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Verandah Cost

If you’ve been trying to work out how you can fund your verandah cost ASAP and bring the great Australian outdoors into your home, look no further. 

MoneyMe offers competitive low-rate home improvement loans to cover all sorts of renovation costs - including the cost of building a verandah.  

Apply online today for one of our low-rate loans and receive a quick response, with funds between $2,100 and $50,000 available the same day for most successful applicants. 

1. What is the cost to install a verandah?

Deciding to build a  verandah is a great way to extend your living space and enjoy Australia’s beautiful outdoors in any season. It’s also a great way to add instant value to your property. 

There are many factors to consider when calculating the cost to install a veranda. Your verandah cost per square metre could be anywhere between $200 to $1,500; and will depend on the size of your verandah, roof, floor and balustrade design and material, whether your verandah is a remodel or original build, and the job site. The verandah cost for a second-floor wrap-around verandah with hardwood timber decking on a steeply sloped block will be much higher than a simple ground-floor patio with flat concrete backyard paving!

When considering your overall verandah cost, it’s important to note that your verandah roof design isn’t purely aesthetic - depending on your choice of materials and placement, it can also offer significant insulation and UV protection for your home and help lower your energy costs. The two primary verandah roof construction materials are: 

Colorbond - an opaque metal that offers good insulation and provides full protection from Australia’s harsh UV rays. It comes in a huge range of colours to suit any outdoor setting. A verandah makeover may involve the replacement or repainting of existing colorbond roof panels. 

Polycarbonate is a semi-transparent plastic composite material that allows the natural light to pass through, making it a great solution for areas of your verandah roof that cover significant windows of your home. 

We recommend getting a few different quotes from verandah builders, as each will have their own design ideas and construction suggestions for your verandah renovations project. It’s worth noting that some veranda builders will charge for your verandah cost per square metre, others as a lump sum. Asking for an itemised breakdown of each cost on your verandah cost quote is a smart way to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money and that all planning and permit, material, construction and labour costs have been included in the quote.

2. How to apply for a loan to install a verandah?

Applying for a loan to cover your verandah cost is easy with MoneyMe. 

We offer unsecured personal loans between $2,100 to $50,000 at competitive rates, with a quick response time and funds delivered to most accounts the same day. 

To be eligible to apply, you’ll need to be at least 18 years of age and an Australian citizen or resident for tax purposes. This will need to be verified using a form of ID issued by the Australian government, such as a passport, driver’s licence or Medicare card, so make sure you’ve got this close by. 

Our personal loan applications are 100% online - no paper, no phone calls, no fuss. All you need to do is jump onto our website or download the MoneyMe app onto your mobile device and hit ‘Apply Now’. 

Handy hint: Try using our nifty online calculator to compare repayments on different loan amounts and lending periods during the budget process for your various home improvement projects! 

We’ll first ask you about how much you’d like us to lend you to support the cost of building a verandah (and any other renovation costs you’re considering like a bathroom remodel, kitchen upgrade, patio cost, or build carport cost) and over what period of time. 

Once you’ve let us know how much you’d like to borrow, you’ll need to share details of your employment and income, daily expenditure, and any liabilities, savings, and assets.

As a part of the assessment process, we’ll then review your credit history using the new reporting methodology. Where your credit file previously only reflected any negative activities, such as where you may have missed a bill or defaulted on a line of credit, the new, comprehensive method of credit reporting allows us also to see your positive credit behaviours. This means all your regular, on-time repayments are recognised, creating a much clearer, fairer, and more positive borrower profile.

Once you’ve completed the online loan application form, we’ll ask you to sign in to your online bank platform. It’s important to note that we don’t receive access to your account - our system simply requests a 90-day transaction statement in PDF read-only format from your bank. After receiving it, our online loan management system will use it to confirm the information you provided around income, existing debt, and other expenses listed in your application.

Can’t wait to get started on your dream home improvement project? MoneyMy has got you covered. For more ideas on how a MoneyMe personal loan can help you with your verandah cost and other home improvement ideas, be sure to view the full season of mini-episodes of DVine Living hosted by Dale Vine on MoneyMe's DVine Living page.

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