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Calculate How Much You Can Borrow

Asking the question “How much can I borrow?” is the first step when considering taking out a loan. It’s important to assess your financial situation carefully before taking out a loan, to ensure you can comfortably repay the loan without any issues down the track. To help you with this, MoneyMe provides a free borrowing calculator tool that helps you calculate the repayments that might be expected of you if you are approved for a personal loan.

Calculating Your Borrowing Capacity

On this page you’ll find the borrowing calculator tool where you can select your preferred loan amount, loan repayment period, MoneyMe credit rating, and repayment frequency. We advise that you try a few different combinations of these different inputs, to best understand your range of options when taking out a personal loan with MoneyMe.

Another way to assess whether a personal loan is right for you is to add up all of your liabilities (such as regular expenses or other debt), then compare this amount with your income. Provided your income is the higher of the two amounts, the greater the gap between your income and your liabilities, the more comfortably you should be able to support the loan. This will also result in a higher likelihood of your loan being approved.

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Factors That Affect Borrowing Capacity

Other factors that a lender might consider when you apply for a loan are whether your work is full time or part time, whether you have outstanding bills, and whether you have a good credit history.

When you apply for an unsecured loan, the lender might also consider what you’ll be using the loan for, and even whether you have dependents. But at MoneyMe we keep things simple with our unsecured loans by simply assessing your total income against your liabilities, and looking out for responsible spending habits that give us confidence that you’ll be able to repay your loan.

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How Do I Get Started?

You can start the process right away by checking what loan amount, period and frequency you can afford, by using the borrowing calculator found on this page. If you find a repayment amount and period that suits your financial situation, you will have worked out how much you can borrow. Then click “Apply Now”, enter the required personal details, and complete your application within minutes.

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Virtual credit account up to $10,000

For everyday lifestyle purchases

Personal Loans

From $2,100 to $35,000

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