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Car Repair Loans

Experience a car repair loans service that you cannot find with most banks or car finance companies with MONEYME today! With our digital lending platform, you can get up to $50,000 in cash funds to cover any car-related expenses, from loans for car parts to help you out with your car repair payment plan.

With stress-free and online loans for car repair applications and approval process, you can have the budget you need to help you out in an accident with our emergency car repair loans or just cover some expenses to fix some cosmetic damage. Money is directly deposited into your bank accounts, so you have the flexibility to use the money you’ve borrowed however you like.

Through MONEYME’s digital platform, you don’t have to be limited to car repair financing or getting the money you need to cover the costs of new tyres. You can take advantage of our other great car finance options and choose to either get an unsecured car loan to get closer to your dream vehicle or even get the help you need refinancing car loans.

We also feature an intuitive partner mobile application where you can manage your current auto repair loans as well as keep track of your other finances. We’ve developed a feature-rich platform that allows you to do all sorts of things such as managing repayments, seeing your auto loan balance, and more. 

Apply today and get approved for our car repair loans in as little as 60 minutes! Whether you need a little help on repairs or want to get new parts for your vehicle, you can trust MONEYME as Australia’s premier digital lender.

How do car repair loans work?

Car repair loans, also referred to as cash loans for cars, work as a car finance option that involves borrowing a set amount of money from a lender or financial institution for the specific purpose of making the necessary repairs to keep your car functional. This amount is then split and paid for a specific term, which is either monthly or fortnightly (together with an added interest rate).

It’s essentially a great way to get the repairs you need when you don’t have the savings or income to fully pay for the maintenance work that needs to be done. It’s worth noting, however, that many conditions can increase your monthly payment, such as the total amount that you’ve borrowed, the interest rate that is charged, and the overall length of the loan.

For reference, if you have a stellar credit score, choosing to take out auto repair loans can give you access to a more affordable rate, which makes it a good way to spread out your expenses and prioritise other things (such as medical bills or utilities). We heavily advise doing the research before taking out car repair loans to determine if it’s a financially feasible option for you.

Can I get a car repair loan if I don't have excellent credit?

If you plan to get car repair loans with not-so-great credit, it can be a more difficult task to get the approval you need as most lenders base their borrowing criteria on an applicant’s creditworthiness. This means that while there may be some financing options available to you, you might be charged a higher interest rate or be given less favourable terms on your car repair loans.

At MONEYME, however, we do consider more than just your credit score in our approval process. We look at your complete financial situation from your income to current debt to get a better understanding of whether you can responsibly take on our car repair loans. We genuinely recognise that your credit history may be not so stellar due to several unforeseen situations.

With that in mind, know that as a responsible and fair lender, we do carefully review all applications for car repair loans and do everything in our power to extend a loan with fair terms to everyone who applies. However, do note that rejection is still possible, but we also strongly recommend re-applying with us once your situation has significantly improved. Our team is happy to help with re-applications as well!

How to apply for a car repair loan?

To apply for our car repair loans, you just need to head over to our website and prepare a couple of documents to ensure a seamless and smooth process. As we use a completely online platform, there’s no need to mail or fill out long reams of paperwork with us.

First, it’s important to determine your eligibility for our car repair loans. We require all our customers to be at least over the age of 18 and a permanent working resident of Australia. These criteria extend to all our credit products, and if you find yourself in this bracket, you can simply head to our website and click ‘Apply Now’.

From there, all you have to do is fill out the form, which includes some personal details and some information about your current financial situation. We advise that these details are accurate so that we can process your approval even faster. From there, all you have to do is log in to your bank account through our secure portal.

In most cases, our customers receive their car repair loans within the same day (assuming you apply during business hours and not during a public holiday), with some of our partners reporting receiving the funds almost instantly after they’ve digitally signed their contract. 

Choose a service that cares with MONEYME’s quality car repair loans and other financing options. Apply today and become part of the future of finance.

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Car Repair Loans

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Won’t impact your credit score!
Won't impact your credit score!

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