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Won't impact your credit score!

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Trusted by thousands of Australians

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Permit number ACT TP 22/01407. T&Cs apply, see website for details. MoneyMe Financial Group Pty Ltd ABN 40 163 691 236, Australian credit licence 423660.

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Won’t impact your credit score!
Won't impact your credit score!

*This comparison rate is based on an unsecured variable rate personal loan of $30,000 for a term of 5 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. $495 establishment fee and $10 monthly fee applies.

*This comparison rate is based on an unsecured variable rate personal loan of $30,000 for a term of 5 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. $495 establishment fee and $10 monthly fee applies.

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$395 for loans between $5,000 and $15,000

$495 for loans between $15,001 and $50,000

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Loan terms

Minimum 3 years

Maximum 5 years

Early exit fees


What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is money borrowed over nominated terms from 3 to 5 years. Your financed amount is repaid in small, equal loan repayments (subject to any change to the variable interest rate) regularly spaced over the loan term and the total cost of the loan should be clearly shown in your finance offer before you sign your lending contract. Your repayments should also be outlined in your loan offer so you know how much you repayments will be, when they will be direct debited and whether a payment fee or service fee applies.

Types of personal loans include both secured and unsecured. An unsecured loan is a type of finance that does not require asset security and all loans from MoneyMe are offered as unsecured finance. You do not require asset security to be eligible for any of our lending options.

Whatever you need money for, we can help. We offer customers unsecured loan options including car loans, travel overseas, and consolidation debt loans with competitive interest rates. Interest rate refers to the interest charged over the course of your finance. MoneyMe offers variable interest rate finance options. Consolidating your debt, for example, into a single loan amount could offer you significant cost savings like reducing your total interest payable across multiple debts.

Enjoy competitive interest rate ranges, regular repayments and flexible repayment terms like not exit fee charged when you choose to close out your balance ahead of schedule.

MoneyMe is a responsible money lender with a current Australian Credit Licence. We offer online personal loans requiring no asset security for up to $50,000 with competitive comparison rates and interest rate offers.

How to get a personal loan

To be eligible for variable rate finance from MoneyMe, you must be at least 18 years of age, currently employed and a permanent resident in Australia. To apply, simply complete and submit our online application form. It takes less than 5 minutes and there is no application fee.

Our online application form will ask you standard lending questions like details of your income, mortgage payments for home loans or rental payments if you're a renter, as well as any other bills and debts that you currently have. You'll be asked to input your ideal borrowing amount and what the purpose of your loan is such as whether it is for car finance, etc.

As part of our standard practice, your credit report will be accessed to help us understand what kind of credit history you have. Your credit assessment is just one part of your application and all applications are thoroughly assessed. Don't worry if your credit report isn't quite as good as you'd like it to be. We understand that your credit history does not present a full picture of your financial status. Your credit file, however, will likely affect the total cost of the loan that you apply for. Weaker credit files will usually attract a higher unsecured personal loan interest rate. Remember that you can reduce the amount of loan repayments that you make by paying out your balance ahead of time. We do not charge fees for repaying your unsecured loan balance early. Ensure that you take this into account when you compare personal loans.

Approvals are often received within minutes when you apply for your finance amount during our business hours. Once your loan amount is approved, the cash you need will be in your bank account on the same day, and within minutes in some cases.

How to apply for a personal loan

Applying for a personal loan with MoneyMe is quick and simple.

  1. Let us know how much money you’d like to borrow and what kind of repayments you'd like to make.

  2. Complete your personal information, bank account details, and valid email address.

  3. We'll assess your application. If you're approved, you could receive cash within minutes.

Personal loans approved fast!

There are times in life when a little extra money at the right time would really come in handy. MoneyMe loans are the safe, hassle-free way to get the cash you need at competitive interest and low fees. Enjoy fast approvals on every type of finance from loans to purchase a new car to loans for investment purposes and more. When you need fast cash at the right loan interest rate, apply online with us. You could be approved for an unsecured loan of up to $50,000.

FAQs about MoneyMe Personal Loans

What is a personal loan?

