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Holiday Layby

Thinking about booking a holiday on layby so you can start dreaming about relaxing on a tropical island? As fun as holidays are, they can be very expensive. As well as the accommodation and airfares (or any other transportation costs), there can be many other costs involved including tours, travel insurance, spending money and more. You may also face unexpected expenses such as excess baggage, additional activities or ‘must-have’ souvenirs, so it’s a good idea to leave a little bit extra in your budget.

What is the best way to finance your holiday trips?

From payment plan holidays or layby cruises to credit cards or a travel loan, there are many ways to finance your holiday if you don’t have the cash to pay for it upfront. You’ll need to look at the pros and cons of different options to help you decide what is affordable for you. If you are thinking about using holiday layby to pay for your next holiday, there are several travel companies that offer flexible payment plans allowing you to pay off your trip over a certain period of time leading up to your departure date, rather than paying the full amount upfront. There are also several alternatives to layby travel such as using credit cards, a line of credit, Afterpay and other buy now pay later services, small personal loans and more. With so many alternatives available, it is worth doing your research to find out which alternative will work best for you. 

How do payment options like Freestyle and layby work?

Holiday layby and flexible payment plans can work slightly differently depending on the company you use so you’ll need to read the fine print before going ahead, especially regarding interest-free periods, and any service or cancellation fees. Typically how it works is that you pay a deposit up front, and then pay the remainder of the cost of your holiday back in instalments in the weeks leading up to your trip. By using holiday layby, you can lock in early bird prices or special deals even if you don’t have the money to pay for it all immediately. Once you have paid your final instalment, your travel documents will be released to you. 

As well as holiday layby, another way to pay for your holiday if you don’t have the cash upfront is to set up a MoneyMe Freestyle account that offers a flexible form of credit. This means as well as covering your initial holiday costs, if you have additional expenses you can continue to redraw money up to your approved credit limit. This account works like a virtual credit card and allows up to 55 days interest-free on purchases. This means if you pay all your money back during the interest-free period you shouldn’t have to pay any interest. With a Freestyle line of credit you can get credit limit approvals up to $20,000 and can use the money instantly once your loan has been approved. With a fast online application and approval process, using your Freestyle virtual Mastercard® can give you quick access to cash if you are wanting to make the most of a special holiday deal.


Are there any hidden charges involved?

If you use travel layby, you’ll need to check the terms and conditions of the travel company you are using to find out what the administration fees are, what happens if you decide to cancel and whether there are any other costs involved. It’s good to know about any fees and charges upfront so you don’t get any unwanted surprises later. At MoneyMe, we don’t believe in hidden charges. We offer transparent pricing so you’ll know exactly what to expect before you agree to the loan. Some of the fees on our Freestyle online credit card will vary depending on your credit limit and rating, for example our annual fee can range from $0 to $149 and our monthly accounting fee of $5 only applies if your outstanding balance is over $20. 

As well as Freestyle line of credit, MoneyMe also offers quick loans from $2,100 to $50,000 that can be used for a variety of purposes including flights, tours, cruises and other travel expenses. With competitive interest rates, flexible repayments and no early exit fees, MoneyMe makes personal loans easy. Whether you want a line of credit or a personal loan, at MoneyMe you can apply online in a matter of minutes without needing to provide reams of paperwork. Using our smart technology we can let you know the outcome of your application very quickly. In some cases you will have access to the extra cash on the same day you apply. Whether you are wanting to travel across Australia or jet off overseas, apply online at MoneyMe today and you could be packing your bags sooner than you think.

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