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How to Get Education Loans

To get an education loan with flexible terms and student rates, you can simply apply online. If you’re using the funds to pay for an approved course or university program, you may be eligible for a tailored education loan package specifically designed for student borrowers. The application process is quick, paperless and completely straightforward.

Everyone should be able to afford a good education

Figuring out how to pay for your education, especially with rising tuition and fees, can be a frustrating penny-crunching exercise. Relying on part-time jobs for income while studying full-time, house sharing with a room-full of flatmates, and buying food in bulk to cut down on costs is no way to begin planning for your future.

Fortunately, an education loan is a necessity you don’t need to skimp on.

An affordable, flexible education loan can mean the difference between getting that university degree, or missing out and forever wondering “what if”. In today’s competitive market, the right degree can open a lot of doors. But more importantly, life is for living – and if you want a certain level of education, there should be a way to achieve this.

Benefits of custom-made education loans

For a long time, students were last in line when it came to qualifying for loans. Lenders typically required full or part-time employment before you even walked in the door. That’s no longer the case. As a student, you now have more financial resources available to you than ever before.

With specially-tailored education loan packages, there are a range of options available with more flexible eligibility criteria, repayment terms and exclusive rates. Here at MoneyMe we even reward you with cheaper loans if you show you can pay your loans back on time – exactly the way it should be!

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Education Loan

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Education Loans up to $50,000

Easy cash loans for continuous learning

Use MoneyMe’s education loan to cover your tuition costs upfront without any hassle. When you can afford to pay for your tuition in full amount, you may even qualify for perks like early payment discounts. We offer a range of unsecured personal loans for up to $50,000 that you can use toward tuition fees at your chosen institution like college and other higher education institutions.

What is an education loan?

If you’re planning to study at a university, a graduate returning to further study or a completely new student, an unsecured loan from MoneyMe can help you manage your expenses and cover what you need to start studying. Our education loan is a personal loan Australia, which means that you’ll receive the full amount in your bank account once you’re approved. Use this amount to pay for things like fees or study expenses, and then you repay that amount over a variable period at a variable interest and monthly repayments. 

How to get an education loan

Before you start applying for loans, you’re going to be asking yourself: how much can I borrow? Sometimes you may not be approved for the total education loan amount that you’re looking for. This could be for a variety of reasons including poor credit history. You may find that slowly building your credit history up with smaller credit products can help you get approved for the loan amount you need faster. Once you have a good credit history, then your personal loan interest rate is likely to be lower. This saves you money on future credit products by first showing your provider that you’re a reliable credit customer.

You can apply for any of our quick loans like our mini loans and small loans online, too. When you have successfully repaid your short term loans for a smaller amount, we may re-evaluate your MoneyMe profile and may be able to give you lower interest and better loan value on your future applications for products like our same day loans

If you’re not sure whether our cash loans or an education loan is for you, then you have some other credit options to choose from. MoneyMe’s Freestyle Virtual Credit Account is like a virtual credit card that is digitally stored inside your phone. Transforming the way a traditional credit card works, Freestyle offers a revolving line of credit which you can use to purchase items or pay bills and then repay and use again. Plus, it lets you transfer money to your account or pay anyone straight away!

Freestyle offers peace of mind knowing that you can fast access between $1,000 and $10,000 wherever you are and at the time you need it. Use it as a cash advance to help you cover big expenses between paydays or use it to score great deals you don’t want to miss out on, like low flight costs and other online sales.

We pride ourselves on being the go-to money lender of Gen Now. Your Freestyle card lives in your smartphone, and you can use it over thousands of retailers to Tap and Pay in-store or shop online. It also comes with up to 55 days interest-free feature on all purchases, giving you some flexibility with repayment schedules and topping your line of credit back up. It’s the smarter alternative to small personal loans that offers you a pre-approved fast cash loan right when you need it, and you can use it to pay for whatever you want, including education costs.

How much education loan can I get?

Using our online tools like a personal loan calculator will help you discover what your likely education loan amount will be. If you’re a full-time student, then using a student loan repayment calculator is a great way of planning what your living expenses will be like and whether you can comfortably afford regular repayments as well. Use a personal loan repayment calculator to work out how much interest will be payable over your loan term and what your total interest payable is to get an idea of the best rates for you. 

Personal loan interest rates can vary depending on the loan amount that you’re looking for and what your loan is going to be used for. Your interest rate will determine the repayments you make and may affect the loan term that you ultimately choose to take. Choosing a longer loan term will help to lower monthly repayment costs and take the strain managing off short term living expenses.

MoneyMe is committed to responsible lending. To be eligible to apply for our loans, you must be at least 18 years old, a permanent resident of Australia and currently employed. Our online application for quick loans is an easy loan application process, taking just a few minutes to fill out. Apply online for an education loan or any other credit product including rent assistance credit options and bond loans for helping to cover the cost of moving and associated expenses. Our cash loans online are available to use as renovation loans for making improvements to the house and for buying larger assets. Apply for our boat loans and unsecured car loans today.

For students on a gap year of fun and adventure, take a look at a travel loan from MoneyMe! A holiday loan will help you to book flights and accommodation ahead of time.

We offer our customer a hassle-free express loans application and approval process for same day cash loans as well as for education loans. Apply online now.

