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Green Car Loan

The popularity of environmentally friendly cars continues to increase in Australia. They are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the global effort of reducing the harmful effects of petrol cars on the environment. However, they are considerably pricier than petrol vehicles. MONEYME lets you take out a low-interest green car loan without putting your vehicle at risk of repossession if you default. Apply now!

What is a green car loan?

A green car loan enables you to finance the cost of purchasing an electric or hybrid car that produces lower carbon dioxide emissions than other vehicles of the same size. The most popular models on the market include the Tesla Model 3 and the Toyota Corolla Hybrid. 

The first thing you should do when considering a green car loan is to compare rates and charges between money lending institutions to find a suitable provider that can cater to your needs. It is worth noting that few lenders provide this type of loan since it is a relatively new concept in Australia. 

You should also consider the additional costs you may incur when you buy an electric or hybrid vehicle. For example, you may want to install a charging station at home so that you can conveniently charge the car at night. You can ask your dealer about the possible costs of installing this equipment before taking out a green vehicle loan

MONEYME is a leading online money lender that grants green car loans up to $50,000. They work similarly to other unsecured car loans in the sense that you obtain a lump sum of cash to spend on a new or used green vehicle and repay the amount in regular installments over an agreed period. They are the perfect financial solution to hit the road in an environmentally friendly car that you could not otherwise afford right now. 

MONEYME determines your loan amount according to your ability to repay debt instead of the value of the car you want to purchase. You never have to worry about the vehicle getting taken away from you since it is not put up as collateral on the loan. You can rest assured that we take every precaution to protect your financial interests.

What documents are required for a green car loan?

MONEYME has a completely online application system that streamlines the entire process for your convenience. You can complete it in minutes using your computer or mobile device – no tedious paperwork necessary. You can even obtain the funds you are eligible for on the very same day. We only require digital access to your most recent bank statements to verify your financial capacity. It can be done securely through to ensure the protection of your data. 

MONEYME takes pride in fostering a reputation as a reliable alternative to traditional lenders. You can turn to us for a green auto loan, regardless of whether you want to ditch the bus or upgrade your rig to fit new family members. Apply today!

How to apply for a green car loan?

MONEYME employs an innovative online system that lets us evaluate your personal car loan request and credit the funds to your account in as little as an hour. It is as easy as going to our platform, entering the necessary information, submitting a loan request, and waiting for a response. You should then get an answer showing the particulars of the loan and a prompt to accept or decline its terms and conditions. 

It is important to note that we assess applications based on several factors that include your income, expenses, and other debts. These variables help us determine the amount of money you can borrow and repay comfortably. That is why we require digital access to your latest bank statements. 

We recommend checking out our personal loan calculator to compare car payments across different interest rates and loan terms to see what best suits your budget. You should also take advantage of our personal loan repayment calculator to get an idea of how much you are going to pay in interest based on your desired loan duration. We also have a team of loan specialists ready to assist you at any step through the application process. You can reach out to them if you have enquiries about our credit services.

MONEYME helps you build a good credit score if you regularly use our services and make repayments timely and consistently. Having a good credit score improves your chances of car loan approval and entitles you to better loan terms in the future. We also make it easy to stay on top of your repayment schedule through our intuitive online dashboard. You can access this handy platform straight from your computer or mobile device.

MONEYME is a proponent of responsible and transparent lending. We exercise due diligence when structuring a loan and will only lend you as much as you can realistically afford. Our loan products have fixed interest rates to ensure you always know how much you owe at the end of every billing cycle. We also never charge an early exit fee if you decide to settle the loan before the end of its term. It is ultimately your financial security that we strive to protect. 

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Green Car Loan

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Won’t impact your credit score!
Won't impact your credit score!

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