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Are you in need of last minute loans? Sometimes life throws you unexpected curve balls and you suddenly find yourself in need of quick access to funds. Whatever the reason you need last minute loans, you’ll need to find ways of getting funds in a hurry. Heading to a bank, standing in long queues, providing mountains of paperwork and filling out a long application form is not going to work if you’re after fast loans. The good news is, these days with so much business being done online, taking out a loan is usually not as time-consuming as it has been in the past.

There are now several loan companies who offer online express loans with a quick application process and fast approval. In some cases, you can even get access to your money on the same day you apply.  

MoneyMe offers fixed rate unsecured personal loans with a fast application and approval process. Our application form can be completed online in a matter of minutes, and with our quick same-day assessment, unless your financial situation is particularly complex or you haven’t supplied the required information, you should get an answer about whether your low interest loan has been approved very quickly. Once you’ve accepted the loan offer, we’ll transfer your funds ASAP. How long the funds take to appear in your bank account will depend on the time of day and who you bank with, but in some cases, you’ll receive your funds in just a few minutes. So if you’re looking for last minute loans, you’ve come to the right place.

What are the requirements for a last minute loan?

To take out a fast cash loan online, you’ll first need to make sure you meet the basic eligibility criteria. To be eligible for a loan at MoneyMe, you need to be receiving regular income, over 18 years of age and a citizen or resident of Australia. If you meet these criteria, we’ll then assess other factors such as your credit history, income, and living expenses.

What if you’ve got a bad credit rating? It is much harder to get last minute loans if you have a mark on your credit file, but it is not always impossible. Although we will conduct a credit check, we also take your individual circumstances into consideration. Sometimes we will decline cash loans if the applicant is bankrupt, in a debt agreement or has a poor credit history. If this occurs, you can apply again if your situation improves.

On the flip side, we also reward customers with a good credit history. Each time you successfully pay off a loan with MoneyMe, you’ll improve your MoneyMe loan rating, and this will mean you may be able to get a lower cost loan next time you take out a loan with us.  

How much money can I borrow through a last minute loan?

How much money you can borrow through a last minute loan will depend on which lender you use, as well as your own specific financial circumstances. Before you take out a loan, you’ll need to assess how much money you think you can comfortably afford to pay back, as you don’t want to get yourself into a situation where you are unable to pay the debt back. To assist you with this, MoneyMe has a free online calculator that can help you estimate what your repayments would be if your loan were approved. Using this tool, you can enter your preferred loan amount, loan repayment period and repayment frequency. You can try different combinations to work out what will be best for you.

Another useful way of assessing how much money you can borrow is to add up all your expenses and debt and compare it with your income so you can see what gap there is (assuming your income is the higher of the two amounts).

At MoneyMe, our quick loans range from $2,100 and $50,000, and if you apply for your personal loan online we can let you know very quickly how much you will be able to borrow. We’ll also let you know about any fees and charges upfront and what the interest rate will be before you sign the contract. How much you can borrow will depend not only on your credit rating but also other factors such as your income, expenses and existing debt. MoneyMe is a responsible lender so we only want to approve last minute loans in amounts that we think you’ll be able to comfortably afford to pay back.

How do I get a last minute loan?

If you meet the basic requirements and have decided on the amount of money that you’d like to borrow, the next step is applying online which typically only takes a few minutes. Once you’ve provided us with some personal details and financial information and submitted your application form online, the approval process will typically be completed on the same business day, and in some cases in a matter of minutes. Once we’ve approved your loan and you’ve accepted it, we can transfer the money to your account immediately. Depending on your bank, it’s possible that the funds could be in your account in just a few minutes. 

If you need small loans fast, instead of taking out a personal loan, another option would be to get access to a line of credit. Working in a similar way to a credit card , the MoneyMe Freestyle virtual Mastercard® gives you access to up to $20,000 that can be used when purchasing online or in a physical store using Tap n Pay. It also allows you to send money to another bank account, including your own account. With a quick application process and same day approval, the MoneyMe Freestyle virtual Mastercard® can be a convenient and quick way to get access to extra funds. The virtual account also offers other great features including 55 days interest-free on purchases and credit back at 1,400+ stores. We also provide a merchant payment solution for businesses to help them increase sales and give their customers more purchasing power.

MoneyMe+ allows your customers to buy now and pay later for purchases up to $50,000. You’ll also get increased exposure for your business as we’ll make your brand known to our database of 500,000+ customers. Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about how our business payment solution and interest free payment plans can benefit your business.

Applying for last minute loans is all done online which is why it is super quick. However, if you need any help along the way, you may contact the MoneyMe customer service team at 1300 388 564. Our operating hours are 8am and 9pm (AEST) Monday to Friday or 9am to 9pm (AEST) Saturday and Sunday. You can also get in touch via live chat. Apply for last minute loans from MoneyMe online today. 

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