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Bond Assistance NSW

MoneyMe’s Bond Assistance NSW offers help to renters in NSW who require assistance paying a bond or a deposit on a private rental property. Bond Assistance NSW can give a rental property hunter the confidence to search for the property they want, knowing they will have the funds needed to pay the bond.

A new generation of renters

The benefit of bond loans NSW is that young Australians can still find a rental property that works for their budget and lifestyle, despite a hot property market.

Housing prices have risen steadily for many consecutive years, leading a whole generation of Australians to turn to renting. This has many upsides. Renting is far more flexible than purchasing, and it allows you to trial a suburb or type of property before committing to it. It is also far cheaper than buying a property as there are no extra expenses, maintenance, and taxes to pay on top of the cost of living there. With rental bond loans NSW, there isn’t even any waiting period to get into your new property so long as it’s currently available and you fit the criteria for being a tenant.

More competitive rental market

More Australians turning to renting makes the need for obtaining a bond loan NSW far greater. This is because there are now greater numbers of renters than ever before trying to secure the same limited number of properties. With a housing bond loan NSW, you can attend any property inspection with the confidence that if you like the property, you can obtain the necessary finance to


Applying for a rental bond loan NSW couldn’t be easier. Just click on the “Apply Now” button and our simple, 5-minute application process will guide you through the information you’ll need to input, such as some personal details, your income and expenses, and the amount you would like to borrow and your desired repayment period.

Once you have applied, you will receive a decision in a few short minutes, and may even have the funds deposited directly into your account in as little as an hour, depending on your financial institution.

Then it’s just a matter of a quick phone call to your real estate agent to organise a time to sign the lease – too easy!

In case you’re not based in NSW, we also offer bond assistance in VictoriaQueenslandWestern Australia, and South Australia.

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Bond Loans NSW

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Bond Loan NSW up to $50,000 Approved Online

Make moving into a new property much easier

Secure a new rental faster with MoneyMe’s bond loan NSW. We offer a range of unsecured personal loans of up to $50,000 designed to help you buy the things you want sooner, pay for large upfront bills like rental bond assistance, and get ahead of your finances. Our application process is entirely online and takes as little as 3 minutes to complete. We’ve cut out the unnecessary paperwork and several days of waiting and focus on delivering quick loans when you need them.

Sydney rental prices are some of the highest in the country. While it’s exciting to start house or apartment hunting, knowing that you have some big upfront costs to battle can be quite challenging. As a renter, you enjoy the flexibility of keeping costs limited to just your rent, without living under the shadow of a mortgage or constant repairs and maintenance to your own property.

More and more people are opting to rent in cities like Wollongong and Newcastle over purchasing their own home because the costs can be better controlled. But the upfront costs associated with securing a rental home can be steep. Not only do you need to come up with the cash to pay for professional services like removalists and cleaners, but you also need a period of rent upfront as well as your rental bond. 

What is a bond loan?

A bond loan NSW is a type of loan that lets you make upfront payments for rental costs and fees associated with moving into a new property, with flexible monthly repayments that you can pay off comfortably over the agreed loan term with your lender. MoneyMe is not only a responsible money lender – we’re flexible, too, and we won’t hit you up for early payout fees on unsecured loans like same day cash loans. We’ve designed a simpler and better way for everyone to get access to bond loan NSW. 

Your bond amount, paid at the start of a new rental tenancy, is held in trust for the term of your tenancy. It may range from between 4 to 6 weeks of the weekly rent charged on the property you are moving into. It’s held by the judicial bond board in NSW and would be used to cover the costs of any damages you may have caused to your rental property.

At the end of a tenancy, your real estate agent or landlord (if you are renting privately) will complete a final inspection on your recently vacated rental. If they note any damage or the need for professional cleaners or gardeners, they will send a request stating that the corresponding costs need to be deducted on the bond amount you paid before you moved in. Once you agree to any deductions, the bond amount is then released by the bond board back to you. 

What is your ideal rate?

When you take out a bond loan NSW, you will most likely be waiting for your previous bond on your old property to be returned to you. Once it has been returned, you can choose to allocate the funds for your bond loan NSW repayments, either paying it off entirely or chopping down the loan term to save on interest. Use our personal loan calculator to make some quick and rough calculations, including the total interest payable on indicative personal loan interest rates that we offer. Our personal loan repayment calculator will help you answer questions like, “How much can I borrow?” and, “What would my monthly repayments be?”

Our personal loans Australia are offered to eligible customers with competitive interest rates. Apart from our bond loan NSW, you can also apply for easy loans at larger amounts like car loans and boat loans, or even student loans to help you cover the cost of tuition or buying everything you need for your new course or training programme.

If you’re looking to borrow unsecured loans, we provide flexible personal loan funds to help you pay for anything – may it be emergency costs that have arrived unexpectedly or to use as a travel loan for planning big adventures and pay for flights, tours and accommodation upfront. 

Apart from loans to help with monthly expenses like a cash advance or small loans for rent assistance or other rent-related costs, MoneyMe offers a smarter, more flexible credit option. The Freestyle Virtual Credit Account offers up to $10,000 and comes with a 55 days interest-free feature on all purchases. As the go-to money lender of Gen Now, we don’t issue a traditional plastic bank card – Freestyle works like a virtual credit card that gives you digital access to funds inside your phone.

