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Dealership Financing

If you’re looking for an auto loan, there’s no need to rely on traditional means like car finance through banks or dealership financing with our efficient and lightning-fast services at MONEYME. Get the money you need to fund your dream vehicle with the flexibility you deserve by taking advantage of our car loan approval services today!

While there are many dealership finance options to help manage your car payments, they come with some additional conditions that make it difficult for consumers to get affordable and fair terms. Especially, when it comes to car finance for dealers, there can be increased interest rates and additional fees that can make it a less budget and cost-effective option.

This is where MONEYME’s car finance offers come into play. We’ve helped thousands of Australians get a loan to buy a car they need with minimal charges and flexible repayments. As a responsible lender, we pride ourselves on offering car finance options that are better than most dealership financing options. 

With competitive rates and a speedy approval process, you can borrow the money you need to buy the car of your dreams within minutes with our car finance options. As an unsecured car loan, there are no consequences when you default, and as an added benefit, we offer some of the fairest loan terms available on the market.

Apply today and find out if you’re eligible for any of our car finance deals today. Try out our advanced digital platform and you’ll see how much better we are than most dealership financing options.

How does dealership financing work?

Dealership financing is a type of loan that is originated by a retailer or dealer that is trying to sell their vehicles to specific customers. This finance for car dealers is then transferred to a bank or other third-party institution that offers the payment option (or loan) at a discount and then collects the repayments from the borrower. This is also referred to as an indirect loan.

Simply put, you’re taking out a loan via the used car dealer finance option. However, you’re paying a bank or third-party financial provider. While this dealership financing system isn’t that bad, there are some problems especially when you want to negotiate the terms and come up with a fairer loan interest rate for your specific credit rating.

As for how it works, most dealers set the buy rate higher to benefit from this dealership financing system, and they are not obligated to offer their customers the best available interest rate. While this helps secure the sale of a vehicle (as it is a less cumbersome process), you should know that there are other options available when it comes to getting the money you need without the hassle.

For instance, you can apply for car loans with MONEYME and get access to the same amount of effort and less time compared to dealership financing options. Most of our customers get the cash they need to order the car of their dreams within minutes, and we also have some of the best and fairest auto car loan terms in the industry.

What are the benefits of dealership financing?

When you utilise dealership financing, there are many benefits you can receive due to it being a less complicated way to get the money you need for a car or vehicle. With this in mind, here are some of the advantages you can get using this specific service:

Dealerships are convenient.

Dealership financing has the advantage of convenience. A dealership’s finance manager will contact lenders on your behalf to find the best rate and terms for you. You can get everything done in one visit – test drive the car, evaluate your trade (if you have one), fill out the paperwork, get your loan approved, and drive off in your new car within a few days. 

Dealerships may offer longer loan terms.

Dealerships can offer you special deals that you might not find at other lenders, such as extended loan terms. In contrast to a shorter 48-month or 36-month loan, a 60-month loan allows you to pay the full amount of the loan over a longer period, so your payments can be reduced to fit your budget.

Dealerships can offer incentives for financing new vehicles.

When you finance a new vehicle through a dealership, you may receive incentives such as cashback, lower interest rates, and trade assistance cash. As incentives change monthly and are determined by a buyer’s prequalification, well-qualified buyers can save real money on new vehicles.

It’s worth noting however that our services at MONEYME also offer the same benefits you can get from dealership financing, with the added benefit of working with a partner that truly cares about your finances. Just like dealerships, we provide a convenient service, offer up to five years in loan terms, and also offer our incentives when you choose us as your loan partner. 

Additionally, for those with less-than-stellar credit scores, MONEYME has an in-house credit rating system that allows you to gain more borrowing power and funding options once you’ve successfully paid a loan so you can start small and slowly build your credit score. That’s just how much we value your growth as a borrower with us.

How long does financing take through a dealership?

Dealership financing can be as fast as offering a loan decision within the same day you apply, but it comes with a caveat. The loan you applied for may not be fully approved, so you may have to renegotiate or even return your car if the partner financial institution changes its mind regarding your application.

Online lenders like MONEYME, however, offer a quick turnaround when it comes to getting the funding you need for your new car. You might even get approved and have your funds transferred in as little as 60 minutes. As we also incorporate proprietary AI technology in our application process, there’s also no need to waste time filling out reams and reams of paperwork.

To learn more about our application and what you need for car financing through MONEYME, browse our credit options on our website today. Elevate your experience from dealership financing and drive your dream vehicle home today with MONEYME’s quick and efficient loans!

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