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Student Loans

Student loans are a type of personal loan specially designed to help you pay course fees, university tuition, vocational education or training, or anything else related to your course. Typically packaged with more flexible terms and tailored rates for students, student loans are a popular option for financing tertiary education costs and tuition without complex eligibility criteria.

Making it personal

Student loans are becoming more important than ever before in Australia. Rising education tuition, and increased requirements to make loan repayments earlier in their working life can be substantial financial barriers for many students considering a further education. Coupled with already sky-high living expenses in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, dealing with tertiary education financing can be a tough challenge for young students.

Fortunately, a student loans company like MoneyMe can provide loans for students that are custom built to cater for these challenges.

The best student loans help to bridge the funding gap where government funding no longer exists, and flexibility and convenience is needed. Sometimes this can mean the difference between attending university, college, or TAFE, or giving up on your dream. More flexible loans for students in particular means you are more likely to achieve the finance needed to make your further education a possibility.

Benefits of student loans

If you’re wondering where to get student loans, you’ve come to the right place. MoneyMe has a range of student loan options for Australians who need fast and easy finance, but who may not have a length credit history so may not have a great deal of choice when it comes to other lenders.

The biggest advantage of student loans is that eligibility criteria for student borrowers can be more flexible. That means you can spend more time studying and less time worrying about how to pay for your books and tuition fees.

There are other distinct benefits like more flexible repayment terms, lower fees and cheaper rates when paying course fees – all of which puts you in control. At MoneyMe we even reward you with better rates if you pay us back on time – like you deserve!

What are you waiting for?

Applying is easy – simply click on the "Apply Now” button. Once you’ve inputted a range of personal information, you’ll be on your way to receiving the funds that could lead to a future of possibilities.

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Student Loans up to $50,000 Approved Online | MoneyMe

Loans tailored for students

Never miss an opportunity to learn. With MoneyMe, you can get the quick cash you need to help you pay for school fees upfront. Apply online, get an outcome in minutes and have the money in your account in as little as 60 seconds! Our student loans are designed to offer you flexible and student-friendly rates, so you can focus on your studies and have one less thing to worry about.

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Loans tailored for students

Never miss an opportunity to learn. With MoneyMe, you can get the quick cash you need to help you pay for school fees upfront. Apply online, get an outcome in minutes and have the money in your account in as little as 60 seconds! Our student loans are designed to offer you flexible and student-friendly rates, so you can focus on your studies and have one less thing to worry about.

Retraining in a new skill can be a brave step, just like starting your education straight out of high school can feel a bit daunting. Ensuring that you have the money you need to cover tuition costs upfront will open a lot of doors, including early-bird discounts, and take some of the strain off the transition. We offer a range of unsecured personal loans and student loans for up to $50,000 that you can use toward tuition fees at your chosen institution for a college course or a master’s degree. 

 Education can be costly for younger students as well, which is why we also offer private student loans to help pay for school fees. Whether you’re planning to study at your dream university or you’re a graduate returning to further study, you’re going to need a flexible unsecured loan to help you manage your expenses and to help you cover what you need to start studying.

Know how much you need

School loans are personal loans Australia that MoneyMe transfers to your account in full amount upon approval. You can use it to pay for your fees or study expenses and repay it over a fixed period at a fixed interest and monthly repayments. You can use a personal loan calculator to help you check what kind of payments you are most likely going to be making and how they can be budgeted into your new living expenses.

 If you’re a full-time student, using a student loan repayment calculator is a great way of planning ahead as you likely won’t be able to work full-time hours once your study commences. Online tools like a personal loan repayment calculator also give you an idea on how much your fortnightly or monthly repayments will be, as well as your interest and establishment fee. Take note that whilst the on-the-spot calculations you may be seeing are close to your expected loan rates, the actual loan amount you are getting is still subject for further evaluation.

 Personal loan interest rates can vary depending on the loan amount that you’re looking for, your preferred repayment duration and credit status. Your interest rate will determine the repayments you make and may affect the loan term that you ultimately choose to take. Choosing a longer loan term may help lower monthly repayment costs and take the strain of managing short-term living expenses.

How to get a bigger student loan

The first thing you will ask yourself when you start an application process for loans is: “How much can I borrow?” You may find that when you initially apply for a student loan, you may not be able to receive the entire amount that you need straight away to cover your tuition fee. If you don’t have a very strong credit history – either because you are quite young and haven’t built up a credit experience or because your credit file is less than ideal – this will affect the amount you’ll be getting upon approval of your personal loan request and the interest rate that you will most likely be charged. 

 You may take out quick loans like our mini loans and small loans that are short term loans for smaller amounts than your total tuition cost. Taking out small same day loans from MoneyMe will help us get to know your credit profile and give you a reasonable loan rate tailored to your school needs and ability to repay. You can take our cash loans for small amounts and once they’re repaid with a solid and reliable repayment history, we may re-evaluate your profile and give you loans at a better value on your future applications. By demonstrating that you’re ready to move on to a larger student loan, you may be able to be approved for an amount closer to what you need.

Try a more flexible alternative

If you’re looking to have a more flexible credit option, MoneyMe offers Freestyle The Virtual Credit Account – a line of credit providing the latest spend-now-pay-later solution that gives you the ultimate convenience to pay for school expenses, textbooks and other learning tools whenever you need it.

 As an online money lender dedicated to delivering instant services to Gen Now, Freestyle is not just another plastic credit card to add to your wallet. It works like a virtual credit card that lives in your smartphone that you can use to Tap n Pay in-store, shop online, pay bills and transfer money to your bank or anyone straight away. Take it anywhere, use it anytime. Eligible customers may enjoy up to 55 days interest-free on purchases. It’s the smarter alternative to small personal loans that offers you a pre-approved instant cash loan or cash advance. Having a Freestyle account and making your repayments on time is also a great way to build up your credit file with us and help you get a larger student loan further down the track.

Who can apply for a student loan?

As a credit provider that believes in responsible lending and holds an Australian Credit Licence, eligible loans customers must be at least 18 years old, a permanent resident of Australia and currently employed.

Our online application takes just minutes to complete with simple questions about your personal information, income, current financial commitments and living expenses. With MoneyMe, learning how to get a student loan is easy.

 We can help customers with a range of loan products beyond student loans like rent assistance credit options and bond loans for helping to cover the cost of moving and associated expenses. You may also opt for cash loans online to use as renovation loans for making home improvements or minor home fixes at your student housing or apartment. You may also choose from our boat loans and unsecured car loans and score a great deal on your dream ride sooner rather than later.

 If you’re looking to spend some time travelling before you knuckle down into your further studies, consider a travel loan from MoneyMe. We can help provide the extra cash you need for your next holiday trip. Use the funds to book your flight, reserve accommodation and have pocket money for your getaway. Repayment options are flexible and comfortable, so you can enjoy your travel without breaking the bank. 

 We made applying for quick loans and easy loans a breeze. We offer our customer a hassle-free instant loans application and approval process for same day cash loans as well as for student loans and larger purchases. Apply online in minutes and enjoy the freedom of quick money when you need it and at competitive rates.