Personal loans from credit providers are contracts where you agree to borrow money from the credit provider for personal purposes, such as a car or student finance. Interest is charged on the loan, plus fees and charges are payable (such as ongoing fees like account keeping fees). Your establishment fee is often rolled into your total loan amount and does not constitute as a separate payment fee upon approval or acceptance of your loan contract.

A personal loan can provide you with access to money you want or need now, so that you can do things like:

  • take advantage of a great offer on a new asset with a great interest rate car loan and flexible terms

  • put down a deposit for an upcoming life event and enjoy regular, cashflow friendly repayments

  • pay for an unexpected emergency or bills (like mechanical works and repairs on your car) and enjoy the security of knowing that you can cover your costs comfortably with a range of loan terms, including short terms of just 12 months

  • move rental properties (and pay your upfront costs like professional movers and your bond)

  • travel to all of the places you have always wanted to go comfortably and with the security of knowing that you can pay off your epic adventure with manageable repayment terms

MoneyMe offers personal loans ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, with flexible repayments and no early repayment fees or exit fee. Our interest rate ranges are highly competitive. Check out our comparison rate examples to compare personal loans.

Larger loan amounts can help with purchases like a new car, a wedding, renovations, or education expenses like tuition fees and even for the cost of regular school terms.

Larger loan amounts may have a longer loan term, so that you have more time to repay the loan, but this also means that there is more interest to pay over the life of the loan. Shorter loan terms will mean higher repayment amounts but less interest payable over the life of the loan. Don't forget that you can reduce the amount of interest that you pay on a new loan for a car or other large purchase by paying out your loan amount ahead of time.

Even if you have a poor history with credit, you may be approved for a personal loan with MoneyMe.

What is the difference between a secured and unsecured personal loan?

Generally speaking, a secured personal loan is a personal loan that is secured by some form of collateral that you own—such as a home or a car—that your lender has the right to sell in the event that you default on the loan. The cost of the secured asset helps the lender to recoup any lost earnings from interest payments and often a lender adjusts their interest rate to reflect the slightly lower credit risk.

On the other hand, an unsecured personal loan is not secured by any collateral. While this might mean that you pay a slightly higher interest rate, it also means that your loan amount is not secured to any asset that you own. Paying a slightly higher interest rate could give you more flexibility.

When you take out a new lending product with MoneyMe, you also enjoy fee waivers like no early exit fees applied when you choose to close out your existing loan balance with us ahead of schedule. Paying out your loan balance means that you can avoid paying some of the interest charged on your loan.

You also enjoy a competitive interest rate and comparison rates on a variable rate loan options. Refer to our comparison rate to ensure that you are getting the lowest cost finance and rate available.

How do I apply for a MoneyMe personal loan?

Simply apply through our website or the MoneyMe app available in App Store and Google Play. Our application process is entirely online, and can be completed in minutes, with no face-to-face interactions and lengthy paperwork! Enjoy competitive interest rates and low fees across all of our finance options.

How soon can you get the outcome of your MoneyMe personal loan application?

Many borrowers who apply during business hours (being 8am to 9pm Mondays to Fridays and 9am to 9pm on weekends) receive the outcome of their application on the same day. If you apply outside of business hours, or your financial situation is more complex, it may take a little longer.

If you are approved, we send your lending offer immediately which shows you what rate of interest you will be charged on your loan as well as the total cost of your loan over your nominated term. You can sign this offer online and once received, we transfer you the money you need to buy your new car, book a holiday or straighten out your finances immediately.

The time it will take for you to receive your new cash funds depends on a range of factors including which financial institution your bank account is held with.

What is a comparison rate?

Comparison rates are designed to help customers understand the true cost of a loan, because the comparison rate actually includes fees as well as the interest rate. All finance comes with a range of fees beyond just the interest rate offered. When you receive a finance offer from MoneyMe, you can clearly check the comparison rate or total cost of your loan, including both the interest rate charged as well as any other applicable fees.

What is refinancing?

Refinancing refers to taking out an entirely new loan, and using the loan funds to pay off an existing loan.