Pay with more flexibility

At MoneyMe, we offer different financing options, from small loans to cover small purchases to big loans that give you a lump sum to cover school fees and education costs.

You can also apply for our Freestyle virtual Mastercard®, which works better for smaller, everyday expenses thanks to its revolving line of credit, up to 55 days interest-free on purchases, and convenience–whether you're shopping online or offline.

Regardless of which financing option you choose, we make the application process simple and quick. Just enter your personal and bank details and wait for a few minutes for the decision. Once approved, you can immediately access your funds from your bank account. No need for phone interviews, paperwork, and other time-consuming processes. After all, efficiency is at the heart of what we do.

Education Loan

If you’ve always wanted to attend college but need an education loan to finance the expense, MoneyMe is here to provide you with student loan financing assistance. 

Browse through our quality credit products and take a look at all our student-friendly options. From student credit cards to an intuitive student loan calculator – you will surely find what you need here at MoneyMe. 

What is an education loan?

An education loan is just like any other 5000 personal loan or 20000 personal loan. Basically, it is an amount you borrow from a lender to cover all types of expenses that are associated with schooling – tuition fees being the most common. 

At MoneyMe, you can have such services with the added benefit of a low student loan interest rate. Additionally, we won’t ask you for security or collateral when you apply as we don’t provide secured loans. This is because we advocate for responsible borrowing and will only lend you funds that you can realistically pay off. 

Apply at MoneyMe so you can continue your education and then earn income after you graduate.

How to fill an education loan application form? 

For a traditional lender such as a bank, you would usually have to fill the education loan application on the spot in one of their branches. This process takes quite some time as you would still have to deal with physical paperwork and long lines with other clients. 

With our option here at MoneyMe, you can experience top-tier service through our readily available mobile app. 

Simply create an account once the app has been downloaded, input personal information in relation to study loans, and then have your application be approved in a matter of minutes. 

However, keep in mind that for the quickest and best results, you should apply during regular business hours. You’d be surprised – you could even receive easy money in your account in less than an hour. 

How to repay education loans faster?

Loans for education may take a couple of years to repay, especially if your total balance is high. Not to mention the strict repayment dates implemented by conventional lenders you have to follow.

At MoneyMe, you won’t have to deal with added fees when you pay for your loan in advance. We allow you to pay more than your usual amount if you happen to have extra money in your pocket this week. That way, you won’t be spending many years of your time refinancing student loans

Don’t just settle for regular – join MoneyMe today to have a compassionate provider that will let you study now and reach employment in the future!

How to clear education loans?

No interest student loans from traditional lending institutions may seem like an appealing offer at first. However, these services have a history of charging exorbitant fees when you want to pay off your education loan in advance. 

At MoneyMe, we won’t put you through processes that take forever and a day. We simply check for your education loan eligibility, analyse your financial details, and have your request approved. 

Then, to clear education loans, you just have to follow the repayment schedule agreed upon on the mobile app. On top of that, we even give you the power to make an early payment free of charge. 

Now how’s that for student-friendly business? Join the MoneyMe family to enjoy fast, consistent, safe procedures for education loans and other types of credit services such as joint personal loans

How to pay off education loans?

Paying off an education loan from MoneyMe is easier than the simplest homework you’ve answered for uni. All you have to do is log in to the account you have created and then navigate through the repayment section in the mobile app. 

When you applied with us, we have already provided you with a personalised direct debit schedule. This makes it so that you can make repayments at the time most convenient for you. 

Additionally, when you graduate and become employed, we can even align this schedule with your pay cycle for a convenient experience.

Don’t miss out on any of these benefits – check out MoneyMe today and be one of our satisfied student clients in Australia!

How is education loan disbursed?

Unlike general personal loans that are used for a number of products and services, an education loan from MoneyMe is typically disbursed for school expenses. 

The process is simple – just download our app available for Apple and Android, key in standard financial information, and then have our expert team swiftly approve your application. 

Afterwards, depending on your bank provider, you can have funds wired to your account in as fast as 60 seconds. 

Once received, you can use this money to pay for tuition fees, school supplies, education-related airfare, and much more. 

So choose MoneyMe and go out and achieve greatness in the academe! 

Do you have an accumulated higher education loan program debt?

Here at MoneyMe, we provide you with an alternative to Australia’s Higher Education Loan Program as we understand that constantly thinking about the money you owe can be stressful. 

With our services, you won’t have to sit with your accumulated debt until your income reaches a certain level. Instead, you can start repayments right away with the help of our mobile app notifications.

This way, by the time you are already employed, you can use your income however you want. In fact, you can even apply for another MoneyMe loan afterwards so that you can take care of your needs as an employee. 

What are you waiting for? Apply for an education loan from MoneyMe to handle obligations at a faster rate. 

How much education loans can I get?

If you are eligible for low cost student loans from MoneyMe, you can receive an amount between $5,000 and $50,000. Once your request has been approved, you can repay us and then immediately apply for another loan. 

Additionally, after each on-time repayment, your MoneyMe credit rating increases, and you get even lower interest rates. 

Prefer a line of credit option that automatically renews after a successful repayment cycle? Our student credit cards are a perfect solution for you. They allow you to skip the application process while providing a similar limit range up to $20,000. 

Don’t let another precious second pass by – take advantage of MoneyMe credit product options and be one step closer to graduation!

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$495 for loans between $15,001 and $50,000

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