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Bond Loans in WA

Bond loans WA are available to any potential renters in Western Australia who require assistance putting together the funds for a bond on a private rental property in WA. Bond loans WA can allow a would-be renter to attend property inspections with the confidence that they can sign a lease without delaying to save for the bond.

A tough property market

Skyrocketing property prices across Western Australia make bond loans WA more helpful than ever before. Because the dream of home ownership is looking like far less of a reality for many Western Australians, those in the know have been turning to renting to achieve the lifestyle they want without delay.

Instead of waiting for years to somehow save the deposit on a home, at MoneyMe we understand that life is for living – today. Renting provides a way to live in the suburb and property type you want, with minimal commitment and maximum flexibility should you change your mind at any point. Using bond loans WA means you can get into your rental property super quickly – even in an increasingly competitive rental property market.

Why wait?

Looking to leave the family home or move closer to friends? Want to reduce your commute time to work or university? Simply hoping to live closer to the beach, or in a suburb full of cool shops and cafes? There really is no time like the present.

Because life is for living, we believe every Australian should have access to the finance needed to secure the property that works best for their lifestyle. Applying for a MoneyMe bond loan WA is simple and fast. Simply head to the MoneyMe website and click on the “Apply Now” button. The application process will only take a few short minutes – as will the time taken for you to receive your decision.

If you are successful, you could receive the funds directly into your account within the hour, depending on your financial institution. Because the whole process occurs online without any need for paperwork, you can even apply for a loan with us during your property inspection, right from your mobile.

This means you can attend any inspection confident that your finances won’t hold you back from securing the rental property that’s right for you. Then it’s just a matter of finding the right property and taking the plunge!

In case you’re not based in WA, we also offer bond assistance in New South WalesVictoriaQueensland, and South Australia.

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Bond Loans WA

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Bond Loan WA up to $50,000 Approved Online

Secure a new rental fast

Apply for an unsecured personal loan to get bond assistance WA designed to assist you in paying for your rental bond payment upfront and in full without affecting your savings. MoneyMe’s bond assistance WA is here to help you secure your next rental property comfortably, and repay it in manageable monthly repayments over a variable loan term. With fast access to cash loans, you can start house-hunting seriously knowing that the bond payment and your upfront advance rent are all taken care of. From Mandurah to Bunbury, we can help you find, secure and move into your new dream rental.

MoneyMe is a tech-driven money lender for Gen Now who offers easy loans via a quick and straightforward online application process. We give you fast access to cash loans online offered at competitive personal loan interest rates. We don’t charge early payout fees, so you don’t get stung for paying your loan out earlier.

Make moving into a new home stress-free

The costs associated with changing rental accommodation can be quite steep and require upfront cash payments. You’ll need to pay your rent on the new home, usually a month in advance, as well a range of other costs for professional services like removalists, cleaners and gardeners. On top of these, you have the new utility connection costs and installations to think about as well.

When you apply online for a Bond Assistance WA, you will be initially pre-approved for a specifically estimated bond loan amount that is ready to go as soon as your rental application is approved. Your express loan funds are transferred to your account the moment you digitally sign your loans contract so you could apply for your new rental in Perth or Rockingham, and move in as soon as possible! 

MoneyMe’s quick loans are personal loans up to $50,000 designed to help take the financial pressure off your savings and your usual expenses, as well as help you get a step closer to buying your dream items. You can apply for our bond assistance WA and our rent assistance credit online. You can also apply for quick loans for things like holidays or purchasing big-ticket assets. Use the travel loans from MoneyMe to fund your end-of-school gap year or even your dream honeymoon. Our credit products also help you secure a boat loan and car loan, or plan your own local holiday with family or your mates. Whatever you need your unsecured loan for, we have the perfect credit product to help you out.

Responsible online lending

As a responsible money lender, we carefully evaluate every same day loans application that we receive. We ensure that we are only offering personal loans Australia that our customers can comfortably afford to repay.  If you’re looking for any kind of credit product, including quick small loans or larger loans like a student loan or renovation loan, then you’ll probably need to know the answer to: “How much can I borrow?”

You can use our free personal loan calculator to get an idea of the likely interest payable you’ll get over a short term loan. Our personal loan repayment calculator is also a useful online tool to help you make a loan comparison among various long term loans and get you a clearer of how your expected monthly repayments on a same day cash loan will impact your daily living expenses. It’s easy to apply for our credit products, including our bond assistance WA. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old, currently employed and a permanent resident of Australia – that’s it!

Pay easier with Freestyle

If you’re looking for cash loans or short term loans like a quick cash advance with revolving credit, MoneyMe’s Freestyle Virtual Credit Account might be the perfect credit product for you. More than just an average credit card or line of credit, Freestyle offers you access to a pre-approved credit limit of up to $10,000 that you can use anytime. Plus, it’s available with up to 55 days interest-free on all purchases, which means you can shop for a longer period without worrying about added fees. Your Freestyle card is like a virtual credit card that is digitally stored inside your phone, and you can use it to shop online and in-store, or transfer money to your account or anyone straight away – right in the comforts of your home or wherever you are! 

