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How Much Can I Borrow

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Access to fast credit like online personal loans or quick cash loans can help you cover expenses quickly and offer you the flexibility to take advantage of a great deal when it comes along. But you might be asking yourself, “how much can I borrow?” With MoneyMe, the application process is straightforward, with no paperwork and no fuss. Apply and get up to $50,000 in your bank account, all done in minutes.

Find the right loan for you

If you’re new to credit or you want to know what kind of credit options are available, the first thing you might ask yourself is, “How much can I borrow right now for quick cash loans?”

 You might have been offered a great learning opportunity where you need a student loan or an education loan to help you cover the fees. Affordable loans from money lenders like MoneyMe can help cover these fees upfront with a variable repayment schedule and better personal loan interest rates so you can focus on the more important things, like getting stuck into studying!

 Working out how much I can borrow will help you plan for opportunities and give you an insight into what kind of personal loans Australia has for you, and which type of credit options might offer the best solution to address your current needs. If you’re planning to purchase an asset like a car or get upgrades for your boat, you can check what kind of rates you can comfortably afford for unsecured car loans or a boat loan. And if you need help relocating to a new rental property, there is a bond loan or rent assistance to help you cover upfront moving costs.

Freestyle: The First Virtual Credit Account

A traditional revolving line of credit offers a flexible alternative to small personal loansshort term loans and unsecured personal loans. The great news is, MoneyMe has a similar product offer with this flexible feature that lets you do so much more.

 Designed for Gen Now, the Freestyle Virtual Credit Account is like a virtual credit card that lets you Tap n Pay, shop online and send money, all from your smartphone. It gives you access to an approved credit limit that you can use anytime and anywhere that Mastercard is accepted as a form of payment. It’s the best parts of buy-now-pay-later and a credit card all in one convenient product, all made possible by our award-winning smart technology.

 Freestyle offers up to $10,000 in minutes. Rather than funding the entire amount directly into your bank account, you have the freedom to choose how much to withdraw within your approved credit limit and repay the amount in full or instalments. We won’t charge you for repaying your balance in advance, and we align your repayments with your current pay cycle so you won’t get caught with late fees.

 How much can I borrow: Just like how we process unsecured loans, we take into account various factors to determine your credit limit for a line of credit. Apart from your personal and income details, we also look into your credit history, debt obligations and living expenses to come up with a fair and tailored loan outcome.

 The Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) has been changing the way online money lenders like us assess your credit history. Unlike the conventional credit reports that only show your past defaults, late repayments and credit enquiries, the new reporting system paints a more holistic view of your credit file. Citing both the negative and the positive, you become more in control of your credit score and can positively influence it by simply making repayments on time.

Determine your ideal rate

Your first step to determining the interest rate that’s right for you is to find a personal loan calculator. It is an online tool designed to give you a quick computation of how much you can borrow and what kind of interest rate you will be offered when you are approved for both personal loans and mini loans. All you have to do is select your desired loan amount and preferred repayment duration, then you’ll get your expected principal loan amount along with your interest rates and establishment fees on the spot.

 If by any chance you don’t have a credit history yet or perhaps have had trouble with your credit rating, taking out an advance loan, quick same day loans or small loans and making your repayments on time may be able to help you access lower rates and loan offers with better value. Your credit score is also one of the lending criteria that allows online lenders to make better risk-based assessments and ensure that you receive a fairer loan decision.

Calculate your loan repayments

To figure out how much your regular repayments will be for cash loans online, you’ll need a personal loan repayment calculator. Loan calculators will break down your regular repayment amount for you, offering an indication of likely repayment schedules and amounts before you apply. You can use this online calculator to help you stay on top of your finances and answer the question of “how much can I borrow” by creating a budget based on your expected repayment amount.

Safe and secure loans

We’re all about responsible lending, and we make sure to have a good look at your personal circumstances to come up with a personalised decision for your fast loan application. As an Australian Credit Licence holder, we require you to submit your online bank statements. We are permitted with read-only access to your banking activity for the last 90 days, and there’s no way we can view, access or change your online banking login details. This simply allows us to fast track your application, and we use the same security-level encryption as your bank to ensure that your personal data is completely safe.

Loan eligibility

To be eligible to apply for our credit products including same day loans, you must be a resident of Australia, receiving a regular employment income and at least 18 years old. Unlike the conventional lending process, we won’t ask for any paperwork and we don’t want to waste any of your time. Apply for our easy loans online and get an outcome in a matter of minutes. Once approved for MoneyMe’s express loans, sign your digital contract and expect to have the funds in your bank account in as little as minutes. Fast and easy – just like how all things in life should be!

Easy loans for all things big and small

For big home projects and major repairs, you may apply for renovation loans and easily repay them over a few years in variable instalments. This way, you can enhance your living space without breaking the bank. You may also opt for a travel loan if you are looking to go on an overseas adventure, book flights in advance or pay for other travel expenses without any upfront costs. Or maybe your big day may be coming up soon and you want to apply for a wedding loan to make sure you have extra money on hand for unexpected expenses.

 Quick loans like a cash advance or same day cash loans may also help you settle urgent payments, like minor home fixes or medical bills not covered by your health insurance.

Reach out to us

To learn more how much I can borrow and how to access quick cash today, feel free to contact us via or call us on 1300 669 059 anytime during business hours.

 Don’t put your life on hold. Apply now and get the funds you need right now with MoneyMe.

How Much Can I Borrow

At MoneyMe, we are here to help you answer the question ‘How much can I borrow?’ This way, you can spend less time wondering and more time planning your expenses. 

With us, you can enjoy all of life’s joys when you buy now pay later. Our services are made for today’s generation by today’s generation – so you can rest assured that we definitely understand the ebb and flow of the rapid environment. 

