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Line of Credit Melbourne

Credit Card

A credit card designed for today. 100% digital, up to 55 days
interest free, and with zero fee options.

Start using your card in minutes, not days  

Freestyle is ready to use straight away, once approved.

Apply online
in minutes

Choose a credit limit
from $1,000 - $5,000

Add your card to
your mobile wallet

Ready to use
straight away

Interest free days
zero fee options

Enjoy more flexibility with up to 55 days interest free
on everyday purchases. 


% p.a.

up to


% p.a.
Standard interest rate applies
after interest free period2

Annual fee 

$0Credit limit up to $3,000

$49From $3,001 to $5,0003

Monthly fee

$0Balance under $20

$5Balance over $20

Cash advance fee

1.5%On ATM withdrawals

How to apply

1Apply in minutes

Apply for a Freestyle Credit Card online or via the
MONEYME app. Keep your driver’s licence ready
to verify your account.  

2Choose a credit limit

Get your credit offer and choose a credit limit from
$1,000-$5,000 to suit your needs. 

3Add to your mobile wallet

Activate your Freestyle Credit Card to start spending
immediately, once approved.  

Must be Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or permanent resident

Earn more than $30,000 p.a. from employment

Must at least be 18 years old

Bank-grade security

‘Read only' access to accounts

256-bit data encryption

Like any credit card, just 100% plastic free

Use your Freestyle card to Tap ’n Pay or shop online anywhere Mastercard is accepted. 


Everything you
need in one app

Apply in minutes and manage your account
wherever and whenever you need it.

Choose a lender
with purpose

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Line of Credit Melbourne

Line of Credit Melbourne

If you’re in need of quick cash and have been searching high and low to find the best line of credit Melbourne, you can rest easy: the future of finance is right here at MoneyMe. Our Freestyle virtual Mastercard® is the award-winning modern money solution for smart savers. Accessed exclusively via your smartphone, it won’t take up space in your wallet. You can make online purchases in seconds, send money to your bank account, and shop easily in-store using Tap n Pay.

With instant access to credit limits up to $5,000 for approved applicants and interest-free terms, it’s one of the best credit cards in the business.

We’re revolutionising the role of modern money lenders and believe in making your credit work for you. To find out what credit limit you might be approved for and to start saving big on interest, apply online for our Freestyle virtual Mastercard® using the MoneyMe app today

How does a line of credit work?

A line of credit gives you access to a set amount of money that you can repeatedly use or draw upon, provided you meet your line of credit payment conditions. 

This is different to borrowing money through a personal loan, where you receive the cash in full then repay the full amount plus interest over time. Suppose you have a loan that offers redraw facilities. In that case, you will pay more back in interest the more often you redraw - and you can only ever redraw funds made through additional repayments, never the initial loan amount. 

In the case of a line of credit mortgage or line of credit home loans, every time you make an additional line of credit payment above the minimum required amount, it becomes what is called equity. Equity reflects the current market price of your property, minus the amount you owe on it. Equity typically accrues through additional repayments made on the principal of the home loan and property appreciation over time or valuation increases due to home improvements to improve street appeal. Homeowners often draw upon their equity to secure finance for things like major renovations or purchasing an investment property. 

When you take out a line of credit Melbourne through MoneyMe’s Freestyle online credit card, you can spend as much of your available credit limit as you want, as many times as you like. And unlike line of credit home loans, you don’t need an approval to redraw - every time you make a line of credit payment, the funds on your interest free credit card become available to you again instantly. 

What are the benefits of a line of credit?

There are many benefits to taking out a secured line of credit Melbourne with MoneyMe, but one of the best - and most useful - features is our line of credit interest-free terms.  

The MoneyMe virtual Mastercard® offers a 55-day interest-free purchase period at some of Australia’s most competitive line of credit rates. As long you can make your line of credit payment within 55 days of each purchase, you’ll never pay interest fees - and you can spend as much of your available credit limit as you want, as many times as you like. 

Benefits like these mean a secured line of credit can be a smart way to manage your money and save heaps on interest. Combined with the fact we offer instant access to credit limits of up to $5,000 to approved applicants, MoneyMe’s Freestyle virtual Mastercard® is one of the best line of credit Melbourne options around.

How to apply for a line of credit in Melbourne?

Applying for a line of credit Melbourne is easy with MoneyMe. 

All you’ll need to apply with us is two forms of Australian government-issued identification, such as a passport, driver’s licence, medicare or proof of age card. Once you’ve got these handy, hit ‘Apply Now’ using our smartphone app or visiting our website online. 

We utilise the latest secure lending technology to verify all the finance information we need online and process your application in real-time. Our credit card fast approval process is 100% online and doesn’t mess about with documents like payslips. When you apply for a line of credit with us, there's no paperwork, no phone calls, no fuss! 

We’ll first ask you about your preferred Freestyle virtual Mastercard® credit limit.   Once we know that, you’ll need to tell us about your employment and income, daily expenses, and any debt or liabilities, savings, and assets.

We’ll then run a credit check before asking you to sign in to your online bank platform. It’s important to note that we don’t receive access to your account - our online finance management system simply requests transactions from the last 90-days in PDF read-only format from your bank. 

Together, this information helps us to determine the best line of credit loan limit for your financial circumstances. The amount of credit we offer to make available to you and at which line of credit rates is contingent upon your honesty and transparency when completing your application and on your recorded credit behaviours. 

Gone are the days of agonising waits - you’ll know almost immediately if you’ve been approved for our Freestyle virtual Mastercard® and, assuming you’re successful and applied within business hours, you’ll have access to your line of credit Melbourne funds immediately.

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