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Are you looking for ways to boost your business by offering business payment plans? By becoming a MoneyMe+ partner, you can allow your customers to shop now and pay later for purchases up to $50,000, and there are also interest-free periods available. Offering business payment plans does not only benefit your business, but your customers as well.

What is a business payment plan for my customers?

If you want to increase sales for your business, it’s a good idea to offer business payment plans to your customers. One popular business payment plan allows your customers to buy now and pay later. Offering your customers this option means they can buy your products now and pay the purchase off through a series of regular instalments. There are many different buy now, pay later providers and types of payment systems, and these arrangements can also be offered through credit card networks.

How does Buy Now Pay Later work for merchants?

When merchants provide buy now and pay later business payment plans, they will still get their payment almost immediately (minus the small merchant fee). It is then usually up to the business payment plan provider to administer payment terms and do any follow ups on overdue payments if necessary.

What are the benefits of business payment plans?

Both the business and the customer can benefit from business payment plans. For your customers, it gives them the flexibility to buy products that they may not have been able to afford if they had to pay the full price upfront. They can buy more now and make the repayments over time, often with interest free payment plans for a certain period, giving them more purchasing power. It only takes a few minutes for your customers to apply and be approved via their mobile, and then they can start spending in your store straight away. 

Business payment plans also offer many benefits for businesses, too. It can be a great way to convert more customers and increase their average purchase. One way business payment plans help your business to grow its sales is through brand exposure. If you use a business payment solution such as MoneyMe+, your brand will be made known to our database of 500,000+ customers through our eDMs and you’ll also be featured in our store directory. We'll provide you with a range of marketing collateral that you can use either in store or on your website to promote our buy now and pay later merchant payment solution. With approval in minutes, you can provide your customers with a finance option they can rely on, and having happy customers is great for business. At MoneyMe, we also pride ourselves on great customer service so we will assign you a dedicated Account Manager who can answer any of your questions and provide you with any additional information you require. You can also contact us via our dedicated merchant email and support line by sending an email to or calling us at 1300 388 564. Our operating hours are 8 am-9 pm AEST Monday to Friday and 9 am-9 pm AEST on weekends. 


How can I offer customers a payment plan?

Offering MoneyMe+ to your customers is easy. Each time a customer wants to use MoneyMe+ to pay for one of your products, you simply need to login to our online partner portal and enter the price of the purchase along with some basic customer details. Right after that, your customer will get an SMS that will include the link they need to set up their account and complete their purchase. This can all be done in just a few minutes. If you apply for a MoneyMe+ account, we’ll also send you digital and hard copy marketing material so you can advertise the MoneyMe+ business payment plans both in your store and on your website. 

What are the merchant fees?

Although there is no cost for your business to set up a MoneyMe+ account, there is a small merchant service fee that will be charged every time you offer a MoneyMe+ interest-free purchase to your customers. We will take the merchant fee out before we send you the funds. As soon as your customer completes their purchase using their MoneyMe+ account, you’ll be sent the money (minus the merchant fee) via secure payment methods. Apart from the low merchant fees, there are no integrations costs or setup costs, and there are no lock in contracts. By signing up for a MoneyMe+ account, you’ll be joining thousands of other Australian consumers and businesses who have used MoneyMe to help them with their financing needs.

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