It is typically done to obtain lower interest rates and/or better loan terms. Lower interest rates mean lower payable interest over the term of the loan. Refinancing and switching to a lender with lower interest and lower general fees can help you reduce the total interest you pay over the term of your loan. It's worth periodically checking that you really are getting the best interest rate that you can. Interest rate differences of even just 1% or 2% could add up on the loan term so saving yourself that extra 1% or 2% in interest now could mean big long term savings.

What fees are associated with MoneyMe personal loans?

We charge an establishment fee and a monthly fee, in addition to an interest rate starting from 6.95% p.a. Other fees and charges may apply if you don’t make your scheduled loan repayments.

How are MoneyMe’s interest rates determined?

We set interest rates primarily according to the borrower’s credit report. Other factors which can impact the interest rate that you receive includes your total income, debt obligations, and living expenses. Ensuring that your credit report is as good as it possibly can is a quick and easy way of giving yourself the best chance for securing the lowest possible interest rate offered.

What is an early repayment fee?

Early repayment fees are generally fees that are payable by borrowers if a loan is repaid ahead of schedule. Paying your loan ahead of time reduces the amount of interest that you pay.

We don’t charge early repayment or early exit fees if you decide to make an early repayment for your personal loan.

Can you make a redraw on your MoneyMe personal loan?

We don’t offer redraws on personal loans, which means the amount of the loan you have repaid won't be available for use again.

What is your credit history?

The term ‘credit history’ is usually used to describe how you have managed your credit in the past.

It also sometimes shows how long loan accounts have been open, the number of credit enquiries on your credit file, and whether you are making your loan repayments on time. Past or current loans and credit cards generally form part of your credit file and history. Your credit report will impact the kind of interest rate you are offered should you be approved for a new loan with us. The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate we offer will generally be. Other factors can affect your interest rate too like your living expenses and your total income.

How can you find out your credit score?

Your credit score is a number that is calculated based on what is in your credit report and how you have performed with credit products in the past. You can obtain your credit file from an online credit file provider for free. Generally, a higher score means lenders will consider you less risky, whereas a lower score may affect your ability to get a loan.

What credit reporting agencies do MoneyMe use?

The credit reporting agencies we use are Equifax and Illion.

Can you get a MoneyMe personal loan on a bridging visa?

We will not review your application while you’re on a bridging visa, but you can reapply with us once your visa status is confirmed.

How can you change your account information if you’re switching banks?

Once you've logged in to your MoneyMe account, go to 'Account details' and click on Update your details 'here'. A window will appear where you can enter your new bank account details. Press send to submit.

Alternatively, you may contact us directly on 1300 860 441 or send an email to

How can you contact MoneyMe?

Whilst we’re completely online, we’re always here to help. You can reach us via phone on 1300 860 441, by LiveChat during operating hours or by emailing at any time

What are MoneyMe’s operating hours?

We’re available from 8am to 9pm on weekdays and 9am to 9pm on weekends. We’re also open on most public holidays.

Does MoneyMe have other credit products apart from personal loans?

Yes—aside from personal loans, we also offer Freestyle: A virtual Mastercard, with a limit of up to $20,000. Freestyle facilitates in-store Tap n Pay and online shopping, fast transfers to your bank account, pay-anyone features and more. Click here to find out more.

Personal loans in 1 hour

Once you’ve applied for a loan, we’ll get back to you quickly. Upon approval, funds can be in your bank account in an hour or less - you could even have your cash in seconds! This depends on your bank of course, and if you apply outside of business hours it will generally take a bit longer.

MoneyMe loans range from $5,000- $50,000 and the cost of borrowing will vary depending on your MoneyMe loan rating, loan amount and term. Go to the Cost page to find out what your cost of borrowing may be.

Repayments are aligned with your pay cycle. If you're late paying us back, there may be additional fees, but we'll let you know about these upfront. If you're having trouble repaying, get in touch with us ASAP and we may be able to help. You can easily contact us via phone, email, live chat, Facebook or Twitter.

Secure and responsible personal lending

When you take out a small personal loan with MoneyMe, you can rest assured that your security is our priority. MoneyMe uses the same online security measures as banks and other reputable payment companies.

