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MoneyMe is passionate about providing short term loans in the fastest way possible, but it has to be to the right people that meet our strict criterion, who show they can comfortably make the repayments in the short term. Our selection process is strict but once you are approved, we aim to get the funds to you as fast as possible.

In order to improve your eligibility for a short term loan, we need to see that you have a steady income that supports your expenses and the loan you are applying for. As a responsible lender, MoneyMe takes this process very seriously so if you’re after a personal loan, check that you fit the description on this page before applying.

MoneyMe is not authorised to provide personal advice about financial products, however there are general things that can be done to improve the eligibility for a short term loan.

People with higher loan approval costs are:

  • Employed and have steady income showing in their bank statement
  • Been employed for long term
  • Expenses and liabilities are comfortably covered by income
  • Bank balance shows positive movements generally
  • Don't have risky spending habits such as betting and gambling
  • Don't have many other existing short term loans

You may fit into some of all of the above requirements and these are additional things you can do:

  • Select a smaller loan amount
  • Reduce any risky spending habits
  • Increase your income – yes easier said than done
  • Cut back on regular expenses
  • Improve your budgeting
  • Lower your bills such as phone, internet, entertainment etc.

Being able to show that you have a healthy financial status will help us assess your ability to repay the loan because it has to be serviced in the short term. We understand that even though you prepare yourself for rainy days, there can be unforeseen circumstances that may require you to borrow money without delay. Apply for a short term loan now if you are in this situation, we will aim to get you the money fast.

MoneyMe is not authorised to provide personal advice about financial products. For additional information click on the link at the bottom page Warning about Borrowing.

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