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Winner of Canstar's Innovation Excellence Award 2022*

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Fast Cash Loans

As the name implies, fast cash loans allow you to get funds you need quickly. You don’t even need collateral when you borrow. In general, they are used to cover unforeseen expenses such as medical bills, car repairs, pet emergencies, last-minute travels, and unexpected gift expenses. This funding can also help you purchase time-limited offers with large discounts, such as end-of-the-season deals.

At MoneyMe, we take fast cash loans to the next level by streamlining and speeding up our application process. We don’t require paperwork or even phone interviews; you simply need to fill out our online application form with your personal and bank information.

Once your application has been approved, we’ll send the funds to your bank account within an hour, provided that you applied during business hours and your bank allows immediate money transfers. Simply put, the loan application, decision, and fund transfer all happen within the same day.

Where can I get a fast cash advance loan?

Unlike banks and other traditional lenders that require lengthy paperwork, MoneyMe’s loan application and decision process are quick and efficient thanks to the use of smart data and infrastructure. So when we say fast cash loans, we literally mean it. 

Because we don’t have expensive offices and would rather do everything online, we reduce our overhead cost significantly. For this reason, we can offer interest rates lower than those of traditional lenders, especially when you have good to excellent credit scores based on your consumer credit file.

What is a fast cash loan?

Also called fast cash advance, this type of personal loan is primarily used to improve your cash flow until your financial situation improves. It can also help you pay for unexpected situations such as pet emergencies, unplanned travels, and car or home repairs.

Think of fast loans as a ‘bridge loan’ that helps you meet current obligations. 

Are fast cash loans legit?

MoneyMe is a reputable and innovative financial services provider that offers personal loans and lines of credit. As an advocate of responsible lending, we work with the biggest credit reporting agencies and use a secure portal to conduct verification of bank statements.

Where to get fast cash loans?

Not all fast cash loans are created equal. At MoneyMe, we offer a fast approval process, which is possible thanks to our robust infrastructure and easy online application.  Additionally, our interest rates are lower than those of most lenders; this is especially true if you have a solid credit file showing that you’re a responsible borrower. 

Check out different quick personal loans so you can compare and choose the right financing product for you.

How can I get a fast cash loan?

Simply click on the ‘Personal Loans’ on the navigation menu. Next, click the ‘Apply Now’ box to start the application process in which you need to fill out a form with your personal and bank information, the requested amount, reasons for borrowing, duration of the fast cash loans, employment status, company, income (pay frequency and after-tax salary), and monthly expenses.

It usually takes three to five minutes to complete our online application form. Once you send your loan request, it’s immediately processed. At MoneyMe, we aim to send fast cash loans within an hour after sending your application; however, in some instances, it may take longer, depending on your bank. 

If you apply for a quick and easy loan during weekends or outside of business hours, you’ll receive a decision the following business day.

How do fast cash loans work?

If you provide us with all your bank account details for electronic verification, you’ll most likely receive a decision within the same business day. Once approved, we immediately send the requested amount to your bank account. 

By contrast, banks and other traditional lenders generally take a few days or even weeks before they decide on your loan application. In this fast-paced world where time-limited offers and unexpected events can throw you off budget, fast cash can be a lifesaver.

How to get a fast cash loan with bad credit?

MoneyMe takes responsible lending seriously. As a result, we always assess the borrowers’ credit file, especially their payment history. Nonetheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that having a not-so-stellar credit report automatically prevents you from tapping into our loan products. Take note that we also consider other factors such as your monthly income, living expenses, amount requested, and unique situations to ensure that we make fair decisions.

How to get cash loan fast?

If you want to get immediate fundings from our same day loans Sydney, provide us with your bank details so we can conduct an electronic verification. That being said, you don’t have to get your own bank statements, payslips, and other documents because we do these things on your behalf. 

At MoneyMe, we can check out your most recent bank statements using a highly secure and safe portal (the same technology used by big banks). In no way that sensitive data such as your password can be accessed by another person since the only thing we can see is a read-only snapshot of your transaction history. 

We handle our borrowers’ data securely and in accordance with Australia’s data protection laws and our privacy policy.

How to clear cash loans fast?

There are many ways to clear your cash loans fast: you can make one extra payment every few months, boost your income and use the surplus to pay off your debt quickly, or even apply for a secured debt consolidation loan to refinance them. 

At MoneyMe, our customers appreciate us because we don’t charge any early termination fees. When you repay your fast cash loans before they mature, you can save money because you pay less interest for the entire duration of your loan and you improve your credit profile.

Where can I get a fast cash loan?

MoneyMe offers personalised low interest loans and favourable repayment terms. We’re able to offer more competitive rates than most lenders because we don’t have expensive offices. We simply rely on our skilled and dedicated staff, smart data, and solid infrastructure that allow us to do everything online. 

Aside from fast cash loans, we also offer car finance, short term loans Sydney, cash back credit cards, and money finance.

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10.58 %
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