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MoneyMe uses the latest technology to make the process of getting a loan quick, easy and super secure. We will quickly access your financial status and get a fast decision to you and if you’re eligible, your quick cash loans will be easier than ever before, whenever you need it. The costs are very fair with MoneyMe and it’s cheaper if you have a decent credit history.

Easy application process

Applying for a quick cash loan is easy, just click the 'Apply Now' button and fill out the simple application form with the same personal details you have with the bank.

The employment status and calculations of your income and expenses is also is important because we need to confirm your financial ability to finance the loan.

Once you have entered the financial details, tick off that you have provided accurate information and that you have reviewed, understand and consent to the Privacy Consents and Electronic Authorisation terms.

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Secure checking with

Next step is the secure checking feature where you must select your bank account where your income is received and all you need to do is enter your login details. is completely secure and is becoming more widely used and banks for example ANZ and HSBC use similar technology. Your details are encrypted and are not accessible to any MoneyMe staff and nothing can be done in your account other than retrieve a read-only snapshot of 90 days of your most recent bank statement history.

assets-export_25k-launch (2)Your money your Untitled-1Your money your wayBetter value. Fast and easy. Convenient.Get up to $35,000LoginHow much do you need?$2,100$35,000For how long?1 year3 years$18,00030 monthsCredit historyNot badGreat8.99%$135.34 / WeeklyRepaymentApply

Alternative method

If you prefer not to use the electronic path, you can send in your bank statements to However this method may make the application process longer.

If you require a quick cash loan, simply click on the Apply Now button and start our easy and secure online application process now.

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Virtual credit account up to $10,000

For everyday lifestyle purchases

Personal Loans

From $2,100 to $35,000

For the bigger things in life