With secure and fast Illion technology, we can access 90 days of your bank statements online in a matter of seconds (the information is read-only and no one can touch your account). So, there’s no messing around with sending us paperwork. Just supply your details and that’s all we need to get started with your personal loan application.

To be eligible to apply you must be working in Australia and 18 years or older. If you pay back your MoneyMe loans on time, you can build a good trust rating with us and may be able to borrow larger amounts in the future. Apply for a MoneyMe personal loan now.

Our customers

Personal loans

Personal Loans up to $50,000 Approved Online

Personal loans made easy

Experience a straightforward and simple online application for personal loans up to $50,000. Everything is fast and easy – no paperwork and lengthy forms. Your online personal loan application just takes minutes to finish, and once you get approved, funds can be in your bank account in just a few minutes depending on who you bank with. Plus, you can manage your personal loan from your Members Area, including making extra repayments. Our fast cash loans are personalised based on your credit history and can be applied for anytime and anywhere.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a credit product that you can borrow from a lender, such as MoneyMe, and use to pay for expenses like car purchases, home improvements or holiday travel. This type of loan is usually unsecured, which means you don’t have to back up your application with assets or collaterals. For fees and cost savings that suits your situation, you may either choose a variable rate loan or a variable rate loan for your monthly repayment.

In Australia, a personal loan lender or bank that offers variable interest rate loan must hold an Australian Credit Licence to legally provide loans.

Personal loans come in all shapes and sizes. You can get a fast cash advance or quick cash loans when you need fast money for an upcoming life event or an emergency while waiting for your next paycheck. This is what MoneyMe is built for – to give you access to extra cash and easy money whenever you need them.

The future of personal loans

Enjoy a fast and simple experience from application up to getting your funds. As a responsible lender, we align your fortnightly or monthly repayments to your pay cycle. This way, you don’t get caught with late fees! Everything is done online with the use of our advanced and secure technology to ensure that your experience is fast, fair and tailored to your financial situation. We’re the next generation of credit and personal loans.

For larger expenses such as a brand-new car, a wedding, home renovations, or university fees, you are going to need more than just a short term loan. As we do not offer a variable rate loan, MoneyMe gives access to easy loans, like variable rate personal loans to ensure you have available funds with fortnightly or monthly repayments for the bigger things in life.

Manage your finance easier

Personal loans give you access to refinance options and help you manage bills and debts. We understand that getting on top of your bills and payments can be a bit challenging at times.

Here at MoneyMe, we can provide fast credit solutions to help with your everyday credit needs. One of our payment solutions is Freestyle, our virtual credit card. Applying for a Freestyle virtual credit card is easy and fast – just apply via the MoneyMe app or website, add it to your mobile wallet, and your credit is available 24/7 a few minutes after your approval. It’s that simple!

Apart from your credit file, we consider various factors to determine your interest rate. This includes your income, debt obligations and living expenses. Every bit of information helps us paint a more comprehensive picture of your finances and come up with a fully customised rate.

Unsecured personal loans

How does an unsecured personal loan work? A variable rate secured personal loan must be secured against the value of an expensive asset that you own, such as your house or your car. You are not permitted to sell that asset until the loan term ends. Unsecured variable rate loans are not tied to any of your assets.

A variable rate unsecured personal loan is an effective solution for debt consolidation. Think of it as a solution that can help you pay off your existing debts from various creditors. It helps you avoid the hassle of paying off multiple debts and lenders and allows you to pay in variable repayments instead of multiple fees for every kind of debt.

With MoneyMe’s online application, you can get as much as $50,000 with a new unsecured personal loan without any paperwork and from the comfort of your home. Compare personal loans online to ensure that you are getting the best comparison rate you can.

A tech-driven alternative to conventional loan processes

Forget about long waits and tons of paper documents. With MoneyMe’s express loan offers, getting funds has become easier and faster. As a MoneyMe customer, you enjoy a quick and easy variable rate loan application online taking less than 5 minutes to complete and submit. Our variable rate finance options mean that you know exactly what your comparison rate is, can easily compare personal loans among providers and quickly see whether you're getting the best personal loan interest rate available.

