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Best Car Finance

Deciding on the best car finance loan to buy a car is not always as easy as it sounds. There are many considerations when it comes to choosing which among the car finance offers that you are presented with fits your situation best. Of course, the most important thing to consider with a vehicle loan is that it can give you enough money to finance the car you want, whether new or used. However, there are other factors you have to keep in mind, such as the conditions for the car loan payments, interest rates, repayment terms, and other fees that may be incurred in the process. 

To make things easier for you, use MoneyMe as a car loan finder so you can easily browse available car financing options based on the type of loan – secured or unsecured – that you want to get as well as the different car finance companies that offer them. MoneyMe makes selecting the best car finance for you easier and the loan application process faster and more manageable.

Making the right decision to end up with the best car finance option requires you to know as much about the loan offers you have on the table as possible. Aside from the terms of the car loans, you can also benefit from knowing the required documents for the car loans application, the car loan eligibility, online financing processes for vehicles, car instalment information, and, if possible, an estimated loan quote for the car loan you plan to apply for. 

What are the different ways to finance a car?

If you plan to buy a car either for your personal or business use, below are the best car finance ways to acquire it: 

Full cash payment 

If you have sufficient funds in your bank account to pay for a new or used vehicle, then you can get it instantly without liability to dealers or car loan lenders. Not many people have enough in their savings accounts, however, to pay for the full price of a car upfront. Others who do have the money don’t want to disrupt their cash flow, especially if they are buying a vehicle as a business asset.  

Hire purchase 

Hire purchase is a term that is nearly equivalent to a secured car loan or, for businesses, a chattel mortgage car loan. In hire purchase, you can hire the car and use it for personal or business use until the term is settled and it officially becomes yours. The car will be used to secure your loan in this method of car finance. 

Personal car loan 

The most popular way to finance a car is by getting a personal car loan. Borrowers will apply for their desired loan through banks, credit unions, or online lenders to get the money that they will use to buy the car they want. MoneyMe offers a variety of personal loans, including loans for cars, to suit your needs and preferences. 

How to choose the best car finance option?

To land the best car finance deal, consider the following factors when choosing among the different options you have: 

The amount you need 

Find out the total amount you need to buy the car you want including the price of the car, insurance fees, and other charges that may be incurred, and ask if the lenders can lend you that much. With MoneyMe, you can loan up to $50,000. 

The interest rates 

The interest rate of your car loan is a crucial consideration if you don’t want to be stuck paying outrageous amounts for the loan. Make sure to discuss this with your potential lenders. MoneyMe’s rates, for example, start much lower than the four big banks in Australia. 

The payment terms 

The flexibility of your repayment options, such as settling the repayments weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, should be considered. Also, consider the duration, such as the one- to five-year loan terms with MoneyMe. 

What are the charges associated with financing a car?

Anticipating the potential costs that may be incurred on top of the principal loan amount can help you get the best car finance experience. 

Interest charges 

A proportion of the loan amount is charged by almost all lenders to borrowers for the use of its money. The interest rate varies from lender to lender. 

Processing fees 

Borrowers also need to pay the lenders for processing their loans for them, such as receiving their requests, processing their applications, releasing the loan, and collecting the repayments monthly. 

Early exit fees 

Some lenders charge borrowers when they settle their loans before the term ends. With MoneyMe, no early exit fees are charged, and borrowers can settle the repayments as soon as they can. 

Regardless of your financing needs, MoneyMe has an excellent finance solution. We have personal loans for purchasing assets or funding holidays where you can get $2,100 to $50,000 at one- to five-year terms. You can send your application from anywhere you are through our mobile app. You can track the status of your loan application from there too. Our automated technology allows faster loan approval as we approve applications within minutes, not days. With that, you can get the money in your account within the same day. 

Apply for the best car finance deal through MoneyMe now and drive your dream car soon! We’ll get back to you within minutes after receiving your application so you can make your next move right away. 

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