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Small Loans Hobart

MoneyMe is a responsible lender offering fast and secure small loans Hobart customers can enjoy right away. We’re here to ensure every Australian has access to the money they need when they need it without the hassle of unnecessary paperwork.

We get it. There are times in life when having extra cash at the right time would really help you out. That's why, when you need fast cash at the right loan interest rate, you can apply online with us through our secure portal. You could be approved for unsecured loans in mere minutes. Our small loans have low interest rates, low fees and fast approval. If you need to borrow up to $50,000 for essentials, like white goods, car tyres, maybe luxuries like a holiday or other unexpected expenses, you may be eligible for a no or low-interest small loan with us.  

You can rest assured with our flexible and tailored repayment options that we automate to sync with your pay cycle so you can set and forget without ever worrying about missing a repayment. In the meantime, you’ll have access to funds in your loan for whatever you require it for – we’re here to help you leverage your finances to work for you. Hobart customers can enjoy all the benefits of our small loans straight away, with our small loan times being approved sometimes in mere minutes. We’re all about simple, responsible lending of fast cash for all our customers with competitive rates that rival the big banks, and there are no exit fees when the time comes for us to part ways.  

What’s our secret sauce in turning around small loans so quickly? We like to keep things simple. Old school money lenders might require a tonne of paperwork and likely phone calls to verify details of your application. This also means that they’re going to be spending some time crossing their i’s and dotting their t’s which isn’t very efficient. As the new generation in money lending, we do everything, from start to finish, securely online over the internet and with the utmost discretion, so only those that need to know you’re applying for a loan. Once your application is assessed, and your details have been verified, you get access to easy finance and fast funds.  

To be eligible for small loans Hobart customers must be at least 18 years of age, currently employed, and a permanent resident in Australia. To apply, simply complete and submit our online application form, which takes less than 5 minutes with no application fee. Our online portal is secure. You’ll receive confirmation of your application, and then we’ll get to work right away and get your loan details sorted as quickly as we can. We really couldn’t make it simpler or faster for you to access funds when you need it

How much money can I borrow through small loans?

We often get asked, “How much can I borrow?” We get down to answering this question as soon as your application is submitted. Once approved, our quick and simple small loans Hobart customers can access allow you to manage unexpected expenses easily. Plan big events or sort out bills or debts you may need to pay off right now. We offer loan amounts of up to $50,000 in small loans Hobart applicants may be able to access depending on the details of your application.  

We don’t offer redraws on personal loans, which means the amount of the loan you have repaid won't be available for use again. We’ll walk you through the terms and conditions of your loan, outline your repayment schedule and don’t forget we’re here to answer any of your questions, so don’t be shy. 

What are the costs involved in taking a small loan?

We want to keep costs as low as we can, but we need to pass some fees and charges onto you as part of the conditions of your loan. We charge an establishment fee and a monthly fee, in addition to an interest rate which starts from 6.95% p.a.  Other fees and charges may apply if you don’t make your scheduled loan repayments, but if you hit a rough patch, please reach out to us – we’re here to help you. We encourage you to communicate honestly with us. We set interest rates primarily according to the borrower’s credit report.  

Other factors which can impact the interest rate that you receive includes your total income, debt obligations, and living expenses. Early repayment fees are generally fees that are payable by borrowers if a loan is repaid ahead of schedule. Paying your loan ahead of time reduces the amount of interest that you pay. We don’t charge early repayment or early exit fees if you decide to make an early repayment for your personal loan.

How to apply for a small loan in Hobart?

Hobart applicants can simply hop online and complete an application form through our website or the MoneyMe app available in App Store and Google Play to apply for small loans. Our application process is entirely online and can be completed in minutes, with no face-to-face interactions and lengthy paperwork – many customers often see same day loans they can access with successful applications placed before 5 pm during business hours.  

Apply online right now for small loans Hobart customers can enjoy instant access to. It doesn’t get simpler than MoneyMe.


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Small Loans Hobart

Unbelievably easy finance when I needed it the most. A huge thank you from me and as a returning customer I know that I am getting a fair deal.

After 5 to 10 minutes of filling up my application, my loan has been approved and the money was in my bank account. I had a great experience that is why I'm giving them a 5-star rating. Excellent service. Thank you very much, MoneyMe.

Amazing through and through. MoneyMe helped me out when no one else would and they have been a delight to deal with. I 100% recommend their service. They're an absolute joy to deal with!


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