Conventional loan processing can require a lot of paperwork and references, bank statements and paychecks. MoneyMe offers loans for Generation Now. It’s a smooth, simple, fast process and gives you access to a same day loan or a student loan. You don’t need to provide a ton of paperwork or fill out lengthy forms. We’re completely online – even our contract is signed digitally.

How to get a personal loan

Our online application takes just a few minutes to complete. After entering your current employment details, living expenses and existing financial commitments, we will retrieve a 90-day online copy of your bank statement transactions electronically using our secure portal. This is a highly secured process and your bank statement will be available as a read-only option. Your security is important to us and we use SSL encryption to keep your details safe, just like your online banking app or website.

Apart from your credit score, we take into account other factors to determine your interest rate and offer. This includes your general living expenses, income, and employment history. You can use our online loan repayment calculator to help you compare personal loans, learn how much you can borrow, for how long and understand your expected repayments. It is also a perfect tool to check for the p.a. comparison rate and other fees that may be associated with your loan.

When you have been approved, you will receive a loan offer showing you what interest rate you have been charged as well as the comparison rates. The comparison rate is important. This relates to the total cost of the loan that you are applying for. Variable rate loans maintain the rate of interest throughout the term of your finance, while a variable rate or variable interest rate finance will mean fluctuating repayment amounts. When you check for the comparison rate of personal loans, always ensure that you compare a variable rate loan and the associated costs with a variable rate loan option.

As a responsible lender, we want you to be comfortable with your monthly repayment. When you have successfully repaid a loan with MoneyMe, we update your MoneyMe credit rating and may be able to offer you a lower rate and fees on your future loans with us.

Can I self-manage my personal loan?

Refinancing is a great way of tying up loose ends and eradicating small and cumbersome debts like high-interest credit cards with a variable rate finance option. As a MoneyMe customer you have the flexibility to manage your finance how you want to. Through your Members Area access, you can monitor your personal variable rate loan, opt for making extra repayments, or manage your personal details. There are no early termination fees or early repayment fees and cost meaning you can repay your balance in full for free at no extra cost.

How long do personal loans take to process?

MoneyMe is about offering each customer a fast and user-friendly application and approval processes for our variable rate loan products. While we do not have variable rate offers, when you apply online with us the process is completely online and takes just minutes to complete.

If you are applying during business hours, you can get approved fast with funds transferred immediately once approved. Depending on the time of the day and which bank your account is with, you may even have access to your funds within moments after approval. Otherwise, you’ll get your money the next business day.

Personal Loans

How much personal loan can I borrow?

MoneyMe believes in responsible personal lending and transparency about what reasonable rates lenders should expect. While you may have an idea of the total loan amount, you should keep in mind that it does not include the fees and charges associated with it.

If you want to learn more about how much I can borrow using a personal loans calculator, please visit MoneyMe.

In our role as a digital platform that offers personal loans from $5,000 up to $50,000, we provide a personal loan calculator to help you calculate monthly or fortnightly loan repayments. Knowing the total amount and the interest rates will help you plan for covering unexpected expenses, improving your home, and consolidating your debts, among other things.

To use our personal loan calculator, you simply need to know how much money you can borrow and how long your repayment plan will last, and we’ll show you how much money you’ll need to make monthly payments.

Please note that this calculator is an estimate and not a direct offer. Our calculator uses example comparisons and rates, which will vary based on the terms of your personal loans.

Which bank is best for a personal loan?

MoneyMe makes finding large and small personal loans easy. We offer the best online loan service for those seeking lending loans. You can get the money the same day by using MoneyMe’s secure online platform. Here are some of the ways we set ourselves apart from other online bank loans:

  • Rates that start lower than the big four banks. The interest rate is generally the most important factor when comparing personal loan offers. Your loan will cost you less over time if your interest rate is lower.
  • Fees that are minimal to none. Unlike some lenders, we have no early exit fees. We also offer a flexible repayment schedule, which allows you to pay comfortably and responsibly.
  • All-around positive reviews. Our website shows who we’ve lent to and what they say about our service. It is not hidden how many individuals we have helped financially, and many positive reviews of our company can be found online.
  • Easy and quick online application process. You can receive an answer regarding your personal loan application within minutes (compared to other bank loans or private loans) since we use cutting-edge AI technology to determine your loan eligibility.

