walk you through the basics here so you can easily get on top of your finances.

How many times should I check my credit score annually?

It’s recommended to have your credit score ratings checked at least once a year. If you’re someone who wants to stay informed and keep track of any changes or fluctuations in your credit ranking, you may choose to get your credit scores checked as frequently as you like.

In essence, you should keep track of your credit score regularly. You don’t have to be planning on applying for credit in the near future to do it.

It’s a proactive measure to improve your financial health and avoid potential issues when the time comes that you’ll need monetary assistance, especially since there are tools you can use to effortlessly check your credit score whenever you need to. It can also help you negotiate with lenders so you can get the best deals.

It’s also important to note that different credit reporting agencies may hold different information about you, so it’s best to get a report regularly from multiple sources.

Is it safe to do credit score checks online?

In this day and age when online lenders are widely available, more people are looking for ways to check their creditworthiness in a way that’s also convenient and efficient. Generally, it’s safe to check your credit scores online.

But before clicking on multiple websites when searching for terms like ‘websites to check my credit score’ or ‘check my credit score today’, it’s important to be vigilant about the security and legitimacy of the website.

In general, it’s best to avoid online credit score finders that make you pay or ask you for your credit card details. Remember that you have the right to get a copy of your credit report for free once every three months.

You’re also entitled to a free credit report if you’ve been refused credit in the past ninety days or you have changed or corrected any of your credit-related personal information.

What is the safest way to check my credit score online?

illion, Equifax, and Experian are the three major credit reporting bodies that collect and store financial data about you. They use this data to generate your credit report and calculate your credit score, which helps lenders evaluate your creditworthiness and level of risk as a borrower.

On their websites, you can sign up and request a free credit report. They can provide you with a credit report for free every three months. But it’s important to note that they may also have additional eligibility requirements before you can get a copy of your credit report.

Let’s say you’re someone who wants to easily check your credit score more than a few times every month. Your search history is probably filled with terms and questions like ‘check my credit score safely via an app’ or ‘How can I check my credit score regularly?’

However, there’s a simpler way to stay on top of your finances that is both safe and free. The MONEYME mobile app has a free Credit Score tool you can use to understand how lenders see you as a borrower. You can easily download it from the App Store or Google Play Store and install it on your smart device.

Through our secure process, all you need to do is enter some necessary information to use the app. This includes your name, mobile number, email address, date of birth, address, and driver’s licence number (optional).

Our mobile app lets users check their credit scores for free without affecting their ratings. It only takes minutes to access the information that lenders use to evaluate your creditworthiness.

What’s more, you’ll receive personalised insights to help you understand your financial situation better. It’s designed to provide you with a summary of what’s in your credit file. This includes negative events, your age of credit life, credit accounts, and credit enquiries associated with you.

What’s more, a monthly score chart is also available in the app. This means users can easily track their progress when they have a particular financial goal they want to achieve.

The app also provides tips and tricks on how to improve a credit score. You’ll get to learn how to avoid common mistakes lenders make that negatively impact their scores, so you can take proactive steps to avoid them. Ultimately, you get early access to special offers from MONEYME!

Simply put, the MONEYME mobile app lets you check your credit score safely with just a few clicks of a button. If you want to learn more about what other users think of our app, we can confidently invite you to check out our user reviews online.

*Canstar’s Innovation Excellence Award 2022 was for MONEYME’s product Autopay. Credit scores are provided by Price Enquiry Pty Limited ACN 647 624 155.

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