More than just your average line of credit or credit card, Freestyle lets you Tap n Pay in-store and shop online at your favourite retailers, or transfer cash straight to your bank or anyone. It is powered by Mastercard, so you can use it wherever you are in the world.

Your Freestyle account has a pre-approval amount or a credit limit that you can use anytime and anywhere. The balances drawn down from your total limit will become available again as credit funds once you have repaid them. On the other hand, a bond loan NSW is transferred in full to your account upon the approval of your easy cash loans or a quick loan. You can use those funds to pay for your rental bond, and slowly repay that amount over time at manageable and comfortable monthly repayments. Unlike a line of credit, the balance of your bond loan does not become available for withdrawals as you repay it.

Who can apply for a bond loan?

To be eligible to apply for any of our express loans and same day cash loans, including our bond loan NSW, you must be at least 18 years old, a permanent resident of Australia and currently employed – that’s it!

We understand if your credit file may not be as good as you wanted it to be. When you apply for our cash loans online, we look beyond your credit score. We also take into account your income, debt obligations and daily expenses. You also get an internal MoneyMe credit rating that you can work to improve by simply repaying short term loan with us on time.

There are instances where you may not be offered the total loan amount you wanted the first time that you apply with us, but you may choose to start with small personal loans and work your way up to larger same day loans like renovation loans if you are a homeowner looking to make some upgrades and improvements to your housing.

Make moving to a new rental property fast and easy with MoneyMe’s bond loan NSW. Get the funds you need to start house hunting confidently, knowing you can secure your next best home immediately and repay your bond amount comfortably with manageable monthly repayments.

Bond Loan NSW

A bond loan NSW is a type of loan specifically used to pay the deposit or bond on a rental property in New South Wales. At MoneyMe, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to the rental market where apartments and houses in great locations are easily snatched up by tenants. For this reason, we streamline our application so you can receive funds the same day as you send your loan request. 

With our same day loans and quick rent in advance assistance, you don’t have to worry about missing out on opportunities like securing your dream property that’s just a walking distance from your work or accessing a time-limited offer. This is possible because we eliminate all the ‘frictions’ and lengthy paperwork that drag on the application process. With our easy and simple online application, you get a loan decision within a few minutes or hours rather than wait for days or even weeks.

Do you have to repay a bond loan NSW?

As one of the most innovative loan companies in NSW, our business model is all about efficiency and user-friendliness. For this reason, your repayments will be set up with a customised direct debit schedule based on your pay cycle. In this way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally missed payments and their extra fees. 

Once your bond loan NSW is paid back in full, your direct debits will stop. 

The monthly repayment depends on the bond loan NSW amount, your rates, and the duration of your loan. At MoneyMe, we reward borrowers with good to excellent credit scores with interest rates that are lower than what most big banks offer. We’re able to do this because we don’t have expensive office rent and other overhead costs related to running a physical site. 

Thanks to our powerful online platform, infrastructure, and smart data solutions, everything is done online. 

If you’re considering applying for a bond assistance NSW and want to know which loan term works best for you, try our personal loan calculator where you can enter your requested amount and try different loan durations to check which arrangement will allow you to comfortably repay your loan. 

As a responsible online lending company, MoneyMe ensures that you access a bond money loan that you can comfortably and realistically afford. For this reason, during the application process, we consider your requested amount and compare this to your current income and living expenses. 

We also take into consideration your credit file, especially your payment history. Our goal is to offer you unsecured personal loans with personalised low-interest rates if you have a good to excellent credit score, which shows that you’re a responsible borrower. 

While we consider your credit file, it doesn’t mean that we automatically decline anyone with a mark on their credit score. Instead, we look at the whole picture rather than nitpick on this score to come up with a fair decision; this means we also take into account your income, living expenses, employment status, requested amount, etc. 

How much have I paid off my bond loan NSW?

At MoneyMe, we are obsessed with efficiency and transparency. That’s why all our borrowers have their own personal loan dashboard where they can manage and monitor their loan details. By having full control over your loans, it becomes easier to further improve your financial situation. 

How to apply for a bond loan NSW?

To apply for MoneyMe’s bond loan NSW or any quick cash loans, visit our website and click ‘Personal Loans’ and then the ‘Apply Now’ box. Next, fill out our online application form with your personal and bank details, monthly income, living expenses, employment status, company, loan term, requested amount, and reasons for borrowing. 

Within seconds after completing your online application form (which takes three to five minutes), you’ll see the repayment amount and other loan details. 

Meanwhile, you’ll receive a loan decision within an hour or so after sending your loan request, provided that you submit accurate details and allow us to conduct an online verification of your bank statements. Take note that we see read-only snapshots of your most recent bank transactions; and in no way can anyone on our team or any third-party view, change, or access your passwords and other sensitive details. 

Once your bond loan application has been approved, MoneyMe immediately transfers the funds to your bank account. 

In most cases, our loan application, verification process, and fund transfer are all completed in one day. With our efficient process, you won’t miss out on time-limited opportunities. 

Is there an income limit for a NSW bond loan?

To qualify for our bond loan NSW, you need to be currently employed. Additionally, we take into account your employment status (part-time, full-time, contractual, freelancing, etc.), your salary, and your employment duration during the approval process. Again, our goal is to offer you a loan amount that you can comfortably pay based on your monthly income, living expenses, and other similar factors. 

If you need help with bond payment or want to know more about our low-interest loan products, visit our website and see which financing option suits you best.

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