The credit offers we have at MoneyMe are one of a kind. When you sign up for an interest free payment plan from another lender, you would find yourself with a basic instalment program. However, with us, you can receive a plethora of benefits – some of which are even present during the application process itself. 

Here are a few of the advantages we offer: 

Personal loan calculator 

With our personal loan calculator, you won’t have to worry about ‘How much can I borrow?’ Instead, you can let the figures on the screen give you peace of mind. 

This lending calculator allows you to get real-time answers to questions regarding the fees and interest rates you would have to pay off. Additionally, when you input your preferred term and total amount to be borrowed, it will calculate the specific value you have to pay for each repayment date. 

The neat part is that this tool is flexible and can serve as an affordability mortgage calculator, car loan calculator, and consolidation loans calculator. 

Whatever the expense may be, our reliable services, paired with our intuitive repayments calculator, will surely aid in your loan borrowing experience.

Oh, and did we mention that this is all free even before you apply for a loan? Create a MoneyMe account today and enjoy our unrivalled business conditions. 

Same-day loan approval 

Another benefit MoneyMe provides you with is an instant loan approval – provided that you are eligible for our services. 

With our expert team working on your request, you won’t have to experience a pre-approval loan stage. This means that, in principle, all applications from us will be approved in minutes and not days or weeks as in other competing loan companies

And the best part: the whole process is online and paperless. This means that you can skip long lines and stacks of documents – you can even apply for that life-changing loan all in the comfort of your cosy bedroom. 

So stop asking, ‘How much can I borrow?’ and dive in headfirst with MoneyMe. Just download our mobile app, type in your personal data, and then pay for expenses such as the average kitchen renovation cost or install fireplace cost of your home.

How much can I borrow? 

You might not be asking, ‘How much can I borrow?’ if you currently have multiple outstanding loan balances or if you don't have an excellent credit score.

However, even with those factors, you can still have a chance at taking out a loan ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. You could even check out our line of credit Freestyle option that allows you to regularly borrow an amount from $3,000 to $20,000.

At MoneyMe, we understand your need to spend – whether it be for your pursuit of higher education or even just to make use of those seasonal market offers at the superstore. That is why we make it a point to be more flexible than other money lenders.

We take into account a number of important factors to give you the fairest loan decision we possibly can. While your credit score is still a default point of interest, our criteria also consist of your income sources, charges from current debt obligations, and living expenses. 

Analysing all of these elements enables us to gauge your capability to pay back your loan request. Instead of having one focal point, we pride ourselves on being able to perceive your whole financial picture. 

Simply apply for a MoneyMe account using our intuitive and subscription-free online platform, type in all the necessary data on our three- to five-minute application, then wait for our approval that takes just a few minutes. 

How much car loan can I borrow?

Perhaps Old Faithful has finally broken down and the question on your mind is ‘How much can I borrow for a car loan?’ 

Well, not to worry, MoneyMe is here to help you answer that question and get you safely back on the road. Seeing that we are a digital financial service company, we are committed to giving you funds that you can actually afford to pay back. 

Here at MoneyMe, we give you the opportunity to loan a minimum amount of $5,000 to our highest offer of $50,000. However, if you want a revolving option that automatically renews after a successful repayment, then our Freestyle Mastercard is also a great option. Here, you can have a rate of $3,000 to $20,000 – perfect for quick car troubleshooting at the repair store. 

Now that you know the answer to ‘How much can I borrow?’ you can check out these terms to see if you are eligible for our premium credit products. 

Eligibility terms

There are only three factors to remember when it comes to MoneyMe loans for your car. Firstly, you must be at least 18 years. Secondly, you have to be a permanent resident or citizen in Australia. Lastly, you have to be currently employed. 

If all those requirements are met, then you can repair your rust bucket or buy a new vehicle altogether. Just download our app available on Apple or Android devices, key in basic information about yourself, and have money transferred to your bank account. 

Join us here today at MoneyMe and experience a ride of a lifetime!

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How Much Can I Borrow?

Calculate How Much You Can Borrow

Asking the question “How much can I borrow?” is the first step when considering taking out a loan. It’s important to assess your financial situation carefully before taking out a loan, to ensure you can comfortably repay the loan without any issues down the track. To help you with this, MoneyMe provides a free borrowing calculator tool that helps you calculate the repayments that might be expected of you if you are approved for a personal loan.

Calculating Your Borrowing Capacity

On this page you’ll find the borrowing calculator tool where you can select your preferred loan amount, loan repayment period, MoneyMe credit rating, and repayment frequency. We advise that you try a few different combinations of these different inputs, to best understand your range of options when taking out a personal loan with MoneyMe.

Another way to assess whether a personal loan is right for you is to add up all of your liabilities (such as regular expenses or other debt), then compare this amount with your income. Provided your income is the higher of the two amounts, the greater the gap between your income and your liabilities, the more comfortably you should be able to support the loan. This will also result in a higher likelihood of your loan being approved.

Factors That Affect Borrowing Capacity

Other factors that a lender might consider when you apply for a loan are whether your work is full time or part time, whether you have outstanding bills, and whether you have a good credit history.

When you apply for an unsecured loan, the lender might also consider what you’ll be using the loan for, and even whether you have dependents. But at MoneyMe we keep things simple with our unsecured loans by simply assessing your total income against your liabilities, and looking out for responsible spending habits that give us confidence that you’ll be able to repay your loan.

How Do I Get Started?

You can start the process right away by checking what loan amount, period and frequency you can afford, by using the borrowing calculator found on this page. If you find a repayment amount and period that suits your financial situation, you will have worked out how much you can borrow. Then click “Apply Now”, enter the required personal details, and complete your application within minutes.

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