Using the latest and most secure technology, you can apply online for your personal loans fully paperless. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, permanent residents in Australia, and currently employed. If you’d like to start your lending journey or need any other financial help, such as bond assistance SA, you may visit our website and apply for personal loans with our application form. 

How to check how much I can borrow using a personal loan calculator?

Online personal loan calculators let you know how much money you can borrow from lenders. MoneyMe offers free, easy-to-use large and small loan calculators you can access via your desktop or mobile device at any time.

You can determine your repayment amount by entering your desired loan amount, preferred loan term, and a brief description of your credit history (which provides your interest rate). Once you provide these details, you will receive the total repayment amount, including the establishment and ongoing fees.

A personal loan calculator also helps individuals understand the interest rate for personal loans and compare credit products. For example, if you decide between a personal loan vs credit card, this tool can allow you to compare the total payment values to help you make an informed decision.

Using a personal loan repayment calculator is a great way to assess your finances before applying for any type of loan.

Your monthly living expenses and monthly repayments can be used as conditions towards creating an indicative budget for personal loans, virtual credit cards, and easy loans, as well as larger loans such as unsecured car loans, joint personal loans, and travel loans.

Are personal loans taxable?

Personal loans are not taxable income since they are loans, not income. Therefore, they are not reported on your income tax returns. A personal loan is considered a debt. You shouldn’t worry as long as you are on track to repay it. In some cases, however, a personal loan can have tax implications.

Get fast approvals on all types of loans – from personal loans to buy a new car to investment loans. MoneyMe also offers a secure, easy approval credit card with security functions and cash advance capabilities so that you can send money instantly to your bank account. This way, you can access fast loans and emergency cash within minutes.

When savings are low, a little extra money can make all the difference. Personal loans from MoneyMe offer competitive interest rates and low fees while providing you with the cash you need for you or your business.

Can I increase my personal loan amount?

If you have already taken out a personal loan but need additional funds, you might wonder whether you can increase the loan amount. Most likely, the answer will be no. However, you may be able to apply for a second loan instead of increasing your loan balance.

At MoneyMe, we have systems to help improve your credit rating that contribute to an increase in personal loan amount following a successful loan repayment. As long as you pay consistently and completely, we give you access to lower rates and more borrowing power.

Can a personal loan be transferred to another person?

As a general rule, at MoneyMe, personal loans are not transferable since they are determined by your credit score and list of income sources.

Depending on the type of loan, your signature is required, which accounts for your promise to pay. Therefore, you cannot simply transfer your personal loans to another person since a contract has already been signed.

However, some personal loans can be transferred to another person, such as car loans and mortgages. Note that they can only be transferred to another borrower in certain circumstances.

First of all, the borrower must be eligible for the loan. In the case of a mortgage, they will need to requalify, meaning they must have a credit score that is at least as good as the original borrower’s.

Can you pay a personal loan in advance?

Since we do not charge early exit fees at MoneyMe, you are completely free to pay your personal loans in advance. You can use the MoneyMe app available on the App Store and Google Play to make advance payments.

With the MoneyMe app downloaded to your phone, you can track your loan repayment schedules and other details of your personal loan conveniently from anywhere in Australia. Whether you took out a personal loans Melbourne, personal loans Sydney, or personal loans Brisbane service, you can access its status from your phone so you can plan advanced repayments efficiently. Thanks to the visibility the app provides you over your personal loans, you can make better decisions on managing your repayments.

When used responsibly, personal loans could even help your credit score if you make repayments on time or in advance. We at MoneyMe can assist you with getting personal loans efficiently, whether it’s for a passion project or a new appliance purchase.

Visit our website to answer common questions such as ‘Can you put personal loan repayments on hold’ and more.

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