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If you’ve been thinking about implementing a business payment solution for your business, then you’ve come to the right place. Through our buy now pay later solutions, we’ve been helping many businesses across Australia improve customer loyalty and increase sales. 

Providing buy now pay later solutions for your business gives your customers another finance option that allows them to purchase items straight away without needing to pay the full amount upfront. By signing up to our business payment solution, you can increase your brand exposure by making your brand known to our database of over half a million customers. We’ll also provide you with both online and physical marketing collateral so you can promote MoneyMe+ at your place of business or on your website, and we’ll promote your business in our store directory which has 1m+ unique viewers annually. If your company would like to sign up for MoneyMe+, complete the sign up form online and we’ll get in touch.

What are buy now pay later solutions for businesses?

The buy now and pay later option is becoming a popular way for customers to make purchases when shopping either in-store or online and there are several buy now and pay later solutions available. Buy now pay later solutions work by allowing you to receive a product straight away, but spread the purchase payment over several regular instalments. By offering your customers an alternative payment solution, you are giving them more purchasing power. By partnering with MoneyMe, you can allow your customers to shop now and pay later for purchases up to $50,000, and you can also offer them interest free payment plans over certain time periods.

What are the types of payment solutions for a business?

From cash or cheques to EFTPOS, credit card payments or direct debit, there are many different ways customers can make purchases so it would be best to have a range of different payment options available. With the advancement of technology and the surge in online shopping, new payment solutions are emerging rapidly. For example, buy now pay later solutions where you can make a purchase but don’t need to pay the full amount straight away are becoming very popular. From retail and entertainment to health and education, many businesses are getting in on the action. 

MoneyMe+ offers a flexible business payment solution that is used across many industries. Once your business signs up and is approved, you’ll get access to our online platform as well as our marketing collateral. Then you are ready to start offering MoneyMe+ to your customers. So how exactly does it work? Every time one of your customers wants to use MoneyMe+ to pay for a purchase, you simply need to login to our online partner portal and enter the purchase amount and some basic customer details. Your customer will then receive an SMS with a link so they can set up their MoneyMe+ account and complete their purchase. This can all be done in a matter of minutes. Once your customer’s MoneyMe+ account is approved and they have made their purchase, we’ll send you the funds (minus the small merchant service fee) and the money should appear in your account in minutes.

How to choose the best payment solution for your business?

With many different buy now pay later solutions being offered by various loan companies, how do you decide which one is right for your business? It pays to do your research and shop around. By looking at the different costs and features of each business payment solution, you can determine which one is best for you. MoneyMe+ payment solution offers low merchant fees and there are no setup costs, no integration costs and no lock-in contracts.

How do you apply for a business payment solution?

At MoneyMe, we are very keen for new partners to become MoneyMe+ merchants. If you are interested in becoming a partner and offering our business payment solution to your customers, head to the partnerships page on our website and click on the green “Merchant Sign Up’ button and one of our team members will get in touch with you.

To become a MoneyMe+ partner, you’ll need to have an Australian bank account and a valid Australian Business Number (ABN). MoneyMe works with businesses that sell goods and services over $1,000. Once you have submitted the application for your business, we will review it as quickly as possible, sometimes in a matter of minutes. MoneyMe needs to ensure we are meeting our responsible lending guidelines, so in some cases our team may need to get in contact with you for extra information so we can ensure we make the right decision. We want to approve as many customers for our merchant payment solution as possible. To make the process as easy as possible for our merchants, you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager who can assist you with any questions or queries. You can also email us at or call our support line on 1300 388 564.

MoneyMe is an award-winning ASX listed business that is helping thousands of Australian businesses and consumers. We also provide loans including cash loans and last minute loans, so if you are looking for unsecured low rate personal loans, apply for MoneyMe fast loans today.

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