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How To View Your Credit Score

There’s probably a reason you want to find out how to view your credit score. Perhaps you’re interested in buying a new car and are looking into financing options. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a better credit card that can give you a higher cashback percentage. Or you’re coming off a not-so-perfect year financially and want to get back on track.

A credit score is essentially a representation of your financial situation, almost like a portfolio of your borrowing behaviour. Credit scores range from 0 to 1,000 or 0 to 1,200, depending on the credit reporting agency, and are among the indicators of the state of your finances. 

It’s important to know how to view your credit score because it is used to measure your creditworthiness. A good credit score can spell the difference between approval and rejection on applications for a mortgage, car loan, personal loan, and more. When it comes to credit applications, a higher credit score means you’re more likely to have higher borrowing capacities. 

The benefits could possibly extend to lower interest rates, more favourable repayment terms, or insurance premiums that are easier to handle. Employers in certain industries might also look at a potential applicant’s credit history, especially if the job they’re applying for involves handling finances or sensitive information.

Finally, another perk of a great credit score is, well, the perks. Most credit card issuers reserve their premium offerings, such as travel rewards cards and cashback cards, for consumers with good credit scores. These usually come with additional benefits like airline lounge access, concierge services, or travel insurance.

On the other hand, those with lower credit scores may have to contend with repayment terms that are difficult to handle – or get rejected from a credit application altogether.

Here at MONEYME, we want you to have access to the information you need to improve your financial health. So here’s how to view your credit score and how you can track its progress over time to make that number even more appealing in time for your loan or credit card application.

Is it possible to see my past credit scores online?

If you want to know how to view your credit score, you can request a credit report for free once every three months from major credit reporting bodies like illion, Equifax, and Experian. These companies store financial data about you and are able to generate a credit report to calculate your credit score.

In most cases, though, it’s usually only possible to see your credit score as it stands at present. With these services, you may not be able to see your credit score from three or five years ago. 

Also, being able to check your score only once every three months can be limiting. This is especially true if you are working on how to improve your credit score and have a specific timeline. Maybe you’d like to relocate to a better neighbourhood in two to three years. You’ll probably want to track your progress month by month to see if your credit score will significantly improve by then.

Luckily, there’s a much simpler way to check your credit scores for free. But first, let’s learn about the contents of a typical credit report.

What is included in my credit report?

Aside from figuring out how to view your credit score, you also want to be able to understand your individual credit report. Credit reports contain information about an individual’s financial and credit histories. Information from lenders, creditors, and other third parties is used by credit bureaus to compile the data. 

Your credit report usually contains the following information, depending on the credit bureau you inquire with: 

  • Your past borrowing history
  • Repayment history for any credit cards or loans you have
  • Borrowing capacities on debts
  • How often and how many applications you have made in the past
  • If you have any bankruptcies, defaults, or court judgements against you

If your Australian credit score needs improvement, you can rest assured that positive financial habits can help. By making consistent and timely repayments, lenders will get a better understanding of you as a borrower. In order to make a fair decision, it will help if they can see that your ability to pay has improved over time.

How do I view my credit scores online for free, and how often can I do it?

Here’s how to view your credit score without spending a cent. At MONEYME, simply use our Credit Score tool to get a free, fast, and personalised credit check via the MONEYME mobile app. With our free app, you will be able to see the very same information that banks and lenders use to assess your creditworthiness. Plus, we’ll give you tips and tricks on how to work on your credit score, as well as first dibs on special offers.

The great thing about the MONEYME Credit Score tool is our monthly score chart. We keep track of your score history, so you can see how it changes each month. Watch it improve when you keep up healthy financial habits or spot when something has had a negative impact. Being able to see changes closely allows you to course-correct and keep your credit score from getting lower.

In summary, you can stay on top of your personal finances by knowing how to view your credit score. A great way to do this is by using the MONEYME Credit Score tool.

*Canstar’s Innovation Excellence Award 2022 was for MONEYME’s product Autopay. Credit scores are provided by Price Enquiry Pty Limited ACN 647 624 155.

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