When you have repaid the credit that you have used on your virtual credit account, those funds become available to use once more. Same day cash loans, on the other hand, do not allow the same level of flexibility that the Freestyle card does. Any other loan, like a small personal loan, must be repaid in full and you don’t free up new credit funds after you have repaid part of your loan.

Your bond assistance WA loan will be transferred to you in a lump sum amount, and you cannot access new credit from that loan even after you have repaid it. If you are looking for more flexibility than our standard loans, the virtual credit option may be better suited.

Apply now for our online bond assistance WA or our flexible line of credit option. With MoneyMe, you enjoy a streamlined application process minus the lengthy paperwork. We’re all about fast approvals and fast application process, so you won’t have to wait long. Choose the smarter, easier and hassle-free money lender – choose MoneyMe.

Bond Loan WA

A bond loan WA, also called bond loan scheme or bond assist, is a type of personal loan that covers a specific purpose: help borrowers in Western Australia pay for the bond on a rental property they want to move in. Generally, this is equivalent to four weeks’ worth of rent, although there are variations to this depending on the landlords. 

MoneyMe understands that moving entails so many costs such as security deposit or bond, rental trucks, moving supplies, and professional movers’ fees. For this reason, we offer a bond loan that comes with lower rates and more favourable terms than most traditional lenders and big banks. 

We’re able to lower our rates because we don’t pay for fancy offices or any overhead cost related to managing a physical site. Instead, we do everything online, thanks to our efficient application process, solid infrastructure, and smart data solutions. 

Whether you’re thinking of moving out of your family home or looking for a new place that’s close to work, MoneyMe can help you secure your dream apartment. 

How to check bond loan amount in WA?

Because transparency and honesty are at the heart of what we do at MoneyMe, all our borrowers will receive their own personal loan dashboard after we send their funds to their bank accounts. With this online tool, you can manage and monitor your on the spot loans, making it easier for you to control and improve your financial circumstances.  

What is a bond loan?

A bond loan WA is just one of the popular small loans Australia designed to help potential renters who require assistance with raising the funds needed to secure a bond on private rental property. The best part is you can repay it based on an affordable repayment plan and reasonable loan term that you yourself can choose – you can repay it in twelve months up to five years!

Before you apply for a bond loan WA, we recommend that you use our personal loan calculator, which is an easy-to-use online tool that shows you a preview of how much borrowed amount you can comfortably pay on a regular basis. To use this calculator, you need to input your requested amount, your preferred loan duration, and a short description of your credit history (this has a large influence on your interest rate). 

We also have a personal loan repayment calculator, a free online tool that allows you to view different repayment amounts based on your requested amount and loan duration. You may want to adjust your input until you come up with a number that you are comfortable with, depending on your income, debt obligations, and living expenses. 

Our repayment calculator also allows you to select your payment frequency, which can be either weekly or monthly. 

What are the benefits of bond loans?

In recent years, the rental market in Australia has been moving at a fast rate that quality apartments and townhouses don’t sit too long on the market. As a result, renters who don’t have enough savings to cover the cost of bond loan WA miss out on the opportunity of securing their dream property. 

Fortunately, MoneyMe’s quick and efficient bond loan application means you can snatch up your dream apartment that’s close to your family, your office, or the charming community park that you often visit. 

But if your plan to move is still a bit tentative, you may want to consider our bond loan pre approval, which is our offer that will give you access to a certain amount of loan under specific conditions. So when you finally find your dream apartment, you can immediately secure it even if you don’t have enough savings to cover the security deposit. 

Our pre-approved bond loan is not a commitment on your part, meaning you don’t have to submit your actual loan request if you change your mind. Think of it as our advance offer or indication of our willingness to extend you a bond loan WA in case you find a rental property you want to secure. 

Having a pre-approved loan makes it easy for you to search rental properties that are within your price range, which is based on your pre-approved amount.

How to apply for a bond loan in WA?

To apply for our bond loan WA, visit MoneyMe and click the ‘Apply Now’ button to start your online application process, which takes three to five minutes to complete. To receive our same-day decision, make sure that your personal and bank details are accurate and updated. 

To speed up the application and decision process, please allow us to conduct online verification of your bank statements. Take note that you can apply for our bond loan WA even without providing us your bank account information; however, the lending decision process may take longer. 

If you allow us to conduct an assessment of your bank statements to determine your eligibility for bond assistance, rest assured that we can only see the read-only snapshots of your most recent transactions. No one at MoneyMe can view or change your Internet banking log-in details because these are encrypted once you put these on our website. 

To learn more about our online application process and our bond loan WA that comes with lower interest rates and better repayment terms than those offered by traditional lenders, visit MoneyMe now. 

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