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Live in Australia? Get quick cash loans of up to $50,000 in just one hour, with MoneyMe.

About MoneyMe cash loans

MoneyMe is a reputable finance provider based in Australia. We offer fast cash loans to Australians who want to avoid excessive paperwork, long wait times and hidden fees.

MoneyMe Credit Rating

Your MoneyMe credit rating can affect your loan repayment interest rate. If you have a great history of borrowing with MoneyMe, you will have an “A1+ – Impeccable” rating, and will receive the best interest rates. By selecting the different ratings in the repayment calculator, you can see the different cost of your loan under the different credit ratings.

Super fast cash loan, super fast service

MoneyMe loans are easy to access. If you live in Australia, we can provide you with pre-approval for between $5,000 and $50,000 online and once your quick cash loan online application has been fully approved, your money should be available in your account in around an hour (depending on your bank).

Please note: applications made outside of business hours usually take longer.

Build trust and a good credit history with MoneyMe and you may find it easier to borrow more money, depending on your circumstances.

Repaying your fast cash loan

Our simple, transparent system means you’ll never borrow more than you can realistically afford to repay. Our cost structure is straightforward and our fees are very reasonable.

Just as MoneyMe has worked hard to simplify your fast cash loan, we’ve made repaying your loan equally hassle-free. Pay back your loan in sync with your pay cycle.

MoneyMe will set up direct debits on your nominated payday and send you a reminder in advance of when your payment is due.

If you’re concerned about making a repayment on time, simply email or call us. We’re here to help.

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