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How to Get Graduate Loans

You can get a graduate loan from a number of online lenders such as MoneyMe, if you wish to enrol in a university or vocational education program. With flexible eligibility criteria for Australian residents 18 years of age or older, graduate loans are more within reach than ever before. The process is fast and 100% online.

A loan alternative that moves your forward

For many students, graduate student loans are a necessity that can make the dream of getting a university degree come true. But until now, students have faced rising tuition costs and increasing living expenses that make planning the entire university experience less than enjoyable.

More than ever before, many Australian students will decide to forsake their university education due to financial constraints, and enter the workforce without that additional competitive edge.

Fortunately, one-size-fits-all graduate loans for student borrowers are a thing of the past.

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Benefits of graduate loans – at any level

Being a student is no longer a disadvantage when it comes to locking in affordable finance to pay for your education. With flexible eligibility criteria and more options now available to you, it’s important to carefully consider the terms, fees and rates associated with graduate loans.

Better technology and credit assessment methodologies have made it possible to for new lenders like MoneyMe to develop graduate or even postgraduate loans specifically designed for students at any level with more flexible terms, lower fees and cheaper rates when paying course fees. Postgraduate student loans can be especially beneficial considering the higher loan costs associated with this higher level of education. And with MoneyMe you can even get rewarded for your positive repayment behavior – like you should be!

So what are you waiting for? Discover a graduate loan that’s right for you.

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